Experience:500mg 4-FA + 150mg 5-HTP - Irresponsible & unexpected psychedelic

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Experience reports - 4-FA


I was very excited when I got my hands on 2 grams of 4-FA. I had read many reports about it being very MDMA-like, without the loss of lucidity and no horrible comedown.
I couldn't wait to try out this new substance, and as I always do on the first try when I trust it, in my own house on my own.
Once I had my dinner, I proceeded with weighing out 150mg, putting it in a capsule and chugging it down.

The roll came up in a very smooth manner. After an hour and a half I reached peak, and felt as was reported; a very clean roll.
No bruxism or speedy feeling at first, just the typical warm MDMA-feeling accompanied by enhanced colors and music. Pupils were only slightly dilated.

After another 3 and a half hours the peak obviously subsided and I was left with a state of mind that felt very Modafinil-like.
I decided I didn't like it, and so I took what I thought was my first and only 50mg redose. But oh my, the redosing powers are strong with this one.
I continued to take another 6 of such doses over the span of almost a full day.
The rolls always peaked similarly, but in the end, a peak only lasted a full hour. That's where I decided to call it quits.

3 hours after I felt the peak had subsided, but still felt like on Modafinil, I proceeded to take what I'd take if I want to knock myself out on Modafinil; 1mg Clonazolam and 1mg of Melatonin.
This obviously didn't work, so after an hour of trying to get to sleep, I, or rather the C'lam, tried adding 150mg 5-HTP + 150 EGCG, which obviously didn't work as I was still awake another hour after.

Then the psychosis struck me. Letters on my screen started floating around. Facebook profile pictures looked like they were taken by a photographer from the Harry Potter.
I could swear my cat was running around my room, but when I tried to rub her, she disappeared. LSD like visuals appeared in & out of 'existence'.
At the same time, I had a "sober" bodyload and mindset, so I was pretty sure I didn't blackout on the C'lam and took some 1P-LSD from my stash. Did still count my psychs though.
This effect continued for almost 8 hours, without any redose, except for weed, and still unable to sleep.

I eventually took another 0.5mg Clonazolam and 4mg Melatonin in total. This, luckily, did knock me out as I love sleep way too much.
I slept for a total of 15hrs and when I woke up, totally sober, I felt a sudden urge to write this report as a warning for everyone who feels like 4-FA isn't empathogenic enough.
Don't overdo 4-FA, it's not a regular amphetamine. I love it for what it is, and will start adding a low dose psych, like 2C-B, on the comedown if I want to feel more trippy/empathogenic.
But I will never ever redose with 4-FA again, it just doesn't feel right to do so.

Submitted by - Bombadil

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