Experience: 1.5g Psilocybe Cubensis - Analysis of body and mind

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Experience reports - Mushrooms


This was my first time taking shrooms, it was 1.5 grams of dried mushrooms.

19:45: I take my shrooms. They are chewy and they taste bad. I chewed them and swallowed them away with some ice tea.

20:30: This is where I begin to feel the effects of the shrooms. Especially my legs, they begin to feel heavy and it tickles. I'm watching some funny videos as I'm waiting for the shrooms to kick in.

20:40: I can feel that I'm getting out of balance. I can't keep my head in one place and it is just floating like a boat on the ocean. My legs feel very heavy and I am crawling on the ground. It feels amazing and I lie down on the floor. It makes me realize how much I appreciate my body. Everything on my body makes sense, why I need it and why it's important to me. I realize that my body and my mind are two completely different things and how amazing it is that my body and my mind are working so well together.

An attempt of recreating a CEV I saw while tripping

20:45: Everything is so clear right now, I can hear everything. My breathing, my hair when I run my hands through it. My head feels pressurized and my eyes feel a bit heavy. It feels just like you are about to faint, but I didn't worry about this and moved this feeling to the background. Suddenly, my laughter is over and I can concentrate on the smallest things very easily. The sound of me writing on the paper is very pleasant. I also notice that my physical abilities are out of control. My handwriting is barely legible. I take a good look at my hands, I can see the pores very clear and gets my focus for several minutes.

21:00: It is going extremely fast in my head, yet my body moves so slow. I take a look outside the window and look at the lights. They are so vivid and clear. I decide to go laptop and play an online game of chess. I thought that if my mind is so bright right now I would be able to play chess very good and quick, but nothing is less true. As I play several moves I realize that the only thing of me that is playing right now, is my instinct. I'm having trouble calculating moves but managed to win the game. I step away from my laptop and take of my music.

21:25: It's silent, yet I hear everything. I take another look outside the window and a small breeze of the wind blows me away. I almost fell over.

21:39: My brain is thinking about so many things right now. My brain gives each thought a few seconds and jumps to the next one. I never understood why people on psychedelics are always floating with their arms, but now it makes sense.

21:48: Time is a factor that doesn't matter anymore. I realize that I'm talking to myself in my mind and ask myself, what is your purpose? Is life all about what you want to achieve? We do live in a society where achievements are an important factor. Is that important for yourself or for other people? Something completely different, they say that it's not possible to sleep when you're on shrooms, but what happens if you pass out?

21:50: Looking at the time, I'm amazed how much has happened in such a short period of time. I'm so active and go downstairs for some water. I had to remind myself because I had to go to the bathroom a lot of times.

00:20: What happened in between is a bit of a blind spot right now. My handwriting is illegible and saw that I've quit keeping track of everything. I'm coming down from the trip and don't feel the effects anymore. The back of my neck feels like it's having these little sparks on it. It's a pleasant feeling.

01:00: I'm writing the trip report and doze off to bed.

Effects analysis