Experience:110mg Diphenidine (vaporized) + 354mg DXM- instant ego death

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Experience reports - Diphenidine and DXM

  • Date: 12/2019
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 73 kg / 160 lbs
  • Substances used:
    • T-01:00 drank 118 mg of DXM syrup containing 354 mg of DXM
    • T+00:00 vaporized 31 mg (+/- 2mg) of Diphenidine
    • T+02:00 vaporized 58 mg of Diphenidine
    • T+04:00 vaporized 21 mg of Diphenidine
  • Past experiences: quite familiar with psychedelics; 25I-NBOMe, 1P-LSD, LSD, DXM. recently introduced to MDMA, and even more recently to dissos other than DXM. i had been abusing DXM and nitrous on and off for the past month, had been clean of DXM for about a week and a half before this, had taken a small dose of 2-FDCK a few days prior.
  • Setting: laying in bed, listening to music and eventually watching youtube.


To preface: I had woken up from a 15 hour nap and it was an awkward time to be awake so I decided to try the diphenidine sample i received earlier. I did this at home in a locked room, a relatively safe environment. I hardly remember much of what happened since the ROA left little time between sobriety and ego death. If anyone were to repeat this I would highly advise you to do it in a room preferably with a trip sitter and with more care put into dosing of the substance.

2230 - Started by preparing 31 mg / 1 ml diphenidine/PG:VG solution. My vape vaporizes about 50-100 mcg of glycol per hit, so i expected about 10 hits to reach desired dose.

2300 - Drank 354 mg of dxm syrup.

2330 - Loaded prepared solution into 1 ohm vape cartridge.

0000 - Started hitting diphenidine vape. Taste of vapor not as bad as oral taste, no bitter bite to it. Mild taste of burnt plastic with a strange cottonmouth effect, as if my mouth is covered in a glossy film that has a dry, powdery feel to it. no noticeable effects from DXM yet.

0015 - About 10 hits or so in I feel a strong buzz and tingling throughout my body, imagine a nicotine buzz x1000, and about as pleasant as a nicotine buzz. it was static in motion and located in arms in legs mostly. shortly after there was a vibrating sensation reminiscent of the vibration sometimes felt during hypnagogia when attempting a lucid dream. the vibration was rather intense, I felt like I turned into a vibrator or something. No euphoria.

0025 - Buzz still present, but becoming sort of muted by the general headspace. definitely experiencing dissociative like body effects; shifts in felt bodily form not tied to visuals, a sort of oscillating feeling of my body being squished and expanding in a smooth motion that seems to be controlled by the waves of the buzzing and vibration from earlier, as well as changes in perspective in closed eye visual field, moderate sedation and reduced motor function. oddly no CEV's that im used to from DXM outside of some void like sensations and some perceivable geometric objects such as triangles, cubes, and squares that are immersive in depth and digital in style. they come as sort of just dream like visions rather than being present in my visual field. the were dimly lit and bland in color, all being nearly black in color as if i am in a dark room and can sense the objects around me. i finish off the rest of the juice and wait for further effects.

0035 - As i finished the remaining juice things started to intensify. Im listening to midnight 01 by king krule, and as I'm listening to the droplets of rain in the song, I suddenly realize that I am a puddle of water, and I feel the rain drops in the song falling onto me, merging into my form of this puddle of water. The music encompasses all of me like a blanket coming from seemingly 10 different directions from inside my earbuds. Then I feel as though I'm a wave crashing into a boundless void. i flow like water through these shapes in my CEV's. then i become nothing, a nothing floating through the void of everything, gliding gently down the tube of this void until i gently land, yet the ground below continues to drift further into the void.

The time between 0035-0235 is foggy, but i remember experiencing the visuals from DXM while i was laying in bed having an ego death.

0235 - I'm watching coonskin on youtube for some reason. i have this feeling that the distance between my vision and the phone is no longer affected by the 4th dimension, and that the light traveling from my phone isnt going through the space time in front of me but rather is instantaneously appearing into my consiousness, as if its teleporting straight into my mind. there is also some slight visual lag. I feel like I'm in the 70s for some reason, a surreal vibe encompasses me. the diphenidine seems to have worn off but i still felt the DXM, although it was rather weak due to my tolerance from the past month of use. I stumbled out of bed and wobbled downstairs and ate a bowl of cereal. I proceed back to my room to cook up another dose of diphenidine juice and vape it, This time 58mg. i hadnt originally planned to redose and wanted to save the rest for an oral dose, but there was a strong urge to continue dosing, partly due to the amnesia at the time of tripping, which makes you feel like you should redose since it felt like i basically just fell asleep and was dreaming for a while.

0300 - I'm watching idubbbz. The way he talks in the video makes me feel like hes actually talking to me and my visual perspective makes me feel that he is physically present in the room with me but stuck in a tiny screen in my phone, and I verbally agree with him, and respond to his remarks like Dora the explorer. I know he cant hear what I'm saying but I feel as though I was predestined to reply to him and that he knows what I'm telling him. I laugh at his jokes as if we are old buddies and I feel that psychedelically if that makes sense, like I feel how old our friendship is with someone who isnt me and who he isnt, as though neither of us are ourselves anymore and have become simply old friends, existing only as such, without any identity other than 2 old friends. it was one of the most bizarre out of body experiences I had. objects on the screen seemed to have their own depth, like as if my phone was made out of cardboard cutouts that have been put together like an episode of south park.

0430-0730 - I load up the last of my diphenidine into my cartridge. The rest of the timeline was fuzzy. It consisted mostly of the previous effects and me just feeling weird, confused, with the ever present nostalgic loneliness that I usually get from dxm. Ended up eating an entire box of special k cereal throughout the whole night. and proceeded to get ready to start my day.

Definitly look forward to researching a bit more with diphenidine, but I'll need to be careful about dosing for sure

Submitted by Here2seebees

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