Experience: Oral & Insufflated DPT, Running up the Doses

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Experience reports - DPT

  • Dates of Experiences: Fall 2014
  • Age at the time: 21
  • Gender: F
  • Settings: Alone in my room, with friend/sitter present in apartment


This is a report of my first few experiences with Dipropyltryptamine, running up the doses by its most common routes of administration, orally and by insufflation (snorting). I used Alexander Shulgin's recommendations for assaying new materials, as it is consistent and recognizable. I have also used the Shulgin Rating Scale.[1] Time between between dosing ranged from 4 days to 2 weeks, over the course of about 6 weeks.

For a general allergy and taste taste, 5mg was placed on and under tongue. Tastes very bitter and irritating, almost unbearably so. No effects. -

(with 50mg, orally) No effects -

(with 100mg, orally) A suggestion of some activity at about 30 minutes, that did not develop further. While not inactive, there seems nothing of value at this level. Baseline at less than 90 minutes. +

(with 200mg, orally) A clear alert at 10 minutes, and I became aware of an inaudible but deeply felt hum. The “sound” was grounding and familiar. At 20 minutes the closed eye visuals were geometric and inorganic. Sharp night-vision green kaleidoscopic fractal patterning, like a hologram. At 1 hour, the deep humming became more defined, a vibrato pulsing that encouraged me to lie down. Shadows suggesting human shapes flickered on the wall in impossible colors, projected by an absent fire. The wall beside me became sand-like in color and texture. My attention was suddenly captured by a hallucination of what I can best describe as an ancient Egyptian relief — a person wearing a headdress — a wolf or dog. Symbols were revealed, an Ankh clearly visible, among others. Some appeared to be hieroglyphics, others unlike any I’d seen. I looked to the eyes of the person-in-the-wall, felt the words “not yet” communicated to me, before the hallucination wore away. At 90 minutes there was a sharp drop, and there were only light/residual effects until baseline was reached at approximately 3 hours. I cannot call this a “pleasant” experience, but oh my was it interesting. I would choose to explore the oral route at a higher dose, but I do not have enough of the material to do so. +++

(with 20mg, insufflated) Painful after a few seconds of contact with mucous membranes. Moderate burning sensation in back of throat and sinus as it drips. Feel first alert after about two minutes. A subtle shifting of consciousness developed over 20 minutes, an indescribable “on” that accompanies most psychedelics. There is a thickness to the air, but otherwise no visual activity. Baseline at one hour. +

(with 40mg, insufflated) first alert in less 1 minute. At five minutes, mild visual distortions, things seem to be moving. For about 45 minutes I lay in bed listening to Aphex Twin as rapid geometry patterned behind my eyelids with euphoric synergism to the music. At about 1 hour the effects declined rapidly, reaching baseline by 90 minutes.This is a pleasant level, but not very interesting. ++

(with 80mg, insufflated) Felt the first alert only seconds after insufflation. Some of the material got caught in my sinus, which was painful and nauseating. I hurried to the bathroom in time to vomit before I started tripping. Flickering blues and greens sparkled in my vision, holographic triangles dripping out of form. At about 10 minutes, I had closed my eyes for just a moment, and upon opening them the entire room appeared to have rotated 180°, every surface became purple and white pinstripes, flowing like white water rapids. I was disoriented and scared, this was an utterly alien sensation. There was an undeniable presence in the room, and it did not feel friendly. I realized I was able to perceive the room unaltered simultaneously, and doing so brought me out of the hallucination. At 40 minutes the intensity faded quickly, but some visual distortions lingered until about the two hour mark. Baseline at 2 hours 15 minutes. +++

(with 120mg, insufflated) 120mg of DPT is a lot of powder, and it was an effort in itself just to ingest it by this route of administration, especially because it is so irritating to mucous membranes. Onset in less than a minute. A deep pulsing hum washed over me as I coughed from the irritation of the chemical dripping down my throat. The visuals were choppy and sharp, chaotic, glitching green transparent shapes that obstructed my vision. At 5 minutes the hum grew into a deafening buzzing that filled me with a profound sense of euphoria. At 10 minutes I felt pushed into the ground by it, the hum overtook me and absorbed me into its warmth. The hum became my entire perception. I could not separate my body from the sound, but I did remain aware of having one. When I was able to locate myself in corporeality, a check of the clock revealed only 40 minutes had passed since dosing. By the 1 hour the effects were only residual, very minor visuals fading off to baseline at two hours. This level seemed to produce a lot of darting, particularly in the legs. I will not run up the dose on this ROA further. +++

Effects analysis

  1. “PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story” Shulgin, Alexander, 1991; 963–965. Berkeley, CA: Transform Press