Experience: 100ug ALD-52 - Nice weekend trip

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Experience reports - ALD-52 100ug, Diclazepam 1mg, DMT, and Cannabis

  • Substance: ALD-52
  • Dosage: 100ug
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5' 11" (180cm)
  • Weight: 86 kg / 190 lb
  • Setting: At home, mostly alone
  • Date: 04/28/2018
  • Misc: Regular cannabis user, occasionally 0.5mg diclazepam for anxiety.


I use psychedelics to manage a depression disorder. I haven't tripped in a few weeks and this was the best opportunity I'd have for the next few weeks, so I decided to do some brain maintenance.

3:30pm - Administered 0.5mg diclazepam orally (veggie capsule) to assist with pre-trip anxiety.

3:47 - 4:26pm - Biked 5.1 miles.

4:40pm - Administered 10mg DMT vaporized (VaporGenie) while meditating on the mantra 'Aham Prema', with a guided audio. Noticed a slight body effect. The DMT seemed to have no strong effects on the meditative state.

5:03pm - Administered 50ug ALD-52 orally.

5:24pm - ALD-52 onset felt at 21 minutes.

6:03pm - The Joy of Painting is on TV. I'm laying face down on the futon beneath my weighted blanket with slight ego dissolution.

6:30pm - Walked across the street to get something out of my car. Mildly anxious, of course it was a complete non-issue once back inside.

6:59pm - Administered 0.5mg diclazepam orally (veggie capsule). At this point anxiety is manageable but I want to take the rest of the tab. Also, beginning to smoke cannabis every so often from this point forward.

7:39pm - Administered 25ug ALD-52 orally.

8:20pm - Didn't notice any particular onset of the additional ALD-52, though geometry is now increased to level 3.

8:21pm - Administered 25ug ALD-52 orally.

8:33pm - Noted strange combination of both psychedelic affects and distinct benzodiazepine action.

10:30pm - Visited backyard to smoke some more cannabis. Nearly full moon provided plenty of lighting. Looking up at dead tree branches was very visually interesting. Generalized anxiety is not currently elevated from baseline.

As I sat in a chair near the fireplace (fire not lit) I reflected on what I want from my mind. What am I trying to accomplish through meditation practice and chemical aids?

10:45pm - Spent past 15 minutes actively updating this trip report trying to add as much detail as I can. Having no difficulty typing though the words don't come freely. Getting a layer of open eye visual hallucinations with indistinct content on top of my bright laptop screen in the dim room. They can't be looked directly at but seems to consist of text in a script I can't read.

11:30pm - Lit a small campfire in the back yard. In the dim lighting open eye visuals (drifting, warping) weren't as apparent as earlier. Headspace was lightly introspective, regarding future planning and life direction. At some point I began chanting 'Aham Prema' while staring into the fire and my field of vision changed in a way I can't really recall, becoming a flat 2-dimensional image of vivid color, the fire contrasting against the black fireplace and pavement.

1:30am - Came back inside. For the next 3 hours I variously laid in bed and cuddled with my girlfriend who arrived home, hung out in the living room, smoked cannabis and vaporized DMT.

5mg DMT - Administered 5mg DMT vaporized (VaporGenie). No noticeable affect.

7mg DMT - A follow-up dose within about 5 minutes caused a change in visual style and intensity. Level 5 geometry consisting of inset pastel rectangle shapes, giving way to something reminiscent of Alex Gray's entity paintings, though faces were not fully defined and were not interactive entities. I would like to attempt this dose again on an LSD comedown, though I'm unsure if my experience was that of 7mg or 12mg cumulative.

4:30am - Still having level 3-4 visuals, I lay down to sleep.


ALD-52 seems to lack most if not all of the stimulation of 1P-LSD and LSD. Movement was not difficult, but I spent most of the trip laying on the futon spacing out with TV on as background noise. I didn't eat from approximately 2pm until 10pm when I ate a pack of crackers. An empty stomach seems to be a positive as far as nausea is concerned.

TODO: Add sleep data and HR metrics.

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