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The subjective effect index is a collection of curated articles designed to serve as a comprehensive reference work for the rich variety of subjective effects that can occur following the administration of psychoactive substances (particularly hallucinogens) and other psychonautic techniques such as meditation, sensory deprivation, and lucid dreaming.

The effects listed here are accompanied by phenomenological descriptions (i.e. how it feels to experience them) that have been written in a formalized writing style which seeks to avoid the use of flowery metaphors or analogies, opting instead to use language that is as simple and accessible as possible. This decision has been made in the hope that these descriptions will eventually come to serve as a universal terminology set that enables people to better communicate and share experiences that are, by nature, private and difficult to convey.

The subjective effect index is separated into over 200 entries which are organized into categories based on which sense they affect and their behavior. Many of these are further broken down into leveling systems, sub-components, and style variations that can occur across different substances and situations. Detailed replications in the form of image and video examples have been included wherever possible to supplement the text descriptions.

The contents of this index is based on the collective experiences of our contributors.

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