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posted 2245 days ago

Hi Brack,

I deleted the 'talkativeness enhancement' page you created because it was a) published without discussion or approval and b) debatable as to whether it constitutes a distinct effect. It is likely better able to be considered as a secondary effect stemming from 'increased sociability' or 'sociability enhancement'. I do agree with the suggestion that there needs to be an effect for increased sociability without the empathy component. Please raise this issue with Josikins, who is in charge of the subjective effects index. Thanks.

posted 2282 days ago

Hi Brack,

Regarding your creation of the 'Kanna' substance box, you should know that since 'Kanna' refers to a plant and not a chemical isolate, a botany box should be used instead. Dosage information for the alkaloids should be included in the body of the main article. Refer to the 'LSA' page for an example.

Keep up the good work!

posted 2408 days ago

Hey Brack,

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in updating our substance articles to include the new effects template. It was one of the big items on the site's to-do list.

Cheers, Chris

posted 2429 days ago
Hi :)

I'm kind of confused on how antipsychotics can cause cognitive euphoria. Could you elaborate a bit?

posted 2511 days ago