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Experience reports - Nutmeg


Hello All,
This is my first time posting my experience, i normally read a lot and try. I am currently taking 4 tablespoons of nutmeg, once a week, from October 2016. Before that , i used to be a heavy alcohol user, Pregabalin user (300-600mg), and a light hash/marijuana smoker ( due to availability/restriction of my geographical location).
I reached the breaking point, where my wife wanted to leave me along and take the kids, unless i stopped this addiction.
This is when i googled the shit out if google, until i found about nutmeg.
Nutmeg, by far is the best i have tried so far, as it does not any recharge unlike the test. You stay in that same high state and it can disappear only through time, depending on your dose.
I started with the fresh ground nuts, they are like whole nuts, break the hard shells and grind the nuts to powder. Mix it with fresh milk and sugar, and drink it, then smoke cigarettes, and listen to music to boost it. I usually start getting buzzed partially after 2 hours, it reaches it full effect after 5-6 hours. So i take it at 3pm, so i have a good night.
My initial dose was 3 nuts, then it became 5 nuts, then 7 nuts. I tried 9 nuts, but it gave me the bad trip, constant increased heart rate, stomach pain and chest pain ( trouble breathing ). So based on this research i found my perfect dose was 7 nuts, it gave me a good trip. The first 2 hours , i fart a lot, and have diarrhea 2 to 3 times, i am not sure if this is due to nutmeg or the fresh cow milk that i mix with. I forgot to mention that it still have a strong bad taste, that can easily attract you to puke. But i had no choice, i mean if eating horseshit would get me high, i would definitely eat horseshit.
One day, i was out of the nutmeg nuts, home alone, broke and wife took my car. It was the perfect moment to get high, so i found that i had a nutmeg powder , that ones that you get from the store for cooking. I said let me give it a try, i smelled the powder , and it had weak nutmeg smell, which suggested that , it was not as pure as the one i had prepared , they might have added some other chemicals to preserve it in the long-term. Any ways, i tried 2 table spoons of it, and after 4 hours, i started getting the buzz, this is when i realized that in a way this is a bit better in terms of taste.
The next week i went to the local spice market and purchased the fresh nutmeg powder. I stopped using the nuts after this, as it is quicker and tastes better.
I eventually reached at my limit , which is 4 tablespoons, the trip varies from time to time, i hallucinate sometimes, sometimes i dont. You feel that the person next to you is staring at you, but when you look at the person who you thought was staring at you, they are not. You assume to hear things when people talk, but when you ask them, they said nope i have not said a word.
I have also experienced a lot of short-term memory loss. I play a lot of Tom Clancy's The Division on XB1, when i am high of nutmeg, it is by far for me , the best experience to abuse the highness, since its a multiplayer PVP game, so you meet a lot of new people to talk to online, i mostly trash-talk, make people mad and laugh about it. The nutmeg gives a new humor sense special ability. You become like a comedy god, you will never lose a diss or a trash talk battle, believe me. About the short memory, i have noticed it a lot when i meet new players and play with them when high on nutmeg, and after 1 or 2 days, when i am sober, I play this same game, and i see this new player joining my group, talking with me like i am suppose to know him and i really dont. Like point blank i really have no whatsoever memory of playing with this guy. Also sometimes wifey will tell me do some errands , which i would totally forget , and argue with her like she never mentioned it at all.
I have tried mixing it with lyrica, but i end up vomiting, its like nutmeg wants my body alone and will remove any drug that wants to intervene. I have not tried alcohol with it yet and probably would never, a friend of mine, advised me not to mix them as they have some chemical reactions that might harm me. Second, alcohol rarely made me happy, it always made me aggressive, unlike nutmeg.
Nutmeg makes you happy, social, funny, and a stud in bed. I use it to socialize , as without it i am quite boring person, who would have no remorse even if a car hit you in front of my eyes.
It makes my kids and wife love me more, better in bed, better in gaming, and best of all it is fresh from Earth, no human manipulation.
The only downside is you cannot focus on more than one thing at a time, you forget a lot, and your thinking is narrowed only to the thing that you are focused on.
If you want to try it , try it light, until you reach your level.
I have made my wife to try it also, but was not careful, instead of giving her 3 nuts for starters , i gave her 5 nuts, She had a bad trip, paranoia, and we ended up going to the Emergency as her heart rates nearly reached 200bpm, even the police intervened and logged it as a suicidal case for paper work. She never wants to try it again.

But bottom line, if i live in Amsterdam where weed is legal, i would definitely prefer weed instead of nutmeg.

But if you will give me a choice of Alcohol or Nutmeg, i would definitely go for nutmeg. I only wish that it only had also the capability mind enhancement like magic mushroom, then it would be really perfect. ( Magic mushrooms still wishing to try it desperately)

Lastly, Yes it gives you dracula eyes
Yes it gives you cotton mouth
Yes it gives a craving for sugar ( any thing with chocolate )
Yes it makes you hungry ( Unlike other drugs, i have noticed the more you eat , the higher you get), ( On Other drugs when you eat you sober up)
Yes, its effects boost when you smoke a cigarette, i smoke 1 packet a day when on nutmeg , when sober i smoke 1 packet for 2 to 3 days)
Yes, it makes you last longer in bed, and ready for round 2 and round 3.
Yes , it gives the same feeling like you smoke marijuana, but even better as the effect stays on you , and doesn't decrease by time like marijuana)

Hope this gives you a clear picture on nutmeg.
Have a good day.

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