Experience:Phenibut (3 g) & Alcohol (2 drinks) - A Bad Idea

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Trip Reports - Phenibut and Alcohol

  • Date: 10/2019
  • Age: 22
  • Sex: M Height:
  • Weight: 73kg / 160 lbs
  • Misc: on welbutrin XL 150mgs daily, somewhat experienced psychonaut/phenibut user


Report I had accidentally taken double of my medication, welbutrin, which is somewhat of a stimulant. I have used phenibut before but never gotten a real "high" which is why I tried a larger dose.

WARNING: Mixing Phenibut and Alcohol is unsafe and, as described in this report, very unpleasant.

T+0:00 - I took 1g phenibut orally. I felt some anxiety relief in the following hours. Overall I felt normal, but better. I felt some euphoria. For example, I was listening to music and felt like dancing and singing along, something I never do. I still felt able to carry out any and all daily activities.

T+7:30 - I took the additional 2g. This would be a higher dose than I have ever taken before. I felt surprisingly little effects. One big one was increased sexual arousal. I spent an hour on Grindr trying to find someone to have sex with.

T+9:00 - At this point I make an exceedingly bad decision. I have a glass of wine. At this point there are still relatively few effects. I do not feel "high"

T+9:30 - I start on a second glass of wine. At this point I am really starting to feel it. I am dizzy, I have prominent nystagmus, paradoxical stimulation, some confusion, poor motor control. It isn't bad but it sure isn't good.

T+9:45 - I try to stand up to go downstairs and get a third glass of wine, but upon standing I realize my balance is very bad and I do not think I could make it downstairs because of the stairs. I instead go to bed. I have no memory after this but I assume I just went to sleep.

T+23:00 - I finally wake up from an abnormally long slumber and feel awful. Dizzy, headache, slight mental fog and overall malice. I had multiple alarms go off and have no memory of waking up and silencing them or anything. Submitted by AliasFakename

Effects analysis


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I experienced a STRONG synergistic effect of alcohol and phenibut. 1-2 standard units of alcohol had effect similar to a .10 or higher BAC. This included nystagmus, dizziness, confusion, loss of motor coordination, and sedation. I thought that 1.5 hours was enough for the phenibut to reach full effect, but it may not have been. Finally, do NOT mix phenibut and alcohol. Phenibut may impair decision making or give delusions of sobriety. Also, do not mix welbutrin and alcohol as an unsafe interaction can occur.