Experience:3g mimosa / 3g syrian rue - Connecting with my body

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Experience reports - Ayahuasca

  • Dosage: 3g syrian rue, 3g mimosa hostilis root bark.
  • Method of ingestion: Syrian rue ginger flavored smartie and pop rocks filled chocolate bar and Shredded wheat chocolate rootbark cupcake


I began my trip in my bedroom with my significant other who was just coming down from their ayahuasca trip about to go to sleep. This was the first time trying the new chocolate intense recipe. I had just finished chomping down my syrian rue chocolate bar that didn't taste fantastic, but the ginger made the taste of syrian rue slightly more bearable. I then waited about an hour or so before munching on my chocolate rootbark cupcakes. I then decided to lay in bed and watched some tv show on Netflix and after about half an hour or so I became unbelievably tired and turned it off, I looked at the clock, and it was 12 o clock, I went to sleep, and I thought to myself while drifting off 'oh well at least I tried' or so I thought.

At 2 am I was suddenly forced awake to my field of vision being completely overtaken by intense visual geometry that ranged from fast and slow moving and brightly colored visuals. I lied there in bed for what felt like about 5 minutes mesmerized by these visuals and suddenly I had a strong feeling that one of the residents at the care home I work for was walking slowly with her zimmer frame next to my bed, this lady usually walks around the care home just fine without any assistance but occasionally she'll try to help us out and collect tea cups while still holding her frame, it's not a huge deal because she's not necessarily putting herself at risk because she can actually walk without her frame but it makes it harder for her to use her frame properly while holding loads of cups, plus she could drop them. So I was laying there and felt that she was in my presence, I couldn't see or hear her but really believed she was right next to me, my first thought was "she'll be alright she's usually fine and isn't holding them for very long as the kitchen is right next to the lounge, I'll just carry on looking at these beautiful visuals" The visuals started to become a little dull and less vibrant and not so exciting anymore but were still interesting to watch, but at this point I thought that the ayahuasca was giving me a test. I had two options, help out an old lady so that she remains safe, or carry on watching these visuals. It didn't take very long for me to decide that helping out my fellow man (or in this case woman) was more important than paying attention to some visual geometry. So I sat up at the edge of my bed and the hallucination suddenly disappeared. I was a little stumped and didn't know what to do so I lied back down in bed but decided I wanted to go outside and explore.

I turned the lamp on, and I was suddenly flooded with excitement I had accelerated thoughts, visual acuity enhancement, enhancement of colors. Time felt like it had sped up and that I was doing everything in fast motion.

Submitted by - TheReplicator

Effects analysis

  • Geometry (level 7) - "...my field of vision being completely over taken by intense visual geomertry that ranged from fast and slow moving and brightly colored visuals."
  • Thought acceleration - "I had accelerated thoughts"
  • Visual acuity enhancement - "visual acuity enhancement"
  • Colour enhancement - "enhancement of colors"
  • Time distortion (compression) - "Time felt like it had sped up and that I was doing everything in fast motion."