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Experience reports - MDMA

  • Date: 23/11/2018
  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg / 147.7 lbs
  • Misc: None prescribed, nor taken medications.


During the night, all I consumed was a small amount of food before the first dose, and Gatorade/Powerade to replenish the all the sweat I was losing throughout and by the end of the night.

I believe the substance was MDMA, but due to some quirks at the end of the trip report, it's really up for discussion, but was most likely MDMA.

Come up

Start: 4:30pm - Eat a tuna sandwich half (one slice of bread), feeling a little excited.

5:03pm - First dose, 2 caps. Each cap at 80mg each. Swallowed, with Powerade. These are pure, ground down crystals. Feel a slight bit of anxiety as i swallow them, but none after that nor during the come up/peak

5:25pm - Noticing the first signs that even 160mg is a good dose. I should have stopped here. Feeling good, but not too different from normal. As I've experienced, MDMA/MDA are slow to come up, but peak very quickly, and will hold that intensity for a few hours, before "coming down".

5:45pm - Coming up stronger now, I'm not really satisfied with how intense it could be. This is not my first time rolling, and I wanted to make sure it was intense. Tell myself it will get better when I peak. Take another two caps anyway... It hasn't even been an hour, and i took the first re-dose. This is generally recommended against, so as not to get in "too deep" and not be able to come back easily or in a short time frame. I am confident I'll enjoy this amount, and I'm generally feeling pretty good about the roll before its even started. I'm just feeling excited, and pretty happy at this point. It should be noted that I am "sweating buckets" at this point. I haven't peaked, and I can tell it's going to be strong.

6:00pm - still coming up, almost on the verge of peaking. If you'll notice the time stamps, its been an hour since first dose, and I'm only just feeling like I'm anywhere near peaking. Despite eating food not long before dosing, i hadn't eaten anything all day. Don't take my experience as a weak dose though, by now the euphoria was pretty intense. Legs and arms weren't necessarily numb, but were tingly. Things generally felt "great". This is one of the reasons I believe it might actually have been MDA, as MDA takes a little longer to really peak, but is more potent by weight. I should have taken this into precaution, considering I wasn't absolutely certain about the substance.


6:10pm - this is about where i peak. It's very intense, and only gets better. It comes on quick, and it keeps on coming. 320mg (4 * 80mg caps) would be a heavy dose for anbody. By now, i'm already at 4.77mg / kg. Very intense, and not recommended by anyone. Not even me. At this dose, you will attract more negative affects than you will gain in positive when compared to say, 160mg. It looked like MDMA/MDA, the come up felt like either, but the peak is where it's distinguishable for me. I am suspecting by now this might actually be MDA. Colours feel more vibrant, and "warmer". I want to hug everything. I end up turning off my monitor, listening to some music and cuddling a fluffy blanket while sitting in my computer chair. Things are starting to distort visually, but it's only a slight effect. I put it down to excitement, and euphoria and carry on having fun.

6:15pm - I am really suprised at how good this experience is. I just keep feeling better and better. I am not worried about any side effects by now, as even at 320mg, it simply *feels* like a really strong dose of MDMA.

6:20pm - Feeling very lovey, and accepting, and welcoming.. and just every nice and fair emotion you could possibly think of. I don't have a bad muscle fiber in my body, and nothing will affect how great I feel. I don't think I could hate anyone at this point.

7:00pm - I believe it was at this point I had to change my shirt as it was just soaked in sweat. The euphoria just gets stronger and stronger.

7:45pm - Sufficiently enjoying myself by now, the roll is really under way and I am having a lot of fun. I decide I want to go that step further. Not really caring for the consequences at this point (bad move). I take another two caps. Just to "re-cap" (haha), i've taken 6 * 80mg capsules in the first 2 hours of the roll. That's now a total of 480mg, and at 7.16mg/ kg. This could honestly be considered a toxic dose. This is very high, especially for my body weight. I am fully expecting a bad week after this experience, but I don't mind. Full of euphoria and excitement for seeing how the next dose will hit me. I don't try to "expel" the MDMA as I am confident It won't be any risk to my physical health. Everything feels fuzzy, and warm.

8:30pm - still rolling, and pretty hard too. I'm not sure on when exactly i took my final cap. I believe it was around this time. Things feel a little surreal. I still have this unshakeable feeling of euphoria.

9:30pm - time is going by pretty quickly, but also slowly at the same time? It was pretty strange. I never found myself worrying about when exactly the time was, at that point in time. Although, If for some reason the clock caught my attention, I would end up that time was going noticeably slower than usual. Feeling great at this point still. Still happy, lovey, any sort of music is just the best thing i could have ever listened to at that point in time haha

Come Down

10:00pm - I believe at this point is about where the MDMA started breaking down into MDA. Visual distortions are pretty noticeable now. Breathing, colour shift, morphing and other visual effects associated with most psychedelics. I believe things wouldn't have been this strong if I didnt take so many capsules. for example, the fan is wobbling around and "breathing" and one of the blades is folded onto itself.

10:30pm - euphoria starts to die down, but I still feel really good. This is where I'm not sure of the substance. Either I originally took MDA, and subconsciously ignored any visual effects I may have received. Or the second option, I had taken real MDMA, and it was simply breaking down into MDA as usual. Keep in mind, I am at 540mg. This is a very strong dose. I can't stress that enough.

10:40pm - i notice that the room feels like its full of spiders, and I mean everywhere. Theyre floating up from my desk in clumps, all writhing around on each other. There's a few flighted bugs too. I'm pretty pre-occupied. I look up casually and notice there's a "web" across my whole room's ceiling, and there are so many spiders. There's just so many spiders.

10:50pm - I think it was at this point where I decided to go and get my room mate, and ask for her sober advice. I'm not sure why it wasn't obvious at this point, but something feels a bit off. I ask her what she thinks about all of the spiders, for which i can see are covering my desk, floating in the air and everything. I can see some on her clothes. We confirm I am absolutely tripping balls at this point. It's slight euphoria, and mostly visual effects, distortions and hallucinations.

11:00pm - she takes me for a quick drive so I can clear my head and think about what I was experiencing. I am suprisingly not alarmed at this point, for having arachnophobia.

'''As i write this report I'm trying to ignore a snake that keeps appearing in my peripheral vision. It's swaying around, and out of the corner of my eye, looks completely real. If i look in that direction, it goes away. If i hold my gaze, whatever im looking at will eventually morph into a snake again.'''

11:10 - present (8:20am the next day) - At this point, the effects gradually start to wear off. I'm no longer hallucinating a room full of spiders, but there are some still hanging around. Some bugs fly at me. I know they're not real, but they look, sound and feel real. It's not a pleasant experience overall, but I don't feel too sad as I'm still feeling uplifted.

After effects

I woke up both of my room mates not long ago freaking out because I was seeing snakes everywhere, and this was the first time I noticed the snakes. They aren't just changes to a pattern either. I can look directly at them, and they won't go away. One of them even turned around to look at me, then slowly turned back and crawled into a hole in the wall. They're vivid hallucinations, and I'm sober by now. I don't feel any euphoria, and happiness, or calmness. I'm pretty jumpy, considering snakes and spiders are my two worst fears. I recorded them, and could still see them in the video too. I thought they were real.

I think they're just messing around with me until my room mate rubs his hand all over the wall, right where the snakes are, touching them too. I'm a bit worried because at this point I'm watching one slide into his hand and the wall behind it, as if his hand wasn't there.

Apart from some slight "tactile enhacenment" and the visual distortions I'm not getting any other affects. (snakes, spiders, smoke rising from the desk, shapes "coming towards my vision") It's safe to say I'm sober, and still experiencing the hallucinations.

And on that note, please don't take this large a dose of MDMA and especially not this large of a dose of MDA. The experience was good, and the negatives don't take away from the rest of the roll. It was a good experience overall, but if I could have done it all again, I would have taken a maximum of 320mg and left it there. I think it's safe to say things would still be intense, but not quite as intense as they are now. The "explanation of this change" box is outlined in a rainbow of shifting colours. It's a cool experience, but I'm not sure how long these hallucinations will last, and I may have given myself a slight case of serotonin syndrome. I'm showing most of the symptoms.

Just to reiterate, I DO NOT RECCOMEND ANYONE takes 540mg of MDMA. It's not only dangerous physically, but very much so mentally as I hope this report has shown you. I didn't think it would turn out too badly. Don't be like me, just stick with a normal dose.

Thank you for your time.

Submitted by Dylan aka. sunnyCr

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