Experience:N,N-Dimethylcathinone:102 mg - A Decent, Functional Stimulant

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Experience reports - N,N-Dimethylcathinone

  • Date: 9/12/16
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 54 kg / 120 lbs
  • Age: 19
  • Medications: 90 mg Dexedrine, 300 mg Bupropion
  • Dosage: 102 mg, taken orally. Note: I have a very high tolerance to amphetamines, I smoke a lot of meth, and I do not recall very well whether I did or did not smoke during this experience, but it is likely I may have taken a few hits absentmindedly. However, I very rarely use reuptake inhibitors.


1:20am: Substance is ingested.

1:30 am: I begin to feel some sort of tingling.

1:50 am: Heartrate feels approximately 1.5x faster, as does breathing. Some hints of mental stimulation. My body temperature feels slightly higher, annoying, but I am in my basement so I do not get too warm.

2:10-5 am: Around this time, I am at the peak of the effects. I begin working. Productivity has received a nice boost. Feels a bit like ethylphenidate, which I find to be a very functional stimulant and optimal for getting things done. Euphoria was mild, just like ethylphenidate, but I was not seeking euphoria so this was not disappointing. Near the end of this time, I begin to notice a bit of neck tension that is mildly uncomfortable.

5-6:30am: It is late and I need sleep. I am moderately mentally tired, albeit still quite physically stimulated. Productivity decreases drastically and I find myself resting in my office chair for most of this time, listening to some quiet music.

6:30+: I am definitely on the comedown, and I take my daily dexedrine, as I know I will have to go to work in an hour, and this seems to have a nice synergistic effect for several hours. I probably stopped noticing effects altogether around 9 am. It has a rather long come down relative to its peak but this was almost certainly because of the dexedrine.

This is an interesting chemical. I have to say I had low expectations going into it and N,N-Dimethylcathinone did exceed those. I have a fuzzy memory of Methcathinone years ago, and I do believe N,N-Dimethylcathinone felt relatively similar to it. Would I do it again? Possibly. The gram cost a mere $2, so no holes in my wallet were made obtaining it. All in all a decent stimulant with manageable side effects.

Submitted by - MDMQualone

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