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Experience reports - MDMA

  • Date: September 2020
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 62 kg / 137 lbs
  • Dosage: 80 mg of 84% MDMA crystals, dissolved in 1.5ml saline made from boiled water, defecated.
  • ROA: Rectal
  • Misc: Daily cannabis smoker for 4 years, started experimenting with other substances recently. 2 full DMT breakthroughs, 1 candyflip, 7 MDMA rolls, 1 successful LSD trip (others tabs didn't get me there), daily use of amphetamine for 1 month. This was my third per rectal administration of MDMA. Last MDMA use was one week before, boofed 75 mg 84% MDMA with 25 mg 72% amphetamine. This dose gave full effects.


This is not so much a report for subjective report, but my comments on the relative bioavailability of MDMA with per rectal administration.

Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and it is not a scientific nor medical statement.

Previous experience with per rectal MDMA

First time was because my supplies were near-dry, it was out of curiosity that I boofed 55 mg of 84% crystals. The height of its effects were about the same as a 95 mg dose of 84% crystals via oral (not the first MDMA roll), but shorter. My safety consideration were: assuming that oral is about 50% effective, and my last roll was 2 weeks ago, 55mg would not be too much to handle. With this sample, I could say that rectal is about +72% more effective than oral.

The second trial was pleasant. 75 mg 84% MDMA + 25mg 72% amphetamine gave me the full effects of MDMA, and with more energy to dance. It felt like the effects of 130 mg 84% MDMA, after a 4 week break.

Per rectal administration is known to be near 100% effective. If rectal were 95% effective, by ratio, oral would be about 54%. Added in the considerations for length of the roll, oral would be around 73%.


Measured 80 mg of 84% MDMA crystal on a scale with +/- 3 mg accuracy. This is important as I am aware that per rectal administration is more efficient and therefore, more dose sensitive. It was measured on a measuring tray with a "lip" to make transferring easier. Used a 5 ml syringe without needle, pulled out the plunger, and loaded in the crystals into the back. Covered the tip with my finger, and replace the plunger. Drew a targeted 1~2 ml of saline, left some air in there, cover the tip and shake until no visible crystals are left. Before use, eject the air out.


Format +H:MM

0:00 - Took a dump. Applied some water based personal lubricant to ease insertion. Inserted the syringe about 6 cm in, and gently squeeze in the liquid. Wash up after.

0:06 - Felt tingly, the familiar onset feeling is there.

0:11 - The body sensations started. This feeling is similar to the 40 minutes mark when using oral administration.

0:15 - Body felt light, felt energetic. Danced to random EDM songs.

0:25 - Reached peak effect. I had some "wow" moment.

1:00 - Effects started to taper off.

1:50 - Tired of the physical activity, felt couch-lock or bed-lock.

2:00 - Went to lie on my bed, doused off for 15 minutes.

2:20 - Redosed with 40 mg, same method.

2:30 - Anticipated the onset, but no effects were noticeable.

2:45 - The high is sustained, but at the tapered-off level. Hindsight, it's not worth it. Too tired to dance.

3:30 - Effects are no longer there, experiencing come down.

4:00 - Went to bed, and woke up 10 hours later.


I happen to have access to a Holter ECG recorder from a friend that works in medical devices company. I took my ECG throughout the process. My findings are shocking however. I have experienced frequent ventricular extrasystoles in the form of bigeminy when I am not under any substance except for caffeine and nicotine. It is already indicative of higher excitability of my ventricles. Under MDMA, my bigeminy escalated into tachycardia. The episode of ventricular tachycardia sustained for a full 6 minutes, at an average rate of 175BPM, minimum 162BPM, maximum 196BPM. Fortunately it was not pulseless VT, which could possibly kill me.


Per rectal administration of MDMA is about 70% stronger than oral, in terms of peak intensity. The entire effect is about 30% shorter in time.

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