Experience:4-FMA 300mg Oral - First Time Researching

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Experience reports - 4-FMA

  • Date: 05/02/2021 (5 February 2021).
  • Sex and Age: Female, 22.
  • Height and Weight: 179cm/5'10", 70kg/154lbs.
  • Setting: At home, playing Old School Runescape.

I'm doing this together with my fiancé, this will be both our first time using 4-FMA. I will put in some stuff he experienced that I didn't.
I will be keeping track of my heart rate (HR) every update and temperature (Temp) every hour once.
We drank mostly water, enough, but not too much.
With a lot of substances I yawn excessively from the onset until the peak starts
There is a curfew here at the moment from 21:00 - 04:30.

Submitted by ResearcherNaomi

First Dose

21:33: We started off dosing 120mg orally.
HR: 73-78 BPM, Temp: 37.0°C

21:59: Starting to feel something, a pleasant skin sensation. Moving my hand/fingers over things feels nice. My head was a bit less clear/focussed.
HR: 73-79 BPM, Temp: 37.2°C

22:14: I got a slight headache (noticable but not a problem), breathing feels easier. Walking feels weird, but funny. Putting on some music.
HR: 73-90 BPM

22:25: My hands and feet feel really cold. Music is very pleasant. Starting to feel slight dehydration. Euporhia is increasing. I am more awake.
My fiancé has increased libido, temporary erectile dysfunction and his pupils are dilated (mine usually don't dilate with most drugs).
HR: 82-88 BPM

22:34: 1 hour mark. The euphoria is good. The music feels great. My legs got very restless.
Dancing feels great. Headache is less. Feeling a bit stimulated. Feeling cold in general.
HR: 81-105 BPM, Temp: 37.1°C

22:49: First time peeing, goes as usual, no difficulty. Stretching feels really nice. Time feels like it's flying. Headache is gone.
My fiancé started sweating quite a bit.
HR: 91-122 BPM

23:05: Great physcial and cognitive euphoria. Feeling really in the mood for hugs and kisses. Eyes are slightly vibrating. Still feeling cold. Started yawning excessively.
HR: 108-139 BPM

23:15: I think I am on my peak now. Walking around feels so good. Going outside on private area for a few minutes felt really nice, woud love to go for a walk.
Hard to focus on my game and writing this is a little harder. We looked in the mirror and looked really high. Also massaging my breasts feels really good, a lot better than when I'm sober.
HR: 136-138 BPM

22:38: 2 hour mark. Everything feels very amazing, the music, eurphoria, walking around, hugging, kissing, talking. Dehydration increased quite a bit. We're gonna take a shower now.
HR: 134-148 BPM, Temp: 37.6°C

23:52: Showering felt amazing, the warm water on your skin feels so good. I had some libido increase before showering, faded while showering.
Before showering I did my second pee, a bit more difficult, but no problem.
My fiancé started teeth grinding mildly.
HR: 72-149 BPM

00:33: 3 hour mark. We played some games together, I can focus more than before. My mouth is really dry, drinking water feels nice. Feeling very social.
Don't feel cold anymore. We're probably gonna redose soon.
HR: 131-136 BPM, Temp: 38.0°C

Second Dose

01:02: Redosed 60mg orally. Peed for the 3rd time, quite a bit more difficult. Not much to say besides it's all going well besides a really dry mouth, my spit is very weird and foamy.
HR: 96-118 BPM

01:19: My legs are feeling tingely, amazing euphoria and music appreciation.
HR: 121-138 BPM

01:34: 4 hour mark. Been socializing with my fiancé and friends online while playing my game.
HR: 131-140 BPM, Temp: 37.7°C

01:56: The redose kicked in nicely.Feeling very euphoric physically and cognitively We walked around in the outside private area again, outside temp is 6°C, feels really nice since we feel pretty warm.
HR: 134-143 BPM

02:32: 5 hour mark. The dehydration is getting pretty bad. I also started sweating. Feeling very motivated to do things so I played my game.
HR: 128-143 BPM, Temp: 37.7°C

03:32: 6 hour mark. We're in bed watching a serie, lying in bed feels so good. Even though I feel very high, I can still think really clearly.
Dehydration is less now. I started teeth grinding mildly. Will be redosing our last dose soon.
HR: 97-134 BPM, Temp: 37.7°C

Third Dose

04:01: Last redose of 120mg orally. Still watching a serie in bed. Curfew ends soon, so we will go on a nice walk then.
HR: 125-148 BPM

04:45: 7 hour mark. The last redose is really kicking in, everything feels more intense than before. The curfew ended, so we're gonna take a walk.
HR: 61-120 BPM, Temp: 37.5°C

5:55: Came back from our 5km walk, it was really good to walk a long distance and I don't feel tired at all. During our walk we started hallucinating, objects in the distance looked like people,
animals or other objects than they were. We saw shadow people. We constantly thought we heard people walk behind us.
My eyes are vibrating a lot. My fiancé also saw some geometry and flower patterns on our full black curtains.
HR: 82-163 BPM

07:30: 10 hour mark. Still feeling very euphoric and stimulated, getting a bit tired though. Also still in a very cuddly mood. My eyes are still somewhat vibrating.
HR: 130-154 BPM, Temp:37.2°C

08:36: 11 hour mark. Effects are significantly less, still feeling a good high. Feels like time went so fast.
HR: 127-138 BPM


09:30: 12 hour mark. Effects are pretty much gone. Making noodles because I have to eat something but my throat is a desert and I have no appetite at all.
HR: 107-127 BPM

10:22: Finished my food, going to bed now, hope I can sleep.
HR: 101-134 BPM

14:56: I think I slept lightly for about an hour, it's all very vague. Got woken up by sirens, no sleep after. I am sweating a lot, especially my feet, they are really wet.
My throat and mouth are really dry and peeing is still a little difficult.
HR: 118-129 BPM

19:06: I feel tired, although not from 4-FMA but from lack of sleep. Heart rate is still slightly elevated. No appetite and my throat and mouth are still really dry.
HR: 100-114 BPM


Overal it was a pleasant experience, similar to MDMA, although I fall asleep on MDMA, so it was nice not to fall asleep during this high.
The come-up was good, it calmly started, the excessive yawning was less compared to other substances and started a lot later. Biggest down side was the dehydration.
Might try again in a few months.
My fiancé and I experienced almost the same effects, the exceptions are listed below in "Effects analysis"

Effects analysis