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Experience reports - 4-HO-MiPT

  • Date: 11/03/2016- 11/30/2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 125 kg / 275 lbs
  • Age: 50
  • Etc: Had substantial experience during school years.


Note: The times are approximate, averaged over a number of experiences. There was very little variation for me, it is an extremely consistent experience.

25 mg 4-HO-MiPT, oral. completely empty stomach. Light orange/peach in color. Bitter taste like the white part inside grapefruits.
Slight body tickles, the feeling that things will change for me soon.
The body load starts to feel consistent and starting to get stronger.
Hint of tracers, but the body effect is ramping up at a faster rate than head effects.
Every cell in my body just yawned at the same time :)
The body load rate of increase is lightening up, the peaking business seems to have ended. there are sadly few visuals commensurate with the way the body felt.
Most of the body load has abated to low levels, it feels like the landing will be soon.
The experience is completely over, I'm ready for bed soon. 

Though the body load was high, and the desirable head effects such as visuals were low, It still allowed for rather introspective thought and meditation in the latter half of the experience.

This experience has been consistent for about 15 doses@25mg, and scales down to 10 mg as one would expect(about 20 doses under the belt at 10mg). I have not gone higher than 30mg due to the body load. Even at 25 mg, a beta blocker is helpful to me.

I have not developed a tolerance at all despite dosing 5-6 out of 7 days a week this month.

I have severe medical grade insomnia, can go for weeks not able to sleep more than 1-4 hours a night. Head is so tired I'd kill kittens to sleep, body is raring to go, 4x starbucks. I have tried everything current medicine has to offer, xyrem, zyprexa(knocks me out, I feel like ass all next day, and it puts on a minimum of 6-8 lbs / month body fat), the entire benzo family, electrical stimilation,etc. It takes about 10x 25mg benadryls to make me sleepy, not knocked out.The thing these scripts have in common is the next day leaves me feeling so lousy, I should have just stayed up all night.

OK, back to tryptamines.. During a Xyrem haze that just could not put me asleep, I somehow thought "what happens?" if I could deplete the neurological systems that impact sleep before bedtime, and started with serotonin (gaba has been difficult for me). That led me to ht-5 agonists, which lead me to psilocybin. As a law abiding citizen of 'murica, I looked for non-scheduled relatives, found TiKHAL, and then found 4-HO-MiPT. (Also, fungi is not yet found where I live..)

So far this path has been more promising than everything else I've tried. I sleep a minimum of 4-5 hours now the day I dose as well as the following day if I had taken it two days in a row. I've even slept as much as 9 hours straight, but that was an outlier.

The really big deal is that I feel Well up on wakening with these 5-ht2a agonists. Clear headed, as if I had simply slept well.. Still tired at times, but a world of difference from the RX route.

I started with 20-30mg, but found the body load very high, with minimal head effects. 10mg was still found somewhat effective. The optimal dosing regimen for me turned out to be 10mg, wait 1.5-2 hours, +10mg.

I have also tried 4-AcO-DMT,4-HO-MPT, and one tryptamine whose name I can't recall,they had very similar effects(from 2 different research chemical vendors). Very strong body effects, complete with bowels emptied 2 hours post dose, light head effects, and SLEEP :)

I find the visuals, warmth, and general head effects in these analogs to be lacking from what I recall psilocybin being like from school days. The impression is they yield 80% body load, 20% fun. But it works for the insomnia. Also, my biochemical milieu is n=1 in a number of ways at this point, I am a poor reference for the normal person.

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