Experience:3-MEO-PCMo (420mg) - Trip Report

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Experience reports - 3-MeO-PCMo

  • Date: 17.06.15
  • Weight: 72kg / 159lbs


400mg in staggered doses the night before. Both insufflated and ingested. Not much effect at all.
420mgs ingested @ 20.38

21:01: Mild but unmistakable onset. Butterflies in my stomach.

21:13: Feeling mildly stimulated.

21:54: - Stimulation gives way to a body high. No waves or vibrations. Not dissimilar to the feeling of static electricity

22:06: Starting to feel like I’m floating. Seem to be getting pulled upward – like someone filled me with helium. Typing is becoming difficult – I might float away.

22:20: Joint smoked - increase in body buzz and overall feeling of dissociation. Loss of motor control although still functional.

22:51: Thought deceleration - difficult to think of what to say or respond to people. Body high starts to move from head to toe in euphoric waves. It’s a very nice feeling and is intensifying.

23:01: I’m drifting now - feels like I’m floating out of my seat. This feels amazing. Distinctly sedated. I feel dumb and happy.

23:30: Time Dilation: Twenty minutes felt like an hour. Slight changes in perspective. For example: my hand suddenly look too big. The laptop is changing size. Feeling very wonky.

23:52: Starting to wind down.

00:09: Feeling hungry. Seems to be no appetite suppression.

00:49: Went downstairs to cook a pizza. Totally functional now.

01:10: Weak residual effects - still feel a bit dreamy.

No problem sleeping although had a very strange dream. Seem to have badly burnt the roof of my mouth- although didn’t notice at the time suggests anesthesia. Feeling slightly depressed and a little anxious - suggests serotonin activity.

Submitted by EmEx

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