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Trip Reports - DPH

AGE: 18
DATE: 3/??/19
WEIGHT: 140 lbs

I decided to try diphenhydramine (Benadryl) one day, when out of marijuana. I was desperate to get high, so I grabbed a bottle of my antihistamines and went to town.

On this particular day, I was chatting with friends about what I had planned to do. They decided to trip-sit me over phone. I took 400mg of DPH around noon, and within 45 minutes, I felt high. Not a good high, either. I felt incredibly anxious and paranoid throughout the rest of the day.

About an hour and a half through the experience, I began to see my vision shifting in strange ways, contorting and writhing like never before. I've done magic mushrooms, but none of my experiences with that can compare to the strangeness of this warping. It was like taking a greenscreen sheet, and stretching the image, or pinching it, or someone pushing a finger up to it from the other side. Kinda like some 4th dimensional beings were trying to break into my universe.

Two hours in and I read some articles and watched some videos about peoples experiences, and read about how some kid stared at a light post for 10+ seconds, which then began to wave and contort, like that of an acid trip. I decided to do the same, and picked a piece of paper on my desk. I kept losing count of the seconds and just kept restarting in my daze. After I finally made it, the paper looked like it was waving, like that of the ocean, or bugs under someones skin. I tried again, but this time was much more intense. I saw the paper turn into the shape of a dogs head, which then barked. I heard the bark as if it actually happened, and the shock of it caused me to jump.

By this point, I wasn't even fully into the experience. Nothing else quite like it happened, however, and the rest of the trip was just me getting more and more tired. I told my friends about it and they sounded like they were speaking some alien language. I could barely talk, and they said I had repeated the same sentences over and over, for minutes on end afterwards.

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