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Experience reports - Methylphenidate

  • Date: 02/10/2018
  • Age: 16
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 6'1" / 185 cm
  • Weight: 54 kg / 119 lb
  • Misc: Set was mildly upset, unfocused, unmotivated, tired. Setting was alone at night in my room, entire experience took place at my desk on the computer. 14 hours before the experience, I had taken 36mg concerta (extended-release methylphenidate), and I take 0.2mg clonidine for insomnia on a daily basis at a set time every day. I took hits from my nicotine vape (35mg/ml) during the experience (times noted).


T-21:40 - Dosed 1/4 lines of methylphenidate (crushed up concerta pills). They clog my (already) plugged up sinuses, so I have to divide the doses up over time so I don't plug up both of my nostrils.

T-21:50 - Starting to feel the effects of the stimulation. I'm working on catching up a month's worth of company books, and since the cutoff is tomorrow, I decided to snort concerta pills in order to help me get through the massive amount of work. I'm working slightly faster. I snort the 2nd of the 4 lines.

T-22:00 - Now it's really kicking in. I'm working REALLY fast now, and I'm experiencing quite the mood boost. Only a while ago, I was extremely angry over an error in Quickbooks which made me have to restart all my work, making me lose 2 hours of work, but now, I feel quite good. Not necessarily feeling "euphoric", but just generally good. I get distracted by a sharp pain in the back-right side of my head, leading to me looking up types of headaches for around 5 minutes, for some reason laughing at all ridiculous results like "you could have a tumour." I snort the 3rd line.

T-22:10 - Working EVEN FASTER now. I take this shit every single day, and I've snorted it on multiple occasions in the past, but it's never helped my focus THIS much before. I've been distracted from my work for around 10 minutes now, as I realized that I should probably write a "trip" report of this experience (there are none on this site currently, so might as well be the first), that and friends are texting me out the whazoo out of nowhere. Time seems to be passing quite a bit faster than normal, either that or I'm just more aware of it. Also, I'm typing quite quickly now. I've finished snorting the lines now, 45mg down! Also, I took my prescribed 0.2mg of clonidine for my insomnia, not like that's gonna help at all though because I'm WIDE awake :^)

T-22:25 - Oops I got distracted from work for quite a while there, 15 minutes!!! I really wanna get back to work but now my friend is texting me about addiction (I feel like this is foreshadowing somehow). I actually feel motivated to be a bookkeeper right now, which is bizzare. I don't normally find enjoyment from my work, I just do it to get money. Sidenote: My leg is shaking a lot more than usual.

T-22:40 - I still haven't gotten too much work done since the last one, but at this point the "intense" effects seem to be dying a little bit. Not really subsiding, but just less intense. I really wanna crush up another concerta pill and snort that too, but that takes far too much time to be worth justifying, plus I have to get up early tomorrow (yikes) which is probably gonna suck horribly, considering I don't have the slightest feeling of sleepiness right now; purely wakeful! My girlfriend told me to sleep well but little does she know I'm snorting fucking concerta like a retard. Seriously, this is probably the WORST way of doing it. It's waxy as shit, the casing is hard to get off (honestly just hit it with a hammer until the outer coating comes off, put it under your tongue, then use a box cutter to peel off the plastic casing underneath. It's an utter pain in the ass), it gets all clumpy, and to top it all off it clogs your nose. If you're not like me where I'm just abusing my prescribed concerta pills for my ADHD, just get some ritalin off the street (if you really wanna try poor-man's coke for whatever reason). Also it took me up until now to realize that I'm treating this trip report like it's a conversation. I guess stimulants just do that to you haha. Anyways, back to work! Sidenote: My head hurts a bit, but it's really not that bad. It's probably gonna get much worse when I crash.

T-22:45 - It took me a minute to notice but my hands are actually quite sweaty. Probably due to the drug, as they weren't like this before. I took a hit from my vape (35mg/ml) and the euphoria's kicked in a little bit more, and I can tell it's not nicotine's usual buzzy euphoria; it's definitely the concerta. It's mostly a cognitive euphoria; a tingling in the head, a pleasant, hyperactive, yet focused (well maybe not right now, I only worked for like 2 minutes before writing this again) mindset, and I feel legitimately motivated. The mood boost is exceptional, actually. I'm quite impressed! Also, I just noticed that my hands are quite shakey, not too bad though.

T-22:50 - I really can't tell if my working memory is better or worse right now, it's difficult to say. Overall, I'd say it's slightly better, but that could also just be attributed to the nicotine. Also DAMN my nose is runny now, doesn't help that I'm recovering from being ill. I feel kind of floaty, in a sense. I'll lift my arm and it's unexpectedly light. It feels rather nice, actually.

T-23:05 - I can feel the effects waining a bit at this point. Suddenly I feel like I'm exerting too much energy, almost. It's not that I don't still have a fuckload of energy, it's that I feel this superficial form of fatigue, cognitively. This feels similar to when (I take my medication like I'm supposed to) a normal dose of concerta starts to wear off. I'm actually working quite hard, I've gotten a LOT of work done in the span of 15 minutes, like 3x as much as I would if I wasn't on poor-man's coke. This is certainly a VERY effective focus aide, not as effective as say, cocaine (which, yes, I have used as a focus aide before. It's surprisingly effective, honestly), but it makes up for that slight lack of focus, in comparison obviously, with a much more directed mindset. There isn't this distracting euphoria that cocaine gives you, and this certainly lasts longer than cocaine, even when snorted (when I use cocaine as a study aide, I find that I have to redose every 45 minutes or so to keep the train running, but with this I'm still well-focused after around an hour of peaking). Actually, while I'm on this tangent, I really don't understand how the article on this website for methylphenidate says that insufflated peaks can last upwards of FOUR HOURS!? At most, I've had snorted methylphenidate peak for maybe 1.5 hours, even in ludicrious doses like 90mg. Furthermore, how it states that it can take upwards of 40 minutes for the onset and comeup; I've had snorted concerta kick in to maximum effect in as little as 5-10 minutes, consistently, and you can see with the time increments in this report that it's even faster than the written minimum, 15 minutes for onset and comeup, and I've been belating the doses. However, this could potentially be a case of my morbidly low weight (15.6 BMI) and also the fact that I take this drug on a daily basis, both factors leading to increased metabolism. Oof that was a 10 minute long tangent, I need to get back to work!

T-23:15 - I honestly wonder what this drug, as well as other stimulants, are like when you don't have ADHD like me. I feel as though they wouldn't be as effective as focus aides, due to the (what I expect to be) intense euphoria and heavily altered mindset, but I really wouldn't know. Man, my mouth feels dry, but whenever I sip on my water, it doesn't seem to help. I guess it's just typical cotton-mouth; not much you can do about it. Not nearly as bad as other stimulants, like MDMA, but still bad; it's easily ignorable. Also WOW I've only just noticed how much I've written thus far. I'm gonna attribute that to the concerta; there's no way I would have written this much without it. All my thoughts seem so connected and organized, like I'll want to write about something and I can immediately tap into all my knowledge of the subject, perfectly able to describe it. I've never actually noticed the effect of thought connectivity before barring psychedelics; quite interesting. My thoughts are also QUITE accelerated, which is saying a lot as I have ADHD. They're like rapid-fire, one after the other. Okay another 10 minutes of me being distracted, time to get back to work for real now. Sidenote: I don't feel like I'm coming off the peak anymore, I think I just got cognitive fatigue as a random side-effect for just a few minutes because I feel quite alive right now!

T-23:30 - Okay so I'm definitely coming off of it by now, but it's really not too bad. It's not like other stimulants where it's a depressive crash filled with fatigue and a desire for more; it's gentle, clean, and takes quite a while to fully subside. I actually can't believe I dosed nearly 2 hours ago, it felt like a much shorter span of time than that; it felt like only 45 minutes passed. I'm calming down now, and I definitely am starting to feel more sober as time goes on. My head feels a bit tense, but not like a headache in that it's not painful, just mildly unpleasant. I really don't feel like I'm going to be able to sleep for a while, even after it's fully worn off (who needs sleep anyways, amirite?). What's interesting is that my prescribed clonidine has almost certainly kicked in by now, yet I don't feel the effects of it whatsoever. I'm assuming that this is due to methylphenidate counteracting &/or overpowering the sedative effects of clonidine. I've gotta say, this is by far the most insufflated methylphenidate has ever affected me, and I've done this an impressive number of times with much higher doses. A majority of the time when I snort concerta, I only feel it a little bit but it hardly feels like a drug's acting on me, it's more similar to a placebo. However, this time, I actually FELT it wholly. I'm not sure what caused the difference of experience, but regardless, I'm grateful. I've always viewed this drug as being poor-man's coke, but it's really a lot more than that, as one can see from my extensive documentation of its effects thus far. This drug, while not as recreational as other, "better" stimulants, has its place amongst the plethora of uppers to choose from, and shouldn't be overlooked. Despite being on this drug for nearly 5 years now, it's only now that I've been able to fully experience and understand the action of this substance, and how it effects one's attention, motivation, and mindset. I now understand why this is so commonly prescribed for attention deficits.

T-00:00 - I feel essentially the same as I did 30 minutes ago in terms of effect, though a bit more sober and grounded. I really, REALLY want to do more lines of this stuff, but I can't really justify that, as at this point I'm already gonna lose quite a bit of sleep due to this drug (not that it wasn't worth it though, by any stretch of the imagination). Even though I'm coming down, I've retained the strong urge to be productive, which is unexpected. I feel like staying up all night and just banging through all the shit I'm behind on, in relation to both work and school. It's a really good feeling, especially when you're on methylphenidate. I'll save that for another day, I suppose.

T-00:30 - Feeling as though I've fully come down from the concerta, and I actually feel decently sleepy. This is where I'll end this report. Overall, methylphenidate is a wonderful focus aide, and I'll definitely be snorting more in the future to help me get through work!

Submitted by Hella

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