Experience:DXM polistirex (~650 mg, cough syrup) - Long euphoric trip

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  • Date: 09/2020
  • Age: 16
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6'/180cm
  • Weight: 63.5kg / 140lb
  • Misc: No medication at the time. Please note this was Dextromethorphan Polistirex, not Hydrobromide. It's worth noting that I have an extremely fast metabolism. This was my first hallucinogenic experience of any kind (I had tried nutmeg in the past, but had no hallucinations visual or otherwise, and the entire experience played out like a 3 day high on very bad weed, but worse.)


4:00PM (T+ 0:00:00) - At a park, I drank a little over 2 thirds of a bottle of branded syrup.

4:30PM (T+ 0:30:00) - Walked home

5:30PM (T+ 1:30:00) - Began to start to feel slightly euphoric, slightly hard to balance, minor pain suppression (I jumped off a short bed, throwing myself against a wall, feeling nothing.)

6:00PM (T+ 2:00:00) - Riding in a car to a restaurant, began to start to experience some color enhancement, optical sliding, time distortion (dilation,) had been slightly horny before - completely gone, tactile suppression; only partial, it made things feel warm and soft through numbness, biceps and forearms experiencing minor muscle spasms, felt very very warm, and when I was soon outside the car noticed gait alteration. At this point my cognitive and physical euphoria had intensified greatly, and would continue to.

6:15PM (T+ 2:15:00) I had gotten out of the car, and was lying upon a hill overlooking part of a strip mall, on top of grass, next to thick tall grass and tree coverage. I was staring up at the sky, lying next to a friend (Steve, not his real name,) telling him about how wonderful I felt. Steve was my original designated trip sitter, though I was around other people now. I was looking up at the sky, marveling at how much I loved the purplish color of the twilight. I was running my right hand across the grass (not the tall grass) and it felt soft and wonderful in a way that's hard to describe. At this point I started closing my eyes for a few minutes at a time, which allowed me to manually induce internal hallucinations of colorful geometric shapes on command. While lying in the grass however, running my hand back and forth across the grass with my eyes closed induced a visual that looked like hundreds of strange, shiny spikes. The spikes were clearly analogous to the grass, and as I moved my hand back and forth across the grass, it made these spikes move back and forth across the back of my eyelids. The spikes were also changing color, from neon green to neon purple to neon pink to neon blue as well as dark but vibrant cobalt blue. To clarify, when I described them as shiny, the sides of these spikes had black space where light would reflect if they were a shiny object in the real world, which moved back and forth in relation to their movement as if my point of view was the source of the light reflecting.

6:20PM-6:25PM (T+ 2:20:00-2:25:00) I put a five minute space here because although I was experiencing intense time distortion, I find it hard to believe that I was lying on the grass for only five minutes, and didn't look at a clock right away. At this point the euphoria, both cognitive and physical was all encompassing, fully immersive, and the best I've personally ever felt (at least for this extended of a time.) We headed into the restaurant (think sports bar with $10-$15 burgers) and found a seat. I was sat next to a wall, next to a friend, facing away from all other patrons. At this point I was experiencing constant optical sliding, color enhancement and pleasant, DXM characteristic spontaneous bodily sensations, travelling up and down my limbs. I was constantly smiling and would periodically hug steve, sat next to me.

6:25PM-10:00PM (T+ 2:25:00-6:00:00) This was the duration of the time inside the restaurant. The most vivid hallucinations I experienced were when I closed my eyes, and the descriptions of them (each was reoccurring over the 3 1/2 hours) are as follows: A tunnel made of pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, and likely a few more sided polygons, constructed of lines. These were connected by their vertices to the next "layer" of the tunnel, with lines similar to those the polygons were made of. - When I say layer I mean this; the "tunnel" was a 3D to me, but 2D appearing shape that I was travelling through. It was constructed of 5+ sided polygons, which were spaced out by an even distance, going forward. All parts of this were subject to getting smaller as they got farther away, and perspective shifts. This further reinforced the 3 dimensionality. - Despite the fact that polygons of each given layer almost never (if ever) had the same number of vertices/sides as the polygons in layers before or after them, each vertice-born line seamlessly connected to a vertice on whichever layer it was connected to, and I don't have a way to explain this via words. The entire tunnel was spinning, in addition to each layer spinning, and even though layers may be spinning opposite directions of those next to them, the connecting lines never disconnected or stretched out. Once again, I have no words to describe this.

Disconnected Triangles, rectangles, pentagons, etc. changing side lengths, floating towards and away from me, back and forth across my field of vision. Constructed of lines.

Lines forming together to create either of the prior hallucinations, or lines forming together to create something that never finished.

If not clear already, all of these visuals were created from the same lines. The lines were always somewhat thin, but thick enough that it could clearly be seen that they were made of rainbows of colors, changing and flowing up and down the lines and across the shapes. All of these colors I would describe as neon, no "dark vibrant cobalt." The best way to visualize these lines I can give you is to find a video of Polybius gameplay; the old arcade game that doesn't exist or whatever. Ahoy on youtube made a video about it.

Beyond the eyes-closed hallucinations, hallucinations were not so vivid and colorful as passive and colored similar to their environment. Everything around me was visually enhanced, especially faces of my friends. Faces of the other patrons looked average or uglier than normal. I was having fun feeling materials, feeling intense tactile enhancement. At one point, I looked one of my friends (John, not his real name) in the eyes, intensely staring, and started describing how I might be in a dream. After a short period of me grabbing John's hands and intensely describing why I might be in a dream and staring, he made me slow down. John had an object hidden from my view, and told me to tell him what it was. I said money, and he showed me it was a fork. Immediately I began to argue and say that this doesn't prove I'm not in a dream, but eventually I gave up, feeling better, and said "thank you, that helped."

Pain suppression was still occurring, and although not extreme it was obvious. I had ordered a burger, but my appetite was far too suppressed to eat. However I had ordered a small side cup full of jalapenos with my burger, to put on, but instead John gave me the idea to try one out, which I loved, and I proceeded to eat the entire thing, captivated by the strange indescribably feeling it had on my tongue. They were not spicy, but they were not not spicy.

Twice I went to go pee, and I had no issues, it was oddly enjoyable actually.

10:00PM (T+6:00:00-6:10:00) Car ride home. Uneventful.

10:10PM-12:00AM (T+6:10:00-8:00:00) Upstairs with my 2 friends at home, lying on a couch. These two hours were spent watching Youtube videos, though I wish I'd have had them turn on music. At one point we listened to music from the "psychedelic forest" genre, which was very enjoyable. I closed my eyes and in the darkness I had an internal hallucination of pulsating colors moving around, hard to describe. The colors were not lines like before but rather large swathes, and weren't constantly changing color but rather to the beat of the song. There were distinct borders between different regions of color, and bordering regions never became the same color. From this period of the trip I do not remember much else, aside from the continuation of my overwhelming euphoria.

12:00AM-4:00AM (T+8:00:00-12:00:00) My friends had left, and I went to my room. I lied down in my bed, and for hours I simply observed my surroundings. The optical sliding was intense, with my vision constantly moving down and to the right. I was in a dark room with dark walls and it was nighttime, and I assume this contributed to the novel hallucinations I had during this period. I was experiencing double vision often, which played into the optical sliding and body-tiredness to induce a state that I would describe as pseudo-delirium. I was still extremely euphoric, but the concept of time disappeared completely and I hardly moved my body, sometimes forgetting what was going on. In no particular order, these were the hallucinations that I experienced during this time. Note the stark contrast to earlier, with only external hallucinations:

Near the start of this period I was lying down and I had been looking at the rainbow lights inside of my computer, which were very nice to look at, but surprisingly what caught my attention was the steady red light on the front of the computer. It doesn't move, flash, or change whatsoever normally. However, focusing on it while on DXM caused it to rapidly (virtually teleporting) move left and right, which my eyes started to follow, resulting in a strange visual where my eyes were following the moving red light, so it stayed in the focal point of my vision. This made it appear like the entire rest of the room was moving, including the computer, but the light was independent of this, staying in the same place in my vision despite moving relative to my physical self.

Faces forming out of the walls, and specifically a festive christmas bag, vivid and staring at me. It wasn't frightening in any way. The faces were usually grayish.

Simple visual distortions.

I also experienced a combination of spatial disorientation and changes in felt gravity. The experience was as follows: I was lying in my bed, still motionless, and suddenly me and my bed were rotated roughly 90 degrees to the left. There was no experienced movement to get there, I was suddenly just rotated to the left. I then felt as if I was rotating back to the right, but this changed gravity so that gravity was flowing from my toes towards my head, rather than my chest to my back. It felt as if I might fall through the wall behind my head, as I felt pulled that direction. At the same time, I completely lost touch with my surroundings aside from my bed, not being able to focus anything, and I am and always have been unable to remember whether there was anything in my field of view aside from my body and my bed.

4:00AM-6:00AM(T+12:00:00-14:00:00) I spent this time watching DMT visualizations on youtube, paired up with music. I am unsure if I was hallucinating at this point whatsoever, due to the fact that the video was already supposed to simulate hallucinations. I had powerful immersion enhancement, sitting 1ft from the monitor of my computer for upwards of 45 minutes, followed by a break, followed by another atleast 30 minutes. The experience was very enjoyable, and I didn't get a headache or anything from staring at a monitor that long in the dark. The music was extremely enjoyable. At the end of this period, I went to bed.

12:00PM (T+ 20:00:00) I woke up around noon the next day, with powerful and extremely pleasant and euphoric afterglow. This lasted until I fell asleep.

~8:00AM (T+ ~40:00:00) Waking up, I felt sober, but I had an increased appreciation for nature for the following two days, often laying on the grass outside staring up at trees. My pupils remained extremely dilated. After the trip was over and I was completely sober, I was extremely happy, optimistic, and outgoing compared to my previous self. This lasted about a month, until a personal event toppled it, throwing me back into my usual depressive state. Unclear if further trips will have the same effect.

I had no noticeable adverse effects, aside from loss/dulling of memories formed before the trip, and hindrance to forming memories for about a week after.

I would recommend this drug for a first trip, based on my own experience. I've done more hallucinogens since, and this was by far the most easy going and mellow experience I've had and can imagine. I am unsure of how well suited Dextromethorphan HBr is to a first trip, but the Polistirex variant eased me into my hallucinations with complete euphoria, and the closest I got to having a bad trip was the thought that I might be in a dream, though this didn't induce panic in me as much as disappointment, and having a trip sitter solved the problem.