Experience: 1 tab LSD - First Time Experience

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Experience reports - LSD

  • Date: 17/04/2018
  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: kg / lb : 75 kg - 165 lb
  • Misc: I used marijuana in the past, and took one time MDMA.


I was invited to a friend marriage, that day i got 2 tabs of LSD , one for me and one for a friend of mine that came to the marriage with me. We just met up in my home one hour before going to the party, so that evening we just cut down the tab into 4 pieces or 1/4 of LSD , we took one hit of it and just waited untill a car arrived to let us into the party.

After an hour and a half we started to feel a little stomatch pain , not that much but it was likely i was not wanting to eat nothing at the moment. After a little bit while we were going to the party we just poped out another 1/4 , and believe me, that was the best desition we made at that moment. We arrived at the church to wait untill going to the marriage party. At the church it have been like 2 - 3 hours since we took half of a tab of LSD, believe me, here is where things started to go crazy.

At the church it was tons and tons of paintings in the cealing, i was watching one of those paints and it was likely moving and breathing, i poke my friend and told him about what i was seeing and he was really sweaty and told me like , "dude, i thought that i was the only one seeing the walls and paintings move", thats when i realised the first half of the tab just hit.

The visuals were really increible, the paintings where moving while all the celebration was happening, it was magicall, it was like all the gods where there just moving at the cealing and the couple just getting married, after half an hour the celebration at the church is done and we headed up to the marriage party, there we pop out the other half of the tab and we drinked lots of alcohol. Te colors where vivid at the party and all the mood of the ambient was really nice, i felt so confortable, i felt like all the things i was living at that time were just fantastic. I was able to control myself and have the control over the lsd, i managed the experience really good and it was the best thing ever. After the party is done we went to my home, where i was really unable to sleep for that night, imagine we came up to my home likely at 8:00 am and we took the other half of the tab around 3:00 am. The next day i was a little sleepy but i was really relaxed and calm. For sure a good experience.

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