Experience:60mg 4-AcO-DMT Nonstop Quasi-Orgasmic Objectless Euphoria

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Experience reports - 4-AcO-DMT

  • Date: January 14, 2017
  • Gender: MtF
  • Weight: 56 kg / 123 lbs
  • Height: 175 cm / 5’9"
  • Age: 24


At 7pm I weighed out and took 45mg orally in a gel capsule, then, realizing I had never taken this substance beyond that dosage range despite reading many reports about it being physically benign and forgiving at the higher doses, I followed my gut instinct and dosed another 15mg about 25 minutes later, for a total of 60mg.

I was alone in my apartment. I had tripped heavily the week before on a cocktail of research lysergamides (700μg worth of AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, and 1P-LSD), but have otherwise not been tripping with anywhere the same frequency I did when was in my honeymoon phase with psychedelics 5 or so years ago, averaging now to about once every month or three. Despite it being one of the first psychedelics I fell in love with, I had not taken any 4-AcO-DMT for the last couple years at least as the final times I had taken it I was starting to get messages from "the machine elves" (which I use as short hand for symbolic manifestations of the subconscious) to slow things down and spend more time in consensus reality so I didn't drop out of school and cause more trouble for myself. The highest dose of 4-AcO-DMT I have ever taken in the past was an oral dose of 35mg, so I made sure my set and setting were pristine before undertaking this trip, preparing myself for any and everything (including total DMTesque hyperspace immersion and entity contact).

It took over an hour and a half for the effects to kick in fully, but when it did I was totally floored. It was totally unlike any tryptamine trip I had before -- and nothing like I remember 4-AcO-DMT being at the doses I took it at. For one it was minimally visual given the amount I took -- the OEV visual palette was about as intricate as a 5-10mg dose of vaporized DMT -- pasteling and HD vision. Still very pretty though. The CEVs were highly chaotic and unstructured, with no underlying arc or theme that is generally characteristic of the DMT visual and headspace for me. I was expecting loads of visual geometry and immersion but what I got instead was non-stop waves of euphoric confusion, giggle-filled memory loops and a debilitating amount of non-stop quasi-orgasmic feelings that left me moaning and sighing uncontrollably (despite my best efforts) for a solid 2-3 hours while lying in my bed. In between bouts of relaxing physical euphoria I was overcome with feelings of good-will and gratefulness about where I have ended up in life, the experiences I have had and the recent relationships I have formed. I also had a lot of random thoughts about working on and improving the wiki, which I now realize owns my soul (I get you better now Jenny xD)

Interestingly, the physical sensations reminded me of a more amplified version of the physical sensations I have been getting from hormone replacement therapy, which leaves my whole body feeling more relaxed and calm, but also more energized and motivated. It felt like the buildup to a moderate whole body orgasm just without any of the counter-tension to get it over with and release like a male orgasm -- the feeling just went on and on as I felt more and more weightless. I was lying in my bed for almost the entire time rolling around in pure ecstasy crying out "oh my god" over and over while trying not to be considerate of the neighbors. I felt totally unified and integrated into my environment and maybe for the first time in my life, my body.

Unlike the person who I was when first discovering psychedelics, I felt that there was no underlying anxiety or pressure to "solve" the universe in the brief time I was in such a euphoric elevated state. Instead I entered a state of utter relaxation, acceptance and surrender. Unlike some of my other tryptamine experiences, which have sometimes included stimulating or fight-or-flight-type feelings, this trip felt like a total inversion, leading me to feel incredibly personalized, mindful and present. The euphoria I felt was not a teeth-grinding, eye-rolling, forced euphoria, but a different kind altogether, which was totally relaxed and carefree, immersed but not swept up in the moment either.

Despite the heavy dose, I did not feel any sort of body load, muscle tension or other uncomfortable physical symptoms. The only thing I felt was a light easy-to-ignore nausea about 2 hours into my trip, upon which I retrieved a puke bucket and put next to my bed, but ultimately didn't end up using. Other than that it almost felt like I had not taken any drug at all -- a marked difference from the "body feel" of related 4-substituted tryptamines like 4-HO-MiPT or 4-HO-MET. I was truly impressed by how benign and well-tolerated this substance is physiologically. Despite it not having the most spectacular visuals, memorable epiphanies or other ineffable phenomenon, I can say this is easily one of my best trips to date -- which I would like to attribute to the fact that I use these substances in far more healthy, balanced and responsible way than I have in times past.

The main duration of the trip lasted from 7pm-11pm, though it took me 2-3 hours afterwards to get to sleep after that, suggesting it was active in my system for about 6 or 7 hours.

Submitted by - Clarity

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