Experience:Unknown dose - Supermarket dislocation and biking

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Experience reports - Cannabis

  • Date: 05/05/2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: ~65 kg / 143 lbs
  • Age: 16
  • Etc: This happened more than three years ago, narrative may be not 100% complete and/or clear.


It was the second time I used a cannaboid. My friend prepared it and therefore I do not know the exact composition and dosis (although I heard afterward that he uses relative high doses). I and my friends (three persons in total) inhaled the Cannabis using a bong. In total I inhaled four or five times. The effects did not kick in inmediatly, I started feeling it around 20 minutes later. I was in a supermarket. We were walking at the soda department of the supermarket. Suddenly I felt, what I would describe as a knock, in my head. A sudden realization that has no depth/context/meaning, but rather a moment of reset. I felt disorientated, unknown of my surroundings but in control of my motor skills and I recognized my friends. Whilst I had control over my body my mind was in panic. I visualized that the whole supermarket solely consisted of the soda department. After this realization my consciousness panicked too. My persona panicked and I wanted to leave the supermarket. However, I was not able to do so on my own. My mind thought that the building I was in had no exit. I needed to be brought outside by a friend.

We biked further, and around 45 minutes after inhalation the effects slowly faded away. A car passed us and I sensed the car in a drifting motion. This was the last noted effect, other than euphoria and appetite, which lasted for around two more hours.

Submitted by - Zortaw

Effects analysis

  • Appetite enhancement - I had an increase in appetite. Some foods (particularly sweets) tasted different (more sweet).
  • Perception of bodily lightness or Perception of decreased weight - I vaguely remember I felt that I became heavier. I can not guarantee if I recall this correctly.
  • Emotion enhancement - Emotions were felt more intense. There was no constant euphoria. Panic was experienced more heavily. Mood swinged more quickly than when sober.
  • analysis suppression - Friends sometimes needed to repeat themselves for me to understand.
  • Feelings of impending doom - In one case we walked near a police control. We were anxious we would get caught with our cannabis. This anxiety was shown by screaming and trying to hide ourselves.
  • Anxiety - There were some cases of increased anxiety and increased exclamation of anxiety.
  • Acuity suppression - A blurry/distorted/drifting vision was sometimes present.