Experience:100ug 1P-LSD - A Fear and loathing into Bliss

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Experience reports - 1P-LSD

  • Date: October 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 74 kg / 163 lbs
  • Age: 21
  • Dose: 100 μg (1 tab)
  • Length of time: 12 hours+


Background information

Very familiar with tryptamines and phenethylamines. Taken part in 2C-B (x3), LSD (x2), DMT (x30+), Mushrooms (x14+), Ketamine, MDMA, Cannabis countless times. MXE, Ether, Amyls, S-Isomer Ketamine once. Cocaine (x5-6), Valium (x10), Salvia (x3)

I've gone overboard with description and effects as their isn't many in-depth explanations in literature due to how new it is (in retrospect).

This is a very strange experience, that i done on my own with friends who were on MDMA, i had ordered after researching heavily into 1P-LSD from a research chemical site stated at 100 μg. I am very familiar with the psychedelic state and had presumed 100 μg was easy and mild (as i had compared it to standard LSD where i had done 220 μg). The trip in all became a very introspective and enjoyable experience however the beginning was truly terrifying as i had not expected at all the strength of the tab, the setting of a large festival rave was very intense and i did experience some extremely discomforting body sensations that made me paranoid i had received a dodgy strong chemical. I had found a dosage comparison that led me to believe my assumption it was way stronger than normal LSD, 500 μg - LSD is to 250 μg - 1P-LSD. Thus it was similar to a 250 μg acid trip, which would make more sense for the level of geometry i was experiencing.


9:30 PM: Dropped 50 μg (allergy test), no taste, paranoia relieved its not an NBome. Talk to my friends have a little dance while the festival begins to take form.

10:45 PM: Coming up As i was watching my favorite artist (Dub fx) play, a huge grin started to erupt upon my face, i couldn't stop smiling and i was so happy and stimulated. I didn't expect much from 50 μg and i only had the body high with some slight visual tracers (very mild). SO i decided to drop the rest.

11:30 PM: Drop other half (50 μg)

12:00 PM: Intense fractals, slight stomach discomfort, slight abdominal cramping )i blame it on both the drug and the lack of food. Went to the toilet and stared at the toilet door, started to see breathing and morphing patterns that were really realistic in nature. I was utterly fascinated with the patterns and i think i was on the toilet for 10 minutes staring. Then i was getting slightly anxious as i could not figure out why it was so strong (stronger visuals than when i done 220 μg). I only intended to have some mild visuals and some laughter but this 1P-LSD had a similar but strange feeling to LSD.

00:30 AM: Bad Trip Brewing. The visuals are at their peak and i go outside to get some fresh air as the crowded hallways of this festival (in a complex building) is lathered with peoples whose faces were not appealing, all looked mischievous and up to something. Got some fresh air and attempted to roll a fag which i couldn't do, and as I sat on the floor the building was breathing and morphing at great speed and my whole vision was being blurred with colours and visual static. I have never had a bad trip as i label them as difficult, and i have always managed to handle my own. But this experience had terrible body sensation that made my 1P-LSD brain believe that the product i had received from this vendor was a dodgy research chemical and that i was having an allergic reaction. This assumption was logical as my upper arms and legs started twitching quite uncomfortably and without rhythm (which i have at times experienced on mushrooms) however the main sensation during the peak was quite severe constriction of my forearms and hands, they felt immensely heavy and full of pressure that was accompanied by sharp static like feelings upon my fingers and hands. This lasted for quite a few hours and it made me as well as the overwhelming visuals want to go home (to which i almost did).

1:00 AM: Dealing with it. At this point i tried to get myself out of the bad vibes by asking someone to come home with me and chill and watch a film and things as i could not handle how frantic the place was (2000+ people). Went to the retro games lounge and played halo where my visuals continued to surprise me as the vividness of the hallucinations were so realistically true that i couldn't tell what was real or not. Played halo and got sucked visually into the game, where the landscape of halo even started to erupt with fractals. I kept looking at my mate and her face was plastered with rainbow colours and her mouth separated into 3. I was just like well lets not look at that. Was trying my utmost energy into directing my mind away from the bad body sensations and irrational poisoning thoughts.

1:15 AM: Went for a piss and saw rainbow coloured urine which made me laugh, and i said to myself as i finished "don't look in the mirror, don't look in the mirror", so i looked, and my whole face was like a vibrating 1960s American circus participant covered with actual glitter than shimmered. I laughed like a mad man looked away.

1:30 AM: Dancing out of Bad Trip. Was at a ragga dub stage where the sound system was if not the loudest bassiest cannon i have ever listened to among rave experience. I was trying not to be a burden to anyone as i needed to be with familiar faces for backup and safety. And i started focusing my mind on the sounds and push myself into the music. Apparent cybernetic body sensations crawl across my arms still. Visuals still very prominent. I then saw everyone, all of my friends, all the people i knew dancing and erupting with laughter and joy with the dancing to the dub. Everyone happy, eternally happy at the present moment. And it influenced my trip so much so that i continued to dance for 2 hours straight at high intensity to the sounds of Dreadzone. Was so incredible, my body started falling into rhythm with the dub and it felt amazing. Patterns were everywhere, starting hearing distortions in the way people spoke to me and the artists playing had crazy geometry on their faces and the light show was immense. I was sweating heavily heart rate pounding but the euphoria began to take hold and surpass the negative thoughts.

4:00 AM: Long Walk down the hill I had many things to arrange with people staying at mine, some people had bud back at my house and i didn't have my keys (whom i left at another friends). No taxi was available and we walked down. The visuals were impressively still prevalent at the same intensity as a few hours ago. Floor was 3dimensional erupting fractal drills all spinning as my eyes gazed across them. Car lights shot luminous rainbows out and the trees all waved and shook and melted. Was so beautiful and time was irrelevant.

5:00 AM: Chill Time After going through some stress full arrangement i managed to arrive at the after party. Everyone was smoking and chilling after their heavy MDMA session. I was telling everyone my tales of the reptilian carnival and hugging my mates while exchanging stories. The patterns had started to die down mildly, but there was constant movement to everything and my closed eyes had dim lit fractals. The walls had some reptilian iguana hide texture to it, 3D in style.

6:00 AM - 10 AM: Babble and weed This area is quite hazy as we all just listened to some music watched some UFC and weird animation cartoons from the 50s with seasemee street. Began drawing for hours on A3 paper intricate lines and stories, it was very enjoyable. The heaviness in my arms subsided around 6am and the prickly electric feeling. Had a few tokes of weed as i felt comfortable enough to have a small amount. Visuals stopped around 10am, left the party after everyone had slept and the sun was shining bright with an overlook to the sea. Beautiful, fresh but drained feeling of enlightenment that i prevented the bad trip taking hold and turning it into something of a true tale of chaos.


All in all it was a fantastic experience, but the 1-2 hours of "bad trip" feelings was very difficult to handle, and was it not for my experience with this state of mind, good friends and great music i probably would of had a terrible time if i left. If i were to do it again i think i would be fine as the feelings of terror came from me thinking if this RC i bought online legally was some dodgy psychedelic with no history of use, i had no idea how my body would react, and the body sensations denoted to me as an allergic reaction. I'm still bewildered onto why i reacted this way? I'm fully experienced with the psychedelic state, but maybe only doing LSD twice hadn't prepared me enough for the acid world. But alas, everyone responds differently to drugs in different ways, weight, metabolism, age, tendencies to trip easily etc.

Submitted by - TheVoidToucher42

Effects analysis

Effects were not too prominent, quite a standard psychedelic mindset, feelings of oneness, contempt at times, euphoria. But the hallucinations both auditory and visual were the most profound things.

  • Colour enhancement - All objects contrasts and baseline colours seemed to glisten and sparkle. Present pulsating colour pallet throughout the experience.
  • Magnification - Objects seemed to appear closer and further (especially when drinking from a glass or bottle) than i thought, to such a degree it switched between micro and macro the longer i stared.
  • Visual acuity suppression - During the peak my vision was blurred around the peripherals with undulating patterns. Slight blurry vision when focusing too long.
  • 3-Dimensional textures - Present throughout, all textures especially walls and doors and ceilings had a considerable depth to them that exchanged inwards and outwards.
  • After images - Extremely consistent, especially that to bright light, lasers and TV screens. During the peak if i were to star at someones face and look away their face would morph into the wall.
  • Colour shifting - Very prominent, my whole visionary field seemed to alternate in algorithmic style between colours, predominately red, green and purple.
  • Drifting - Most noticeable and long lasting visual effect, everything was breathing and wreathing and morphing across buildings and the floor. No merging of objects, all seemed to stay within its parameters but flow among each-other. Within the the movement lay highly detailed geometry, similar to 2C-B and LSD.
  • Symmetrical texture repetition - Very defined movement containing fractals
  • Recursion - Not too extreme, but when staring at TV screens (playing halo) my peripherals blurred into tunneling my vision slightly to the screen, so much so that i was truly absolved in it
  • Internal hallucinations - Detailed geometry with contorting patterns, laced with elaborate colours would follow me, like a veil thrown over my eyes whereby i could see the world upon a veil of visuals.
  • Scenarios and plots - During the peak in the rave, everyone was rolling hard and the music was really trippy (psy dub), everyone seemed to look like reptiles licking their lips and i was temporarily (10minutes) convinced i was in a reptile sex orgy (much like fear and loathing), without the advanced imagery of reptiles.
  • Transformations - Faces when stared at fully transformed into very cartoon like features (anime eyes) erupting with bits of speckled light.
  • Peripheral information misinterpretation - Persistent throughout, blurring of peripherals as well as assumptions and mind tricks morphing the imagery into what my assumptions were (briefly) until i lay focus upon something new.
  • Analysis enhancement - Everyone i saw my brain was analyzing who they were, what were they doing, what drug they were on. A guessing game of judgement.
  • Creativity enhancement - Wanted to play with things, games were fascinating, made me want to draw which engrossed me for hours.
  • Tactile enhancement - Fingertips could feel immense amounts of information like that of 2C-B, with sharp sensations prickling throughout.
  • Stimulation - Very stimulating when encouraged to dance, could of danced for hours straight more stimulating than MDMA, however during random parts of the peak slight sedation and "jelly legs".
  • Bodily pressures - Pressure in forearms and hands, very uncomfortable. Prickling, pins and needle feeling. Heaviness.
  • Changes in gravity - Moon walking feeling that transformed to heavier gravity. Alternating switches depending on position of body, sofa very heavy gravity, when standing very grounded, laying down floaty.
  • Increased heart rate - Nothing too out of ordinary.
  • Auditory distortion - I could hardly hear anyone due to the volume of the speaker systems but whenever anyone spoke to me i couldn't really understand them, it seemed to muffle peoples voices like having ear plugs in. I responded usually with a "yes" and a nod to prevent advanced conversation.
  • Auditory hallucination - Electronic, cybernetic hissing sounds (jungle cricket and energy sounds) present during peak