Experience:4-HO-MET (25mg, Oral)

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Experience reports - 4-HO-MET

  • Date: 28/06/2019
  • Age: 44
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 81 kg / 179 lbs
  • Misc: Experience with other psychedelics and recreational drugs


My second time on 4-Ho-Met. 25 grams in gel-tab form. Taken at around 18:40 together with partner. It was her first psychedelic experience and I thought that this substance could be a good intro because of its relatively light headspace. She had a good time despite some bodyload and a few awkward moments (light anxiety) that I managed to help her diffuse relatively easily (I've helped another partner with a bad trip in the past, this was nothing like it, she could listen and follow advice about steering the trip etc).

About 20-30 minutes in, some noticable drifting started. Fairly gentle. We were on the sofa watching a nature documentary. After a while switched to the chromecast screensaver which, in HD, offers a surprisingly satisfying mixture of patterns and landscapes. Drifting became more noticeable.

Bodyload descended about 35-40 minutes in and lasted for another 20-30 minutes before body euphoria took over. It was pretty manageable and quite typical. Increased heart rate and tightness/awkwardness in muscle tone, some temperature regulation stuff. Nothing much else. I've had much heavier ones.

The internal light show began. Consistent with the description on the Wiki. Quickly became very intense internal fractals with digital and neon colours shifting through the patterns. What was incredible was that this was quickly joined by a body high that I could only describe as orgasmic. This was more physical/sensory than physical/emotional - quite different from MDMA or Mephedrone, which I've had multiple times, and much stronger than any psychedelic I've had (to date: LSD, Shrooms, 2C-B, 2C-E, 4-Ho-DMT, Ketamine at psych dose). It was also much stronger than the first time I had this substance which I suspect was because back then it was in close proximity (about a day or so after) to taking MDMA. I guess yesterday I had more 'nice chemicals' stores in me to dump. This 'orgasmic lightshow' - all internal, continued for a long time. Hard to estimate but felt like the longest sustained psychedelic body high I've experienced. A fantastic time. Maybe even over 20 minutes.

Headspace remained fairly clear throughout, although at this point sensations were overwhelming it.

I had to lie down on the carpet to take it all. At some point imagining a goddess entity flying through me and those geometrics in some orgasmic dance. I'm not a spiritual person. This was noticeably prompted by me trying to make sense of what it was like and my mind which was becoming more suggestible providing a vision. I now understand what some people refer to as a 'full body orgasm'.

I'm not sure if it came down naturally or if I also tried coming back a little bit for my partner, who was starting to feel things but lagged behind and also envied me a little as it happened faster/earlier and stronger. She was overall trying to cope with the intellectual/emotional side of it - I think it's hard to get one's head around it the first time.

Anyway, after the orgasmic stage relaxed, we moved to the bed, at that point dreams/visions (=internal hallucinations) became a tendency. More scenery and settings than scenarios/plots. Some ego death of phasing out and just 'being the scenery'. But I quite like ego death. Overall it was a pretty clear-headed experience in-between, 'coming back to reality' if chosen was pretty easy (e.g. to get up to pee, which I had to multiple times). Then back in bed it was easy to let go of the 'integration' and drift back to visions. Some ego death with some of the colours and the initial dreams/visions but that was a very pleasant form of ego death.

I took some breaks between that and eating some fruit which was incredible, with some synaesthetic (biting into it made colours come back when eyes closed). Probably would have been stronger if I had it earlier into the peak but still lovely. Overall there was some synaesthetic stuff. Music felt great but had to be turned off after a few seconds as partner was irritated by noise. I wonder if it would have worked differently if we had music in the background from an earlier stage.

Ice-cream wasn't as satisfying as fruit. Maybe refined sugar is too strong? Or maybe fruit is just amazing (it's summer and everything is fresh and local).

At some point, she felt a bit awkward but like before some gentle tips about steering it and happy thoughts etc and she was fine. Some cuddling in bed helped her too. Some fear that she was being clingy but I relaxed them. On my level, I realised earlier that trying to remember sensations from the past was helpful in navigating and inducing pleasurable sensations.

Towards the end of the peak, in bed, I started having some dark thoughts/dreams. Analysing some past trauma. But managed to move away from it and was aware of how/why it was happening. That was pretty bad but I handled it and went back to pleasant feelings. It's almost like there was a 'darkness toll' to pay for all the nice stuff but that's just a random thought.

Offset was settling and the dreams/colours stopped. I decided maybe some visual stimulation would help prolong it. So went back upstairs to watch the Chromecast screensaver. Realising I was still superbly suggestible (immersion enhancement the most pronounced aspect) I thought I'd try watching some photos and videos. Noticed how enhanced immersion plus more empathy towards people in photos videos - this felt fascinating and great. This tendency lasted for a good hour or so after the peak was completely gone, allowing me to still get some more out of the experience.

For this stage, I left my partner in bed with her permission. She joined me a little bit later and we kept watching the screen noticing pattern recognition enhancement was still there (faces/animals in the landscape etc). Gentle drifting remained present.

Come down settled more and more. Eventually went back to bed. Overall experience was done in about 5-6 hours, with a 2-3 hours peak. Some wakefulness but eventually fell asleep around 2am or so.

All in all it was the nicest, most extremely pleasurable psychedelic experience I've had so far. 'the dregs' stage wasn't too hard. Just some challenge in falling asleep but eventually it worked.

I look forward to doing it again. Potentially on my own.

Submitted by - SailorJim

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