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Experience reports - Bk-2C-B


A summary: - I took 100 mg, an hour later 50 mg more, and an hour later another amount, uncertain, probably 50 mg or more (the last dose was stupid, and drove me into more than 3 hours of psychotic breakdown and bodily spams, shaking, body temperature, delirium, etc. Above 150 mg, more than "heavy" I would call it a "NO go zone") I was feeling fine and confident, no over stimulation, no heart racing, nothing bad, so I decided to take a bit more with the hope of increasing the visual effects... HUGE mistake.

- I will stress that despite being a psychedelic substance, it should be clearly distinguished from mushrooms or LSD where a higher dose isn't physically harmful and just brings more hallucinations. This one DEFINITELY IS physically dangerous, and even at that point visuals are not really enhanced or intensified

- there is no mental trip at all, no mindfuck as with other psychedelics, it's purely visual distortions. (Nor body sensation, nor auditory). A bit visual, and a little bit stimulant, and that's all.

- closed eye visuals are pattern-like only, there is no "entities" or anything like that, at any dose. (Understandable, since there is no mindfuck). I would describe it as the CEV visuals created by N2O under LSD effect, more or less. Just colorful patterns, no structures of any way, no scenery or dream-like, nothing. More like a kaleidoscope

- open eye visuals were also simpler than other psychedelics. No morphing, warping, change of colour, etc. Just a bit of colour enhancement and pattern recognition enhancement.

- duration is indeed really long, I'd say even more than the 12 hours stated on the site, at least at heavy doses

All in all... not a drug recommended at all. Some people could want those basic open eye visuals effects without the mindfuck, but that can be achieved way more safely (and better) the with a low dose of LSD.

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