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Experience reports - LSD

  • Date: 2:20PM 5th November 2014
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 103kg 188cm
  • Age: 18
  • Etc: Had just woken up, there was a day break from college due to weather, was drinking a half full can of Monster Green diluted with some water, infront of my PC reading some Wikipedia articles on alcohol prohibition. This is my first time consuming the substance. Never smoked cannabis previously.


Supermarket Amnesia

Intro Had just received some lysergic acid diethylamide from a very good acquaintance of mine, each blotter was laid with 215 micrograms of very high quality LSD. After analyzing my schedule for the day I decided today was the day, I went on my "field trip". After reagent testing the tabs I have received I placed one 215µg under my tongue to greet the historical chemical into my not so historical-self. I continued to use my PC, browsing Wikipedia articles.

+15 minutes Reading Skype messages after closing Wikipedia Articles, I suddenly feel disconnected or something was missing, slightly dumb me I look around my room to see if I forgot something (I believe I was looking for a phone charger). After returning to my chair, I sat there reminding myself I have consumed a drug.

+30 minutes I cannot really explain this, I was looking outside my window at a clocktower, colors started to be enhanced and objects with a sharp corner became magnified and my "disconnection" was more apparent. Forwarding 5 minutes, I felt like I was receiving Skype notifications in real life - I disregarded this.

+45 minutes Knowing that I have taken quite the large dose for a first time, I decided its best to go for a walk and maybe eat. Putting on socks was quite tough, it felt very hard to put on however I managed to get all my clothes on with my belongings. I headed out, and as soon as I exited the front door color and brightness alteration was very prevalent along with a minor ringing noise. I walked to a sandwich shop and ordered a B.L.T. bagel without any issue, I sat down and began eating with a struggle, whilst the sharpness pastel-esque visuals came into play.

+60 minutes This is really when LSD's famous effects hit me, I began to see multiple hues of colors along with geometry of wonderful thin spider-web like patterns. I couldn't finish the sandwich, something felt like it was stopping me from eating (a wall in my throat), I decided to walk home. At this point my thoughts were racing over things which wouldn't have made sense when I was sober, I looked in a semi-transparent window and saw myself smiling and (giggling?), it truly felt like I had no control over my body.

+90 minutes I returned home, and managed to change back into my pajamas - my semi-sane mind told my other-self you're in for an experience! I was pacing like an idiot, running around my house holding lamps, juice bottles and unlit candles while watching a beautiful array of colors (which don't exist and/or can't translate into the regular world) and morphing geometrical pasty mesh paint on the walls.

+120 minutes The effects slightly potentiate but reach a plateau, at this point I was on the couch smiling (according to what I felt) twirling and rolling around, from a 3rd person perspective I could have been indeed completely deemed delusional. This is when things went slightly wrong, my memory of going outside and eating was gone (I believe partially due to the situation of flipping around on the couch) and I looked at my arms which apparently common among first time trippers and saw a whole selection geometrical patterns, different ones than as I've seen on the wall and I slightly panicked. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat putting my hand under my chin and watching the wall, trying to reach my phone I couldn't unlock it, it was puddles of color and whatever else within my psychedelic perception of reality.

+150-200 minutes This is when I try to become "normal", as the effects of the LSD were distracting me because I still felt like I had to do something but somewhere inside me knows that at this day there is nothing to do. I held on to my ego and priorities, and at this time I yelled out loud in an empty house "I need to go the supermarket!", I jump back in the same clothes as when I previously went out to eat and I run to the supermarket. I truly cannot remember making my way to the supermarket, both the fluid stream of thoughts along with the visuals were overpowering. I remember however, entering the supermarket and everyone's faces looked feline like, and was looking at me - sane me said to disregard it but psychedelic me wanted to find the underlying meaning to the "feline faces" and the odd looks. I go through isle and isle, completely forgetting at this point I have taken a drug. I went through the sections looking at every can, juice and meat product having absolutely no fucking clue to what they are. At this point, I felt like everything was a fraud, I was completely in a state of derealization and introspection. I kept on thinking about financial things and why people focus so much on it. I look at the juices section and buy 1 liter of some cranberry juice (I still have the bottle to this day). I managed to pay and return home, don't ask me, I don't know how I was able to even walk under the influence of this insightful drug.

+300-450 minutes and the comedown I returned home, washed myself in a warm shower and sipped on some hot tea, watching the residual after effects from the psychedelic. This is when my sanity slowly crept back into me. CEVs were however apparent until I fell asleep, they were not colorful but they retained the forever moving geometric pattern kind of like fractals but much more smaller in size and much more spread out. I was able to communicate and think straighter during this time, not as much of a mindfuck as an hour earlier.

Next Day Absolutely hung over, my mind was null. I don't comprehend how people can be so jumpy and giddy the day after, I wanted to sleep and think about the things I thought that day. My only dislike was the duration, LSD is a long lasting psychedelic.

Overall, an enjoyable once in a lifetime experience, potent psychedelics like this can turn upside down in the wrong set and setting, they are to be used responsibly and not like this - my environment was not set properly, I went out of the house an unnecessary amount of times alone and could have easily gotten injured luckily I did not. I cannot say whether I experienced ego death or not, but I felt like a kid with immense wonder the following weeks; due to my age I still was that kid.

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