Experience:300ug 1P-LSD (Oral) - Rainbow Tubes and Becoming One With Humanity

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Experience reports - 1P-LSD

  • Date: 2018
  • Age: 24
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 61 kg / 135 lbs



This is going to be a long winded background. I have had very odd experiences with psychedelics, and while not necessary to understand the actual trip report (skip ahead to that if you like) I feel I need to explain this to provide full context for how jarring and odd my trip was.

I have a strange history with psychedelics. I started using them about a year before this trip happened. My first 4 experiences were with individual tabs of LSD (tested and confirmed) from local distributors. I did not trip any of these 4 times. I experienced a body load, general confusion and distractibility, but no noticeable shift in headspace. I experienced some very mild visuals (a slight sparkling effect on lights, a light haziness in the room, but that’s really it). These experiences were unpleasant, and comparable to a trip where the body load and forgetfulness are the only effects. My fourth attempt was with 2 of tabs from the same blotter as my fourth attempt. I experienced some visuals (some light patterning on surfaces, mild drifting on things like wood grain pattern) but still no shift in headspace. After that I used San Pedro twice, first one foot, and then 2. The one foot experience was stronger than the 2 tabs of LSD, but not by much. There was a very mild shift in headspace. I consumed cannabis at the tail end of the experience, which altered and strengthened it, but not by much. The second cactus experience, with 2 feet, was about as strong as my 2 tab experience. I determined I had a very high tolerance to psychedelics (I’d later find out it was more complicated than that), and that I was wasting time with low quality blotter sold by drug dealers. I decided to order some 1P-LSD from a reputable vendor, expecting them to be more accurately dosed. I started on 2 tabs (200ug) and actually tripped this time. It was mild, and I didn’t experience much novelty enhancement, and it lacked the sense that I could see the beauty in everything that many of my peers consistently get on even light trips. Regardless of the headspace being very sober and controllable, I experienced a shift in perception more in line with the expectations for a psychedelic trip. I had visuals stronger than my peers describe on some of their hardest trips. It was overall a good experience, if mild cognitively, and it helped me to try and retroactively determine the doses of my prior tabs, and my tolerance curve. This is what I came up with:

● 1st Experience - LSD - 1 tab - ~50ug to 70ug

○ Plus One ( + )

○ Body load, stimulation, distractedness, strong anxiety, no visual or cognitive psychedelia

● 2nd Experience - LSD - 1 tab - ~60ug to 80ug

○ Plus One ( + )

○ Same as first time with worse body load and anxiety

● 3rd Experience - LSD - 1 tab - ~40ug to 50ug

○ Plus One ( + )

○ Same as first time, somewhat weaker

● 4th Experience - LSD - 2 tabs - ~40ug to 50ug each - 80ug to 100ug total

○ Plus Two ( ++ ) barely

○ Mild patterning on textures, mild stoning. Consumed cannabis on comedown and experienced mild color brightening, visuals strengthened back to peak, distinct cannabis character to visuals

● 5th Experience - San Pedro Cactus - 1 foot

○ Plus Two ( ++ )

○ Less body load than LSD, yawning and serious nausea, patterning stronger than LSD, some color brightening, slight cognitive shift, consumed cannabis starting at hour 4 (once I determined I wasn't going to trip) leading to stronger and more cannabis influenced visuals, headspace became more confusing, but still barely off baseline

● 6th Experience - San Pedro Cactus - 2 feet

○ Plus Two ( ++ )

○ Weaker all around version of prior cactus experience

● 7th Experience - 1P-LSD - 2 tabs - 100ug each - 200ug total

○ Plus Three ( +++ )

○ Very lucid, laughter fits, lots of irony, strong visuals (comparatively), could voluntarily absorb into music/visuals, sub-entry level trip, but a true trip These 7 experiences led me to feel I had a substantial natural tolerance to psychedelics, and that a 50% increase in dose (200ug to 300ug) would yield the change in effects most people experienced from .75 of a tab to a full one, or a full tab to 1.5. I was incorrect.


I took 3 100ug tabs of 1P-LSD at 12:45 pm. I had my brother and girlfriend with me trip-sitting. The first hour of the come-up was familiar territory. I experienced anxiety and some nausea. I was very fidgety and couldn’t sit still. So far this was all very typical. At about the one hour mark, things got a lot stronger. I experienced dissociation, and I couldn’t tell what things were when I looked at them. I’d look somewhere, perform a completely lucid assessment of the situation, and then upon trying to explain it I’d instantly forget everything in my mind. I felt like I had reverted to a baby, not knowing what anything wrong or what anything meant. The visuals got much stronger, and surfaces would have patterns snaking across them, whether in peripheral or directly in the center of my vision, and it was constant. I did not need to look at a surface for a few seconds to get the patterns really moving like all of my prior experiences. I started fusing with my sofa and my clothing. I’d touch things and feel my skin merging with them. I ate some fruit, which was sweeter than any fruit I’d ever had. I drank some water, and instead of the mere sensation of cold going down the chest which one would experience drinking cold water sober, I could feel the water in three dimensions, and I could feel the current as strongly and precisely as if I had poured it over my hand. At this point, we were probably at one hour and ten minutes. Things continued to increase in intensity. The patterning on my walls started peeling off the walls and floating as mostly transparent fields of geometry about three to four feet from me. I felt the visuals pulling at my body. My hand at one point split into many thin lines and slinked up the walls in the shape of the patterns. I remember remarking that the visuals were the bridge between my body and the headspace, but I’m not sure precisely what I meant. It was raining and very gloomy outside, so we all moved to my bedroom where I lied down. Speakers were placed on either side of my head, and my girlfriend lied down beside me. My brother was controlling the music. He put on Clair de Lune. We were now probably at one hour and twenty minutes.

The next 2 hours is a blur. Most of it happened outside of chronology, but I will try to put the events in some logical order. I looked at the ceiling and the rainbow patterns it was now made of. I was filled with a pure joy, and I felt the presence of what I think a tribal person might interpret as spirits. It felt to me more like a communing with others who had done the same. I thought to a young man in a tribe in Africa or Brazil or Mexico doing this very same thing (probably with a different entheogen, albeit) and felt as though I was embarking on a holy sacrament which had guided the species for millennia.

I held my girlfriend, and nearly instantly felt as though our bodies were fused into one. I experienced a new dimension of closeness and intimacy with her I did not know was possible. I was overcome by physical sensations. I was fusing with people who weren’t there, and whom I’d never met. The physical aspects were so strong I found myself ignoring the visuals, and I closed my eyes. This is about the point where (I was told after the fact) the album “The Colours of Chloë” by Eberhard Weber was put on. I don’t know if it was before or after the music change, but I had the distinct thought (I thought I spoke it, but I was told afterwards I hadn't): that not oly had I found that vague, formless “meaning” I had been searching for in life, but that this was the meaning all of mankind was searching for collectively. Time became meaningless. I remember that I did open my eyes a few times, but do not remember doing so.

There was a black void, and I was an ethereal bodiless presence in the void. I was perceiving everything from all directions, and while I never made any effort to actually look at what was happening, I understood the visual data intuitively. I had no memories of who or where I was, that I was on a drug. Everything was very unfamiliar, so on some level I knew this was not normal life, but I was not aware of that. There was a giant network of rainbow tubes, interlocking and splitting off from each other like blood vessels. At certain physical points in this network, the tubes would all come together to form one larger tube, and then split off again into many small ones. Although I could not see inside them, I knew they were hollow.

I somehow knew these tubes were a manifestation of the egoless forms of all of human consciousness. It was like when you read a word, you don’t often sound it out and go throughout the stages of deciphering it. You simply see a series of symbols, and your brain intuitively knows what they mean. The tubes began to pull me in, and I became overwhelmed. It was not negative at all, but it was intense and alien, and I didn’t know if I wanted it. I then felt the presence of my girlfriend lying next to me, and it felt like she was in the void as well, also bodiless and ethereal. I merged with her, similar to how I had in the real world, and we became one entity. In this moment I knew I would be safe, and as long as we were together like this, no matter what was on the other side of oneness with the tubes, if she was with me I would accept it. I merged with the tubes, and I knew oneness with humanity. After the peak, there were no tears on my face or the pillow, but in the moment my my mind was crying. Happiness is too shallow a word to describe what I felt. We feel happiness in our everyday lives. This was pure bliss. I finally understood what people meant when they said they “felt pure love on a physical level” when under the influence of psychedelics or entactogens. It was the most peace and calm I had ever felt.

At about the 2 hour mark I came back to the world. The rest of the trip was significantly weaker. It was certainly stronger than any other experiences I had, but the lucidity and control I had come to expect was back. I could voluntarily absorb into visuals or music, but i was never sucked in against my will. I had a good time, and used the remaining psychedelia to try and parse my experience during the peak, which felt wholly different from the rest of the trip.

People often speak of not fighting the trip and letting it happen, but, honestly, I don't know I could have. In the span of about 20 minutes I went from in control and in familiar territory, to the acid just taking me. I was confused and bombarded, and by the time I could make sense of any of it, I was in another dimension.

This also raises questions as to my bizzare tolerance to psychedelics. How could I have a trip on 200ug which everyone around me, and everyone I’ve described it to, says sounded like maybe a 75ug-100ug trip to an average person, and then increase my dose by 50%, resulting in a trip that felt at least 5 times stronger. What happened to me also seems to line up with trip reports of 300ug for people with normal tolerance. Is it possible my equivalent to the 0ug-300ug thresholds are all jammed into the 200ug-300ug dose range?

And lastly, if anyone reading this is like me, don’t give up. It took me 7 attempts to trip, and if I wasn’t the type to do research and find that there has never been a case in recorded history of someone immune to LSD, I might have given up. I am so glad I didn’t. If you take a tab from a typical low quality blotter bought off a dealer (or 2 or 4) and don’t trip, just keep trying. I’ve heard of people needing all the way to 600ug to have the 100ug experience. Keep trying, it’s worth it. 25 failed attempts would have been worth it.

Submitted by Francis McCormick

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