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Experience reports - DMT / Changa

  • Date: 15.10.2016 0:45 AM – 4:20 AM
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 29
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Set: Bedroom with light green walls, brightly lit, no music, with close friend as sitter an very experienced tripper
  • Setting: Lots of Anxiety from last intense and fearsome trip day before
  • Intention: Understanding the entity and fear I met last night (for reference see previous experience: https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Experience:DMT:_200mg_1/5_changa_-_Bad_yet_glorious_trip )


Session one:

After last nights trip I was terrified to explore and meet the entity I met yesterday so I asked my friend if he want to be with me during the next journey. He agreed.

Like last time I refused to lay down and close my eyes and just did it in my comfy chair.

Took the pipe in my mouth and lightened it up. The effects started to come up very quickly

The room started to change and intense drifting occurred. Digital like patterns started to form on all objects except the walls. Those were covered with beautiful Aztec like visuals that were fading in and out from the walls. All my thoughts started to melt together again forming a clump of what I thought is my perception of myself. The fearsome entity showed up again accompanied with a familiar sound similar to a siren with organic bleep like nuances.

“he was back” I thought but for some reason it didn’t try to overwhelm me from the start.

Instead it was just blinking and sparkling around me. Poking and taunting me to see if I would engage with him. I didn’t because I knew its power and how he can influence the trip if I start to mess with him. When it saw that I am not going to engage, the sounds faded and he started to hide somewhere behind my left shoulder. The sound got quieter and quieter and he was gone, But I knew he was still there he just hid himself. “We are not alone in this room” I told to P.

He just smiled and his smile felt somewhat relaxing. P. closed his eyes again and continued to meditate. When he was sitting there he was surrounded by an golden aura making him appear bigger than he actually was. The effects started to weaken leaving an relaxed mindset since I didn’t get into that state I was yesterday. But the entity was there. I did meet him again.

Session two:

I still felt the body high and tactile sensations from the experience from and hour ago. I told P. that I want to do it again. My intention was to meet the entity again. And see what I can learn from it. P. was excited since he new that the second experience within short time will be more intense and he told me that. I took the pipe, loaded it with the changa and smoked it.

Again digital patterns emerged but the frightening sound of the fearsome entity came up faster and louder and I thought he’s going to show himself in full power now. It was an very similar experience like last night. A wave of violet power started to cover me from the bottom up to my chest. I felt the terror again and fear started to take over my mind intensifying the siren like sound. P. saw my struggle but didn’t say anything. After that I finally managed to identify the entity. It was fear. Simply like that. The personalization of all my fears creeped upon me..

I managed to burp out to P. “it is here again and it’s stronger, Its fear”. He told me that fear is one of the two basic values that drives all humanity and that the other one is love, and went back to meditating. I liked the concept since I was looking for some weapon or method to defend myself from it. So I embraced love starting to feeling it. Love was felt by me as another powerful entity. It even had its own distinctive sound. A constant high pitched tone with lover pulsating nuances not of frightening nature. I was amazed how warm and calming it is.

Although the fear never left. Fear and love started to dance together in some sort of harmony and I started to feel somewhat like an observer. I allowed those two powers to cover me giving a feeling of pulsating cold and warm sensation shifting in my body.

I broke through into an alternate world at this point. I could see the energy floating in the room, felt that P. and me are the same being, He looked glorious sitting there in Lotus position surrounded by a good vibe golden aura, and I was wondering if this is happening? Can I believe in the events unfolding before my eyes and in my mind or will the belief that the energy is real hurt my sanity in some way. P. opened his eyes smiled And asked: ‘’Who am I?‘’ the moment he spoke those words the dread got stronger and the violet wave started to come up higher i was somehow scared he could be in control of the events that were happening and was not sure of his intentions anymore. But his smile calmed me down again and the demon backed off a little. “Everything” I said and it made sense for me at this point since i felt the whole world is just one single projection of some higher consciousness. My thoughts started to race and form concepts witch were new to me. I will not write them down here since I still have to deal and process them. And are an topic on its own.

The effects started to fade, leaving a surprisingly strong body high. I felt like on MDMA the whole time shaking from cold until the next session. P. asked me if I want a blanket. “No” I said since I knew it wont make any difference. I was amazed and scared for my sanity at the same time since the experience was so powerful and meaningful to me. It was the trip of my lifetime. Used many psychedelics within last 3 years and had lot of experiences but this blew me out of my socks.

Session three:

Let's find out what happens, and try to sustain being in this beautiful alternate reality.

I was still high and stimulated from the experience during the afterglow. The euphoria and ecstasy didn’t weaken a bit.

I put the pipe in my mouth and hit it. The room stated to change rapidly. Being covered by those beautiful patterns again. I had a much calmer mindset at this point and hoped to meet fear again but it was not there. Instead i did hear the constant high, warm and calming tone. I was love at his point, or even god…I could not grasp any thoughts in order to read them, they all formed a single universal thought that I knew made sense even when I couldn’t read or understand it.

I’ve got kind off sad since I was left alone with P. and love, missing the fear. Funny how much more interesting and fascinating and vivid in color and form it was. Love was “boring” compared to fear. At this point I just started to wait out the effects and looked at the room visualized my thought processes a bit on closed eyes and started to talk with P. about the overall experience.

The changa world is truly unique and full of dualism I never experienced on any other substance. The fact that I kept my eyes open and had no music at all only intensified the experience for sure. The other dimension seen on closed eyes and the alternate real world are still the same for me though and I don’t feel much more enjoyment in having a winamp plugin running on my eyelids.

The drug earned my utter respect and I will always think twice aswell as look for a reasonable intention before taking it.

Submitted by - Antiharmonix

Effects analysis

  • Drifting - "The room started to change and intense drifting occurred."
  • Geometry - "Digital like patterns started to form on all objects except the walls. Those were covered with beautiful Aztec like visuals that were fading in and out from the walls."
  • Autonomous entities - "The fearsome entity showed up again"
  • Auditory hallucination - "sound similar to a siren with organic bleep like nuances"
  • Spontaneous tactile sensations - "body high and tactile sensations from the experience from and hour ago"
  • Geometry - "digital patterns emerged "
  • Anxiety - "I felt the terror again and fear started to take over my mind"
  • Simultaneous emotions - "Fear and love started to dance together"
  • Auditory hallucinations - "A constant high pitched tone with lover pulsating nuances not of frightening nature."