Experience:75mg 3-FMA - Perfect Blend of Euphoria and Functionality

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Experience reports - 3-FMA

  • Date: 24/03/17
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 120 lbs / 54 kg
  • Medications: 90 mg Dextroamphetamine ER, 450 mg Bupropion SR daily (including on days I test substances). Note on bupropion- it is a strong inhibitor of CYP2D6, which is one of the enzymes that metabolizes amphetamine and methamphetamine. This significantly affects duration of amphetamines in my experience. Smoking a small amount of meth can last me 7-9 hours, my normal dextroamphetamine usually lasts me from 5 am to 8 pm even though I have a large tolerance from taking it for years. This probably also affects most other amphetamines, as in general most substances seem to have a much longer duration for me compared to other people, especially phenethylamine based chemicals.


Recent Substance Use: I used 112 mg 5-APB on 3/16/17 - Thursday night. This lasted until Friday afternoon. I also smoked meth at least 2 days out of the past eight since the 5-APB experience.

I allergy tested 3-FMA at 500 μg, 3 mg, and 9 mg dosed about four hours apart on Sunday, 3/19/17. Felt nothing out of the ordinary during the tests.

Next, I ingested 50 mg 3-FMA at 7 am on Tuesday (3/21/17) morning. This was odd, I was quite busy this morning, and completely forgot I had taken it by the time I got to work, and did not remember until 10:30 am. I did not notice a significant difference from my average mental state at this time of day. I did notice an increase in heart rate however. Upon further reflection, I decided that I was focused enough that I did not notice the effects, but I had received some stimulation from the 3-FMA, as I felt the day had been particularly productive. I chalked it up to my amphetamine tolerance, and thought perhaps 3-FMA is just a bit subtle at lower doses, not pushy like one might experience with an entactogen and whatnot.

Friday (3/24/17) night rolls around, and I decide to ingest 75 mg at 8:45 pm.

9:45 pm - I get quite engrossed in a project fixing a computer, this probably around the time I noticed the first alert. I have started pacing a little bit, obviously I have more energy than normal.

10:10 pm - I put on my headphones. Music sounds fantastic, I turned it up to the max. I sit at my computer and begin typing the introduction to this report.

11:12 pm - Quite speedy. I have definitely peaked by this time. It is however a bit much- next time a dose of 65-70 mg would be much better. I am mostly occupied with playing Starcraft 2 and talking with my girlfriend.

1:00 am - I am having a conversation with my girlfriend that has an emotional depth to it that I would not normally have on a stimulant, and it seems highly indicative of some amount of the empathy one might receive from MDMA or 5-APB. This conversation will continue until she falls asleep at around 3:45 am.

3:00 am - I realize my stomach hurts and I need to eat food, but there isn’t much to eat. I scrounge what I can, and feel a bit better for a while, but my girlfriend has fallen asleep, and I do not have as much to distract me from my bodily discomfort.

3:30 am - I notice at this time that everything looks a bit fuzzy, with visual elements that remind me of the subtle entactogenic hallucinations one might get from 3-FEA, 5-MAPB, 4-FA and such. This is interesting, it confirms that it is not a pure stimulant in my opinion, rather, like some may have predicted, it straddles the border between the entactogenic profile of 4-FA and the stimulation of 2-FMA (I have not yet tried 4-FMA, although I have some ready for weekend in the near future). I would also like to make note that the entactogenic effects were not immediate; rather, they followed the stimulation by perhaps a couple hours, not really manifesting until perhaps around 12:30 am if I remember correctly.

4:15 am - Comedown has definitely started, and my stomach is still bothering me quite a bit, so I decide to go lay down. I fall asleep by 4:40 am.

9:30 am - I sleep decently well, and finally awake, eat a breakfast of crepes, and begin to prepare for work. I am nearly baseline now, but there is an energetic afterglow that wakes me up swiftly and I have a sense of excitement for the day ahead, even though I have to go to work at 12:00 pm. I have no noticeable detracting effects from the comedown, but then again, it is rare that I do have a harsh comedown on stimulants, entactogens and psychedelics alike.

Submitted by MDMQualone

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