Experience:DMT (unknown, smoked/vaporized) - She Struggles then Finds Beauty and the Nature of DMT Itself

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Experience reports - DMT

  • Date: 02/2020
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: Nonbinary
  • Weight: 52kg / 115lb (estimate based on last known weight)
  • Dose: Unknown (smoked/vaporized)
  • Note: This report jumps between first and third person somewhat due to perspective hallucinations felt at the time. It also starts off kind of slow because it's not until a little later that I really begin to process what goes on in the first parts.



I take the first hit.


I go to load up more DMT because I still haven't gone to another dimension.


It's in the pipe and I take some hits.


I haven't left this world yet. There are, nonetheless, things I've seen that can't be put into words. Expressed in any physical way really. Not with the tools that this dimension has.


I take some more hits to try and have something take me away. No such luck quite yet.


I go to get more to try and really break through. The time between the last set of hits and now is kinda fuzzy. I don't remember what I saw. It wasn't threatening though, but rather pretty to look at. I did enjoy what was brought before my eyes.


I go to sit at my computer. I've seen some cool stuff. In the beginning there was some just tunnels of sorts to look at. Like a hallway with multiple paths leading off to the side. Nothing has taken me out of this world though.


I almost feel like the effects have worn off.


After the first hit, it did feel like there was something looking at me. I did see some kind of creature. It's mouth opened up and some kind of snakelike things spiraled outward towards me. Its head was like an ancient depiction of the sun. Without a doubt this was a very powerful entity that had presented itself before me.


I should try and draw what I saw. And also log what happenned before sitting down at the computer.


I get some paper and pencil and decide to try to draw that first creature. No promise that it'll be successful though.


Before I start, I try to find a clipboard or similar surface because I would like to draw while in my nest.


No clipboard is found. I think I'll just use the lid of a plastic box as the drawing surface.


A feeling that I was feeling while tripping pops into my head. It's more than a feeling, but like other-worldly creatures communicating to each other, and I'm listening. What they say gets fed directly into my brain. They are saying things which are closest to "What should we do with her?" and a response of "I don't know. She just came here out of nowhere.". Each time I took more hits I was thinking things like, "This poor girl. She's trying to go on an inter-dimensional adventure and it's just not happening." Kind of like I was a spirit of sorts looking from above me and observing. When I got up to put more DMT in my pipe I felt like yet another incarnation of myself. Like a bigger sister who was helping her younger sister out. Granted, the feeling of femininity is probably helped out by being in full rave gear.


I decide to take a few pictures of myself.


I enjoyed taking the pictures. I'm no longer seeing any visual effects, but still feel pretty great. Time to try and draw that creature. I also save a copy of this current log just in case.


Being nonbinary is pretty great. I can make myself look however I please. Pure, unadulterated me.


I fairly quickly realize that drawing won't get me anywhere. I'm just not good at transfering the picture in my head onto paper. I decide to load up more DMT.


I checked my makeup and decided to touch up my lipstick. A bitch gotta look cute for the beings they encounter.


My dick seems to have gotten free. I unfortunately don't have any more tape to hold it back, so just a tuck will have to do.


There is a solid amount of DMT. Will I be able to break through though?


Made me feel like a queen. My room was transformed into like my chambers. It felt very royal. Very elegant. She closed her eyes and her chambers exploded further. She was no longer just a queen. She had become a goddess. This dimension was like a temple just for her. There was a constant warmth. Especially around her breasts.


It's time take more and see where it takes me. See what I encounter. I feel whole right now. Quite serene. Quite powerful. Let's light up.


Once again it's the feeling of royalty which engulfs her. She was a queen. It wasn't a feeling of power though. It wasn't a queen in the sense that there was multiple layers of people with her at the top. This was a feeling of beauty. Closing my eyes resulted in more beauty. That was the best way to describe the shapes. The entire dimension which had opened up. Sheer beauty. And I was there on the shores of that. But it wasn't like a shore like a beach. More like I felt a continuation of it and at the forefront. It felt like something was going over my body and inspecting it. Once it was satisfied, it made my body part of itself. This creature found beauty and assimilated that into itself. It was meant to be the most beautiful thing in existence. The only way to accomplish that would be to find all the beauty in all of eternity and merge it into one. That way all that is left is simply beauty. Once it was done, I was returned. This eternal beauty now had a copy of me as part of it.


I take some more pictures of myself.


I feel thirsty. Time to get a drink and also copy these new parts over to my computer.

I need to go to the bathroom first though.


While sitting on the toilet, there was a brief moment while I was looking at my fishnet clad legs that my vision vibrated a little. Other than that, no more effects.


I now have a cup of apple juice and my phone is charging because it's at 17%. Time to copy these last bits over.


The last new bits have been copied over. I decide to transfer the pictures I've taken across as well. I ought to put the different photo sessions into separate folders for organizational reasons.


The photos are now transferred over. I take note of the fact that my feminine side has been significantly more prominent. There's not been much masculinity at all. It's not suprising though, considering my appearance. My femme version tends to take hold more strongly when I have time to myself anyway.


I decide that it would be fun to read some DMT experience reports on Erowid and Psychonaut Wiki. Ones that I have not read in the past. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience as I just did.


While reading some reports, I felt it was worth noting down that going in to tonight I was feeling great. Confident. My previous DMT experience ended with me being tested by some entity. That had left me slightly anxious to do more for a little while. Like I would come across something sinister. But tonight I felt none of that.


There was a lot of cool and interesting reports, but I didn't find any experiences that were quite like mine. I am still feeling really good, and think it's time to load a little more. I wonder what I will come across now.


Until now, there has always been some DMT which escapes out of the top of my pipe. I realize that I could try and fashion a stopper of some kind, and get some aluminum foil. I run my lighter over both sides multiple times to burn off any kind of coating it might have and then fashion it into shape.


After a quick makeup check, it is time to go in. This time I have a portable charger next to me so that my phone can continue charging.


The plug, I quickly realized, was not working as I initially had hoped. Sure, it held the DMT vapors in but it severely restricted airflow and sucking the vapors in proved difficult. I removed it. I soon begin sinking backwards in a very calm state. Everything around me is very calm as well. I close my eyes and I am greeted by a very large entity. It's impossible to get a grasp of it's size, but there is always a face staring back at me from wherever I look at it. We are in a large, dark chamber. It begins to move and I follow behind. Soon a large plane opens up in front of me. Like a mathematical plane, it extends to infinity in all directions. It is still dark. Scattered about are little pillars of sorts. Well, not little. They are quite massive. But little when compared to the sheer scale of everything else. These pillars seem like stations of sorts, and they are brimming with knowledge. Soon I notice that the plane I am on is actually just one layer. There are multiple layers stacked up on top of each other. Presumably infinitely many. This is a library of sorts, and what brought me here was its librarian. There was a powerful sense of freedom here. Nothing was holding me down. I am free to explore as I see fit. Come and go as I please. It did not feel like I had to get as much as I could as fast as I could. There was simply no rush because I knew I would be able to return later. When I did leave, it was at my own will. I had decided that it was time.


This library felt like a meta-dimension of sorts. The stations were like individual dimensions, and the librarian was DMT itself. That's why I felt free and not rushed. Leaving the library feels like a good place to conclude these adventures as well. After all, I am free to return in the future.

Submitted by TertiaryPrime

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