Experience:4-HO-MiPT (~10mg) - Very Promising Material

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Experience reports - 4-HO-MiPT

  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
  • Age: 21 years



I am a lover of mushrooms so I recently obtained some 4-ho-mipt to see if they are something that would be a worthy alternative or perhaps preferable. I also acquired a milligram scale so I could weigh out a proper dosage of this material, but unfortunately, it is not accurate in quantities smaller than 10mg. This made attempting to weigh the stuff in proper 10-20mg amounts out very difficult, but I believe that I got my dose somewhere close to the 10mg range.

The Trip:

T - 0: I take the substance in the form a capsule and down it with water at 10pm. My previous meal was eaten about 3 hours before. I was hanging out with my girlfriend at her place and a few close friends showed up just after 10 which made me wonder if I would lose my shit in front of them, but I also knew them well and they were also experienced with psychedelics so I thought it would be fine.

T - 30mins: At about 30 minutes I felt the very first hints of threshold effects but it was nothing notable and definable.

T - 1hr 10mins: At this point, effects seems to be taking hold. Me and my friend were sitting on a few sofa in a room chatting. I became slightly giggly and more sociable. My vision gradually became brighter and colors had more brilliance. There were slight distortions in my depth perception and some morphing in the general shape of the room. I also felt some increased feeling of empathy and connection to my girlfriend which had a MDMA-ish character. The effects were not strong though and I was still very coherent in conversation so I considered taking another 10mg dose, but I decided against it due to caution and not wanting to be awake all night long. This ended up begin a very god idea.

T - 2hrs: By this point, the distortions became more pronounced and I was laughing a lot more. My friends left just past midnight so I was just with my girlfriend. I still wasn't at a point that I would say I was 'smashed'. I still felt completely coherent when I talked and had a high level of mental clarity. This mental clarity stayed with me throughout the night, but my coherence to my girlfriend did not. Over the next couple hours, I experienced a somewhat surprising last minute come up and plateau in effects which blew my mind and made me realize that I had probably underestimated the dose by a bit.

T - 3hrs(rough estimation): By this point, I was in bed with my girlfriend and we had sex which was really great. I wold say that while it is certainly not the best drug for sex (partially because it seemed impossible for me to climax) it is definitely not terrible for it at all. After the sex, I dimmed down the lights to a minimal and started experiencing geometrical visions of many interesting sorts. This description in this website's article on 4-ho-mipt: "intricate in complexity, abstract in form, organic in style, structured in organization, brightly lit and multicolored in scheme, glossy in shading, soft in edges, large in size, slow in speed, smooth in motion, rounded in corners, non-immersive in-depth and consistent in intensity. The visuals have a very "natural" feel to them" is very accurate other than the "non-immersive" part. I had visions that felt very immersive that felt like what I would imagine DMT to sort of be like (I've never tried DMT).

T - 4hrs: While in this visionary state my girlfriend fell asleep and I continued to trip. I felt incredibly mentally lucid during even the peak and felt as though I could almost direct my visions. The visuals were particularly related and correlated to the thoughts I was having and were also very vibrant in color. Because it was so dark in the room there was little difference between my opened and closed eye visuals which made them seem all the more powerful. My body felt very comfortable and stimulated during this whole period although there was some slight twitching in the limbs.

T - 5.5hrs: At this point, the visions had died down, but my mind still felt stimulated as though on a very low dose of MDMA with heightened mental clarity. I am very interesting in certain philosophical ideas so I read a paper by the British philosopher Galen Strawson and felt as though I understood it better than I normally would. I read it carefully with a heightened level of interest. I felt a certain pleasure in reading that I wish I only could on a regular basis. Even though it was 3:30 am and I was not particularly used to staying up late at this time I felt very little tiredness when reading this paper and was amazed by the fact that I could do so so easily.

T-6-7hrs: After reading I continued to feel mentally stimulated, but most visual aberration had subsided except a steady amount of level 1-3 geometry which gradually faded. By around 4:30am I began to feel as though I may be able to sleep soon and I probably fell asleep at around 5 am. The next couple days I felt a persistent yet mild afterglow which was very pleasant and was compatible with doing university work.

I found this material incredibly enjoyable both from a recreational standpoint and promising from the point of view of the field of psychonautics. The visuals seemed more pronounced than my experiences with mushrooms while simultaneously being accompanied by more mental clarity. The general effects felt more empathogenic than that of psilocin while also inducing more interesting visions typical of tryptamines which made the visions more easily tolerated. The experience was reminiscent, although not identical, of past experiences I've had with hippy flipping. I'd go as far to say that this might be my favorite material yet. I will definitely have to take this substance a number of more times and see if it continues to seem as promising and interesting to me as it does now.

Practical Lesson:
Don't always believe websites when they tell you that a drug will take a certain amount of time to kick in. For me, this drug took over 2 hours to take on full effect which was much longer than what every site on the internet says. If I had decided to double dose that night I'm sure I would have gone over the deep end in a way which I may have not wanted. Always take caution if you are not feeling the effect of a drug as soon as you thought you would. You may just have to wait another hour or so for it to kick in.

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