Experience:MEAI (Various Dosages) - Alcohol Replacement

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Experience reports - MEAI

  • Date: 06/2020
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg / 155 lb
  • Misc: I was cycling a few substances (Fasoracetam, Ashwaghanda, St. John's Wort) during which I took the substance. I note in each experience on what I was currently cycling.


MEAI/5-Methoxy-2-Aminoindane. Apparently developed as a replacement for alcohol but never got popular or widespread.

This batch of MEAI is a slightly off-white or yellow powder which sticks to surfaces like flour. Snorting is very painful (3-FEA reminiscent) and most likely irritating as I got nosebleeds for 2 days after. Another funny thing I should note is an extremely foul taste when burping on an empty stomach with this stuff. Worst of its kind I've ever experienced from any substance, might just have been a subjective factor but the taste was sickening lol.

First trial

Fasoracetam was supplemented prior and during.

Dosages were 20 mg snorted, 6 times in total. Bare thredhold of effects were noted until I went to bed.

Second trial

Fasoracetam, Ashwagandha and St. John's Wort were supplemented prior and during.

140 mg orally consumed. The comeup itself was barely noticeable, although there are some distinct effects which climb until the peak after about 2-3 hours. My pupils were ever so slightly dilated and my mood increased, my sleepiness vanished. Slight body high. Lasted for 2 - 3 hours with a gradual comedown, dysphoric at first; I reflected on many bad moments of my life and revisited them mentally and I was quite uneasy with my life as it currently was. Not sure if this is exactly the same as any stimulant comedown but I felt more introspection on this drug's comedown than sober or on other stimulants. As soon as I ate, my mood was back at baseline again and the rest of the day was easy and felt like my neurotransmitters restored completely. Overall it shares some traits to NM-2-AI in its strength, like a very mild version of MDMA. It is said to be a replacement for alcohol although the effects aren't very similar to booze at all.

It seems due to its mild and possibly forgiving nature it'd be more useful on small gatherings or socializing, just like alcohol would. Maybe that is the exact reason that it is seen as an alcohol replacement.

Final Trial

No other substances were consumed this time. There may be residual effects from Lorazepam which was taken 18 hours before.

T+0:00 I weighed out 165mg of the sticky substance and parachuted it with rolling paper on a full stomach waiting for the effects to kick in. I was already busy setting up new computers and basically for the first hour I never really noticed coming up or any other effects from the last trials, besides slight body tingles.

T+1:00 I decided to just take another 90mg and see where that puts me.

T+1:40 There is definitely something present, a soft yet mild sensation is felt along with some other serotonin-related effects like jaw clenching. But there is no euphoria so far even when compared to previous trials, which could possibly be attributed to set and setting itself or residual effects of lorazepam, not sure. I do not feel disinhibited or empathetic more than usual and keep on with my work on computers.

T+4:00 I have been busy doing work on my new computers as well as chatting, but surely and unexpectedly I was coming up very gradually and currently at the presumed beginning of the strong dose range. Overall it definitely resembles many of MDMA's effect although it is distinctly limited. Euphoria-wise wasn't nearly in an overwhelming sense like that of MDMA and there was a rather disphoric side in the background as well, but I'm sure that's due to some other factor or my general anxiety. I spent some time outside eventually and socializing wasn't difficult at all, despite the hidden dysphoria and I even managed to eat quite a bit, although my appetite was notably reduced what was expected.

So in comparison to MDMA at the same intensity, MEAI produces less euphoria with a more neutral headspace and the body load is actually greater than on a low dose of MDMA, but in no way uncomfortable so far. Pupils were moderately dilated and I am clenching my jaw more often than not. There are also some visual effects like a faint glow on surfaces, not sure if I experience the same with MDMA or not. Also, nystagmus, but it can be controlled very easily. I'm free from jitters, nervousness or heart palpitations, heart rate is increased tho to the 90s.

I may or may not already be coming down at this point, most likely I'm still peaking but it doesn't feel like a peak, rather an intoxicated state. Again, I feel like this might be a possible substitute for alcohol, next time I will have to try it in a social situation to get the full effect. The only nuisance is the dysphoric feelings in the background, but even with anxiety I'm never sure if that's just someting I personally experience or if the drug really does that.

Since I have stuff to do I continue with 2-FMA and end the report here. Most difficult to define were the onset-, comeup- and peak timeline and a general sense of the duration but I didn't give much effort to note each timeframe either.

Effects analysis


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