Experience: 36mg 4-AcO-DiPT - Truly, one for the psychedelic animals among us

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Experience reports - 4-AcO-DiPT

  • Date: 05/01/2017
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: MtF (6-7 months HRT)
  • Height: 172 cm / 5'8"
  • Weight: 52 kg / 115 lbs



"The Subject" is very well-versed in what she conservatively estimates as just about all variations of the psychedelic experience, survived through a time span of about six years, and has an extensive history with all major classes of psychedelics and substituted tryptamines in particular: 4-AcO-DMT, 4-AcO-MET/4-HO-MET, 4-AcO-MiPT/4-HO-MiPT, 5-MeO-MiPT, albeit with some notable gaps (i.e. 4-AcO-DET/4-HO-DET, 4-HO-DiPT, 5-MeO-DiPT). Going into the experiment, the subject already had some background familiarity with the effects typically attributed to this compound, but made sure to conduct independent research beforehand to determine an appropriate initial dose and durational expectations. This primer found on Erowid proved to be of major assistance. Thank you Toad, whoever and wherever you are. The Subject takes a moment to reflect on how many years ago this document was first created: almost two decades ago. Damn.

The Subject feels the need to note that since starting female hormone replacement therapy, she has noticed a general shift in the manifestation and orientation of the psychedelic experience; on the whole making them render a bit less visual/abstracted/conceptually and more physically/sensually/embodied. She does not know to what extent this will persist once the principal stages of transition are complete, or how to yet account for these changes on a neurobiological level. Nevertheless, she believes they are every bit as deep as her past experiences, despite what her imaginary therapist tells her in her sleep.

Tolerance & potential experimental confounds: In terms of serotonergic psychedelics, absolutely zero. The Subject cannot remember the last exposure to a psychedelic substance, and the logs corroborate, which means it has been about at least 4 to 5 weeks. No other hallucinogen or general substance exposure in this timeframe (barring one, properly spaced, experience with 6-APB a week or two prior, with no accompanying aftereffects/hangover and an immediate return to homeostatic equilibrium).

Stomach contents were near empty, with last meal intaken 4 hours prior. The meal was a little carb and starch heavy (omelet and potatoes) but otherwise digested normally so as to give The Subject confidence to proceed with the experiment.


12:37 PM - 36mg 4-AcO-DiPT fumarate ingested orally via gel capsule.

12:55 PM - First inklings of a distinct, physically warm feeling developing in the chest area.

1:00 PM - Warmth, feeling of energy in lungs starting to develop. Mild feelings of weightlessness noted.

1:04 PM - Mild "forced rhythmic breathing" developing, mild stoning/sedative effects, accompanied by paradoxical restlessness in the legs.

1:13 PM - More development of pleasant physical sensations, minor visual acuity and color enhancements at this point, but nothing to write home about.

1:28 PM - No CEVs detected, or distinguishable visual alterations at all really, which is a bit atypical for a substituted tryptamine in this dose range. But no real body load or nausea also. Strange. The Subject notes feeling pretty good overall, no pre-trip anxiety, and no real sense of social impairment, although given that this was a solo experiment, this aspect could not be reality-tested.

1:32 PM - The Subject notes that given what this trip portends, this might make for a decent meditative aid, potentially, due to the seeming lack of cognitive impairment along with a general sense of bodily-presence. Unless, she entertains, everything suddenly becomes super sensual and sexy (i.e. if the bodily awareness enhancements totally seize take over) as past reports have indicated as a distinct possibility.

1:40 PM - More (pleasant and mild) forced rhythmic breathing, general tactile enhancements and spontaneous sensations. The Subject feels a little hot, temperature-wise, but not a cause for concern at this point. No muscle tenseness, cramping, or cardiac irregularities detected, although there are ever so vague intimations of such, the Subject decides she doesn't want to push the dose much higher than this.

1:43 PM - The Subject steps onto the balcony for a minute. Notes that the scenery definitely looks a bit brighter, with an underlying sense of sereneness, but otherwise no visual alterations such as drifting, morphing, color-shifts, the usual psychedelic fare.

1:47 PM - Feeling a bit tired/sedated, but in a very pleasant and calm way. At the same time, the Subject feels a restless energy growing, and finds it difficult to sit still -- this sensation persists from this point of the experience onward, and manifests as frequent pacing, albeit not in a forced stimulant-type manner, but rather a very natural feeling sense of restless energy and passion.

1:52 PM - 1:55 PM - Some oversized, euphoric yawns and the pleasant sighs that follow them. Not enough to elicit any tears, interestingly, as a 36mg dose of 4-AcO-DMT might. Sedation still developing, markedly.

2:04 PM - The Subject put on some headphones and throw on an amazing electronic-heavy playlist by one of her absolute favoritest people in the world. She feels just the right amount of sedated and relaxed to groove to the rhythm. Music appreciation is definitely enhanced, and noted promptly.

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM - The Subject is lying in bed, feeling, as she puts it, "euphoric AF". Remarks on the sensation of body seemingly melting/merging into the bed.

2:20 PM - Waves of physically euphoric energy begin to develop and emanate, subject finds it hard to contain pleasurable moaning and sighing. The body is deeply relaxed, yet awake.

2:30 PM - The Subject does not want to get out of bed. Feeling very much sedated and relaxed, sensitive to the touch, alternating between serene stillness and frenetic energy.

2:35 PM - 2:45 PM - This is one _very sexy_ tryptamine, The Subject notes. The physical sensations are beginning to boil over and overwhelm the sensorium, at this point she cannot focus on anything else. It is very distinct from other 4-substituted tryptamines, which at this point would be conceptually and visually dominant, rather than primal and sensual. The Subject performs a quick CEV check, to see them only very so faint. No actual MDMA-ish tactile enhancements (such as softening of the skin to the touch) but physically more in the realm of stimulant-entactogen, at least as far as tryptamine can get, in The Subject's experience.

3:05 PM - Subject feels like the peak may have been reached at this point, with the effects seeming to plateau or approach offset, but is otherwise uncharacteristically uncertain about the trip's development. The Subject remarks "if nothing else, this one is definitely a writher, for sure".

3:15 PM - The Subject decides to take the last remark back. Definitely still in it, and only now can she be sure she is peaking. She notes there is a distinct visual compliment to the tactile enhancements now; nothing intricate by way of OEV or CEV but still some basic low level-visuals, drifting, breathing, morphing and mild tracers. Zero patterning or even the inklings of geometry, which of course is always a bit disappointing, by The Subject wasn't tripping over it.

3:25 PM - 3:30 PM - The Subject is glad to be in an AC-controlled environment, dancing to the bass-driven music comes naturally and fluidly and is very complementary to the sense of stimulation that is beginning to develop, quite prominently, in an odd counterbalance to the relaxation and sedation that marked the come up phase. The Subject notes that if sitting back in a chair, she will suddenly feel glued to it. In this position, the subject enjoys a few nice "tryptamine nods" and notes a bit more time distortion than was initially anticipated, partly due to what seems to be like an unexpected, sudden ramp-up in the overall intensity of psychoactivity at this point in the trip (2.5-3 hours in). But whenever she gets up, the cosmic rhythm goes into overdrive.

At this point, The Subject feels the need to note "Yeah, I can definitely rave like a beast on this one." This is one very sexy, rave-y tryptamine. One for the top shelf of the kit? Definitely.

3:45 PM - The Subject notes "whatever this is, it is anything but introspective." Still feeling a weird mix of sedation and stimulation overall, but notes that it is not "stupefying" or verbally retarding in the way the 5-subs such as 5-MeO-MiPT can be, and how The Subject has read 5-MeO-DiPT can be as well.

3:50 PM - Unlike with many other 4-substituted tryptamines at this point, The Subject notes an underlying desire/drive to prolong the peak of the experience that draws up comparisons to MDxx-type substances, particularly MDMA at around the third hour mark. However, despite what The Subject has read on the apparent effectiveness of redosing this compound, she decides against it for the sake of running a clean experiment and acquiring the proper timestamps, in the name of Science and such. The same goes for eliciting an orgasm in this state, despite the very obvious lowering of the arousal threshold present throughout the trip and strong underlying current for, and knowledge of, deep potential orgasm and libido enhancement, she refrains due to concerns over it shortening the natural time course of the trip. "Oh the sacrifices I make for the community", she remarks sarcastically.

3:55 PM - The effects from the sudden ramp up seem to die down in a correspondingly rapid fashion, the visual "peak" is noticeably starting to fade and that seems to signal the final descending progression of the trip.

4:15 PM - 4:20 PM - Another big yawn; this event seems to co-occur with the sudden disappearance of those distinctly stimulating, primal, rave-y components that suddenly bursted out of nowhere 3 hours into the trip, leaving in its wake those initial feelings of calm, sedation and relaxedness. The drop off seems like it is approaching, quite rapidly, The Subject notes. Interesting kinetics on this one. Will have to go back through the timestamps to notice any anomalies in the course of the trip's development.

4:25 - 4:30 PM - Does a little more mindless dancing/raving, before being compelled to lay back on the bed, which is incredibly relaxing and comfortable, cuddling pillows and all that.

4:35 PM - 4:40 PM - Then, suddenly, The Subject realizes the feeling of potential rapid baselining is real.

4:50 PM - Is this the baseline? Hmm...

5:00 PM - At this point, The Subject feels comfortable calling this the baseline of the experiment. She notes it lasted about four hours total, from onset to baseline, with most of the action happening at about 60% into the trip. Left feeling very much impressed, and curious about the odd timecourse/progression of the subjective effects. The extra timestamps were definitely needed for this one...


The Subject feels mildly fatigued, but not so much cognitively, and nowhere near the fatigue of a corresponding MDMA experience. There is a sense of light residual stimulation, characterized by distinctly restless legs, which persist for at least 3-4 hours after she has returned to baseline. Otherwise, The Subject feels quite put together, considering the sudden burst of animalistic energy that had enveloped her, and finds herself able to write-up a report immediately afterwards -- again, something that would not be possible in the immediate time following an MDMA experience, which seems to constantly keep coming up as a point of comparison.

Some final notes and closing remarks

Overall, The Subject notes that this is an incredibly tactile/physically-oriented and paradoxically stimulating and relaxing tryptamine with almost no head-space alterations and distinctly recreational vibes. It seems to follow the general pattern of progression seen with the substitution of a single isopropyl group in the N-dialkyl chain of the basic tryptamine molecule (i.e. 4-AcO-MiPT/4-HO-MiPT), with the addition of the second isopropyl functionally group seeming to confer on it even more physicality/tactility and less visuality and conceptualization; with a seeming total lack of introspection that is typically observed with substances in this class. Based on this, the subject is curious as to what pattern the intermediary homologs would display (4-AcO/HO-EiPT and 4-AcO/HO-PiPT), guesses to see a diminishing of activity until the chain reaches symmetry, though is unsure about the last one (4-AcO-PiPT, which could yield promise). Even at the highest safe dose levels (which subjective estimates is probably only about 3-4 times the common dose, the subject expects minimal to no higher level headspace or visuals, with no potential for any geometry, which is an interesting departure from the more basic substituted tryptamines.

The lack of visual activity at this dose is very apparent, and interesting, considering what it seems to trade off in the form of increased sensuality/physicality/tactility -- yet in The Subject's opinion, has vastly more potential than the 5-MeO analog -- which seems to come with notable physical side-effects and cognitive/social stupefication along with the distinct DiPT energy signature. This is definitely very well-matched for a raving environment, or more intimate settings, in a fashion The Subject could not have fully anticipated despite being explicitly told so beforehand.

Notably, The Subject does not have any experience with the de-acetylated homolog 4-HO-DiPT; however, she happens to possess a fair amount of background knowledge of it. To indulge her fantasies of playing armchair neuropsychopharmacologist for a minute, The Subject cannot help but speculate based on the progression of the experience that a) the acetylated form is distinctly pharmacologically active on its own and does not act as a mere prodrug to Iprocin, and b) is likely principally responsible for the sedating, relaxing components of the experience, while the Iprocin it turns into produces the more energetic effects. Therefore, as the systemic 4-AcO-DiPT becomes slowly (first 2.5 hours or so) then rapidly de-acetylated (2.5 hours to 4 hours), the stimulation of the 4-HO-DiPT comes to momentarily match before erupting through the sedation, before then dropping off rapidly, which corresponds to 4-HO-DiPT's noted attribute of being atypically short-lasting (2-3 hours) and capable of producing an uncomfortable, excessive amounts of stimulation. Based on the reports read, The Subject does not feel particularly enthused about assaying the de-acetylated variant, especially at the initial dose chosen (She would halve it to start off with, at least, and would otherwise not go seek it out unless bored out of her mind). But there is now a distinct drive to learn more about just how this compound may be exerting its effects.

The Subject would also like to note the odd and distinct redosing compulsion that occurs right after the peak of the experience, which she has not experienced before on any other substituted tryptamine, at least to that pressing degree. The closest comparison that kept coming to mind was the feeling of redose compulsion that can happen at about the third hour of a typical MDMA experience, "to keep things rolling", as it were. And reports indicate that this would be more effective than with perhaps any other 4-substituted tryptamine, a feature which makes this lesser-known psychedelic tryptamine seemingly handmade for the rave-floor, backroom-lounge, or the bedroom; for it is truly, one for the psychedelic animals among us.

A final noteworthy physical property The Subject feels called to remark upon is the seeming overheating this compound can produce (at least at this dose range), which she would like to remark likely presents similar if pharmacologically divergent risks as, say, MDMA in an overcrowded, underhydrated rave-setting. Based on this experience, she would definitely recommend one take it a climate controlled environment if at all possible, as well as plenty of attention paid to hydration, temperature and overall exertion levels. While there was no development of uncomfortable cardiac symptoms or tremors or muslce tension as would be not-uncommonly reported with a strong dose of 4-HO-DiPT, the subject notes this as a distinct possibility and potential toxicity factor to be cautious of in an otherwise very comfortable, paradoxically relaxing and stimulating, socially unimpairing, surprisingly unique psychedelic tryptamine.

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