Experience:LSD (220 ug) and Cannabis - Tripping at home

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Experience reports - LSD and Cannabis

  • Date: 10/2020
  • Age: 19
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 130 lbs /
  • Misc: Taking Wellbutrin


I'm fairly experienced with psychedelics and have taken acid around 20 times. I bought 2 tabs sold as being 220ug each (most likely not the actual dosage). I decided to take 1 tab at 10pm because I didn't want to have too strong of an experience that night. After around 40 minutes I wasn't feeling too much so I decided to take the second. About 20 minutes later the effects started to come on strong, and my pupils were massive- I had to avoid family members because my eyes are big so it would have been very noticeable. After everyone went to sleep, I put on a tv show as the onset of effects progressed. The first visual effects made the walls look different like they were kind of expanded but not necessarily breathing. The body load began to take effect, and it was hard to be in a comfortable position. The visual effects progressed very quickly and soon things were breathing and distorted, and I could feel a lot of tactile sensations. I always smoke weed during the beginning of my trips to greatly enhance the effects. Weed normally makes me very anxious and paranoid but for some reason on psychedelics I just feel amazing. It really only enhanced the effects of the acid without producing a typical high from weed. By the time I finished smoking a joint I began to trip hard. Normally on acid I see colors changing from one to another, but this time the color scheme was pretty consistent with golden-like visuals. I went to the bathroom and everything in the room was greatly contrasted- I looked in the mirror and just looked amazing. Rather than looking deformed and uncomfortable I had a glow consistent with the golden lighting and the best way I could describe it was a beautiful psychedelic-like egyptian theme. Looking in the mirror I saw visuals on a microscopic level like everything I was seeing was thousands of individual geometric parts morphing and shifting to make the entire picture moving as one. I felt amazing and content with how I looked without any insecurities. I went back to watch tv and admired the amazing visuals I was perceiving. I got the munchies from the weed I smoked so I tried to eat a chocolate croissant but it was like eating cardboard. It felt dry and hard to swallow- I even choked a couple times which felt pretty scary. After a bit I went to my room and saw my tapestry which I had gotten in hopes of seeing it while tripping- and it was amazing. The same thing occurred with thousands of moving parts each breathing and morphing on their own. I had found a psychedelic like music video which put me in a state of complete awe. My visuals combined with the beauty in the video- it felt futuristic and so clean. All of the visuals I saw were this way- perfect geometry and movements parallel. During this time I also did some self reflecting based off of a epiphany I had shortly before while on mushrooms. Mushrooms showed me what I needed to do to improve myself, and following this acid trip, it gave me the motivation to go through with it.

Submitted by Terpgenious

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