Experience:190mg Mirtazapine - Comparable high to common dose Vicodin

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Experience reports - Mirtazapine


  • Age: 18
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 70kg / 155lb
  • Height: 183cm / 6"
  • Date: March 2021


Last night I attempted 120mg~ but fell asleep and failed to notice anything except the difficulty swallowing.

T+00:00 Took 20x7.5mg tablets (150mg), then took a shower. I also drank Yerba Mate which has a moderate amount of caffeine.

T+00:30 I start having a bit of jitters, probably from the caffeine. I also feel like I see things moving or flashing around me.

T+00:43 I start feeling very lightweight and the jitters have gone away. I try and take a drink of water but then stand up and almost spit it out because of the difficulty swallowing. My heart was beating fast but it eventually got slower. My fitness watch cannot determine my heartrate.

T+00:56 Still no CEVs or anything else very exciting.

T+01:02 Seeing a drifting effect where it seems like I'm looking at everything atop a slightly shaky glass pool of water. I believe I heard a man say "what the heck was that"

T+01:04 Now my watch has read my heartrate: 75bpm. That's relatively good and I'm enjoying the music that I'm listening to as well.

T+01:08 I'm now seeing a moderate amount of tracers.

T+01:23 Playing video games, still have mild euphoria and body high.

T:01:47 Seeing objects in different ways, like there's faces or animals in objects around my room.

T+03:00 Going to redose five more (7.5mg) pills, I suspect the lack of significant effects was because of the tolerance I quickly built up last night as well as the night before (normal dose for dream experimentation.)

T+03:30 I had an overwhelming urge to eat, almost exactly the same as cannabis. The food tasted much better than sober.

T+04:38 Still only mild euphoria + body high. I'd say it's almost the same buzz I'd have on 20mg of Vicodin, very warm and fuzzy feeling; This may be related to the k3 opioid receptor interaction?

I stopped taking journal entries from here on, the buzz gradually got weaker as my day finished

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