Experience:35mg 4-Aco-DMT - Highly introspective

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Experience reports - 4-AcO-DMT

  • Age: 31
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 63 kg / 140 lb


1645 – Administered 35 mg rectally.

1650-55 – I noticed a slight body load, and increased heart rate but no perceptible psychological effects.

1705-1710 – The effects are coming on strong. I am yawning and while looking at the screen I am suddenly aware of how filthy it is, all the small smudges and specks of dirt which I normally ignore are in the foreground and are made obvious. This has me thinking about what other things I ignore in my normal everyday life, which I should pay attention to. How could I use this computer monitor for so long with it being so dirty? my mind asks.

1713 – I look at my self in the mirror and becoming extremely introspective. I think about my past and who I have become. I think of how people in my life might regard me.

1717 – I have feelings of depression and I mediate on where they are coming from. Answers form, but so far no easy way out.

1728 – Each passing minute presents questions about how I be a better human being. I look down at my keyboard and see that it too is dirty. I look behind me at my bed and see it is not made. More questions and introspection. The depression is still there but not as intense as it was before.

1732 – I check my email and send a few text messages to friends etc. My messages are surprisingly coherent and expressing gratitude.

1800 – I experienced mild stomach discomfort that lasted about 10 minutes.

1930 – I had prepared dinner earlier in the day, but I am not hungry at all. However, I take out the meal of salad, potatoes, and carrots, and sit down to eat. I only eat a few bites and already I'm feeling satiated.

2159 – The effects seem to be going away, but I am still tripping and in a good mood. I am unable to focus on reading. I can only read a few sentences before my attention moves to something else.

Throughout this experience i experienced mild visual changes. For example when I was looking at the computer monitor, the text surrounding the area I was focused on appeared to turn into smal black dots or 'ants' crawling around the screen. The most significant visual change occurred when I was looking at myself in the mirror. The outline of my body as I saw in the mirror...radiated. Lines that traced my body moved outward in wavelike pattern. As the lines reached the edge of the mirror they bounced back like ripples in water, forming intricate geometry. The longer I looked in the mirror, the more this effect became amplified.

Around midnight I went to bed. I took some melatonin to help me sleep. I had a normal sleep for eight hours. I woke up feeling rested and the effects of the drug were absent.

Submitted by teglin

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