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Dextromethorphan Experience Report


  • Substance: Dextromethorphan
  • Dose: ~75-150mg
  • Date: Saturday 28 August 2021
  • Age: 15
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Mental illnesses: Anorexia, autism, CPTSD
  • Substances used before: Nicotine, cannabis, alcohol, nitrous oxide, myristicin


11:50: I manage to down a tiny 100ml bottle, out on the street and in broad daylight and I feel nothing. I have to be quick, I hope I don’t get caught with some weird little bottle in my hands. I could have to wait until like 3 PM to feel anything. It’s only a teeny little first or maybe second plateau dose, my first time. I want to try the big guns when I got shopping next week, I’ll see if I can afford a big fat 250ml bottle from somewhere like Boots or Superdrug.

13:00: I might be feeling a weird dissociating feeling, like I’m being lifted up in the air. I’m unsure about how little I took, but I really want to take a much higher dose in the future. Listening to “Pacify Her” by Melanie Martinez, nothing different. In the mirror, I look normal and my pupils are barely dilated. 7 beats measured in 5 seconds, so 84 bpm. In hospital I remember my heart rate being 60 something.

13:10: I’m definitely feeling a little bit dizzy but I’m not entirely sure it’s the DXM.

13:15: I’m getting really frustrated at myself for A. picking a stupidly low dose and B. being too fat to get high. When I got the opportunity to smoke pot almost a year ago, I reported little to no effects at all. I was probably slightly heavier (like 50 kg) than I am now, but not loads and loads. And the short thin girl was boasting about how stoned she was getting instantly after her first few hits. I don’t feel like I’m writing this, it feels like someone else is. For fuck’s sake, I’m such a fool, such a stupid motherfucking fool, for buying a tiny little 100ml bottle. I was in a rush. I might not regret it later, but you’ll never know.

I’ve learnt my lesson. If you want a 2nd plateau dose, you’ll still need enough millilitres of cough syrup for a 3rd plateau dose because the stuff is sticky as hell and it’s hard to consume all of it.

13:20: There’s this weird feeling in my forehead. It’s definitely not a headache, but I feel so light and dizzy. I can’t even be bothered to work out how many hours since, erm, I drank it on the street.

13:30: In the mirror, my pupils look slightly large than normal, or might do. Played “Savages” by Marina and the Diamonds, doesn’t sound too different but maybe a little bit. As I dance to the bridge of “Savages”, my arms feel a tad heavy. Oh, fuck, I’m stuck with like £14 left, more than enough for a real robo-trip, but certainly not enough to afford a robo-trip and a gram of weed and some video games. So, if the come-up begins at 1, I could be waiting until like 2 or 3 for the real thing. In the meantime, let’s robo-dance to “Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong” by Arctic Monkeys. An 100ml bottle has 150mg. Thank god I’m fucking 45 kg. My younger, chubbier self at 65 kg would have needed 162.5 mg for a 2nd plateau dose!

13:40: I’m really starting to feel that dizzy feeling. I don’t know if the happiness and stimulation is caused by the drug, or the music.

TBH, I’m probably a bit more relaxed. If I wasn’t under the influence, I’d flinch at approaching footsteps.

Can’t wait to raid my aunt’s cupboard tomorrow and get high off her codeine, whatever the hell I can find in there.

Let’s just turn the music off and see if I still feel weird and euphoric without the music.

13:41: My pupils may have grown, but not as much as the MDMA pupils I see on TikTok and stuff.

13:50: As I close my eyes, I can imagine, but not see or hallucinate, myself, the way I am now, in a black and white Carhartt top and camo joggers, standing in a black void, with my eyes closed. I don’t know if it’s just one of those imaginative thoughts I get all the time, or if I’m really on DXM.

I look at myself in the bedroom mirror and wonder if that person is really me. I still feel as hungry as I did before I drank any of the syrup, so I’m going to get lunch soon. I’m aware that DXM reduces appetite, but I haven’t had that yet (I’m such a fat fuck).

DXM would be the second dissociative I’ve ever done, after the nitrous oxide I puffed in hospital. I really, really want to K-hole one day.

PyschonautWiki says that on the 2nd plateau, music should should very rich, clear and bassy.

13:56: I feel a little but tired, but not in the kind of tired you get after staying up until 2 AM watching TV or playing video games and desperately wanting to sleep.

14:00: I’m feeling this weird tingly sensation in my temples.

14:15: I make myself some marmite and low-fat vegan butter on toast (234 kcal) but I fail to finish the second slice. I’m going to see if I can nibble at the other one without feeling too satiated. Let’s go outside. And as I walked downstairs to prepare my food, I felt a sense of unreality. Taking two bites of the second slice, I don’t think I need more food. I might come back to it later.

14:20: My bony ass sits on the grass. let’s go back inside, but I don’t want to ruin my joggers or notebook. No hallucinations so far. Overall, I just feel dizzy, clumsy and less hungry. I can imagine myself from a third-person perspective. I’ll go back to my room, read the psychedelic colouring book, it has a list of things to do under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. I hope I didn’t use more than 10g butter or 8g marmite because I’m high on fucking DXM.

14:30: As I clumsily crashed into my chair, I wondered what I could do while on this drug. So fucking angry at myself for taking such a low dose. Second plateau doesn’t sound that bad, but the first plateau, is the worst. I listed:

playing video games

dancing; recording myself dancing

reading a book

solving puzzle magazines

I don’t like the “drunk” feeling people get from low doses of DXM, because I don’t want to get drunk. Alcohol is boring AF, it’s everywhere. I’m into more illegal drugs like weed and acid.

15:05: This euphoria’s really hitting me, I feel drunk, I’m forgetting to tell the time, I feel some derealisation, I’m dancing excessively to make up for the unknown calories of cough syrup.

15:55: I’m definitely feeling it. I’m going to dance and dance and pace and pace.

16:04: I’m still not hungry at all. Time is going by so slowly and I’m hyperactive, it could just be not knowing the calories in cough syrup.

16:20: Stamina enhancement could be one of the things in the trip report. But it could just be ana doing her thing - exercising excessively to compensate for some unknown calories.

16:35: After all that hyperactivity, I got my appetite back and ate lunch. I think I’m slowly returning to sobriety.

17:37: I was trying to watch the Inbetweeners but then I thought of Fufu and Fafa Walla being offered 100ml shots of DXM in the hot tub.

“Wanna drink and be merry but you’re on a diet? Micro-dose on Benylin. It even suppresses your appetite. And Adam Lanza claims t also makes you more active?” someone said.

The fat one, Fafa Walla, felt nothing at all, but the skinny one, Fufu Walla, felt a few periods of dizziness and nothing else.

“It’s not instant. You have to wait 30 to 180 minutes for it to kick in”.

18:49: I don’t trust the scales. If I got slightly tipsy on 150mg maximum, that means I weigh at least like 100 kg. I really want to know how scales work.

20:50: I don’t want to get too obsessed with drugs. I might try the REAL thing between Monday and Wednesday. So I need to be relaxed, don’t drink it on the street. Skip breakfast. No eating at all. You will buy a 250ml bottle and drink all of it.

22:15: What I did today nay have been a waste of money, but at least it taught me some lessons: Always go for the BIGGER box of Robitussin; Wait until you get home to drink it; Try mixing it with water, or better yet, grape juice, to make sure you consume all of it

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