Experience:25mg 3-MeO-PCP - Enhanced film experience

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Experience reports - 3-MeO-PCP

  • Dosage: ~25 mg
  • Date: 1/12/2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 45 kg / 100 lbs
  • Age: 20
  • Misc: Extensive experience with various research chemicals. Dissociatives researched include: DCK, diphenidine, ephenidine, PCP, MXE and DXM. At the time of this experience I had been heavily researching DCK, diphenidine, and ephenidine for approximately 20 days.


  • 7am - Wake up, take my morning shower, snort approximately 5mg of 3-MeO-PCP and get ready for my 9 am class.
  • 8:30am - I arrive on campus, I snort approximately 10mg more of 3-MeO-PCP and proceed to my Environmental Science & Human Interactions class.
  • 9am - 11:50am - Since this was only the second lecture it was focused on the interconnection of the world and the different spheres of life that are all coexisting on earth. This lecture was absolutely mind blowing. I was clear headed, my vision was sharp, I was taking killer notes, and my mind was internally exploding at every fact my professor stated. The significance of everything was greatly increased and the epiphany that I was killing millions of insects and bacterium with every foot step staggered me with its importance. I began to dissociate from myself, as a human, and think of the world as a whole. I identified with those insects and bacterium and felt sorrow and guilt for killing them. This feeling reminded me of Jainism, and I pondered on humanity's relationship to the environment for the rest of the lecture. Throughout all of this, I was mentally present and focused. The stimulation and motivation was clean and focused on what I was learning, and I took great joy in the process of learning itself.
  • 12pm - 3pm - Beginning to come down a bit, I sublingual dose 5mg more before my Biology class. This class was less mind-blowing than my previous one, but I was much more interested and fascinated with the subject than usual. I took good notes and made excellent diagrams.
  • 5pm - I'm beginning to come down a bit and resist the urge to re-dose again. I take etizolam which cuts the effects short and has me sedated and asleep by 9pm.

Submitted by Fishcenternicole

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