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House of Leaves, Doors to Perception - Aldous Huxley, TiKHAL
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medicinal chemistry? why not pharmacological bioassesment?
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i should of updated this a while ago-

hi ive been on psychonautwiki since 2015, submitted some content here a while ago and planning to create more soon, but this website has helped me alot. im really interested in novel compounds and their pattern of emergence in use. i am fascinated with pharmacology and the treatment of mental health based on receptor research and the development of completely new pharmaceuticals tailored to the effects that one is looking to induce.

There are naturally occurring psychoactive compounds everywhere. And some of them haven't been discovered yet. I believe there are CLASSES of compounds that have not been discovered. they aren't just miscellaneous.

A psychoactive substance was created in the time it took you to read this


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posted 708 days ago

hey! are you that same girl called ivey who used to occasionally show up on the irc a very long time ago?

posted 940 days ago

hey thanks for your contribution on the ptsd ibiogain article. Untill its more complete I've moved it to the talk page which can be found here: Talk:Ibogaine_and_PTSD

posted 975 days ago

Welcome to the site. :)

I've changed the title of your experience report and moved it to this page: