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posted 2 days ago

What is the scholar project? And is it possible for me to join it? Cheers

posted 3 days ago

The 1cP-LSD page is protected. Could you please lift this protection so I can expand on the chemistry and pharmacology sections? Cheers.

posted 4 days ago

Hi, could you please review the unapproved page for 1cP-LSD. Is there anything you find it lacks? IF so, please describe. Many thanks, Cheers.

posted 14 days ago

Hello, can you create the template Almost every mediawiki site has it, as it is quite useful. Without it, one of my revisions is broken:

posted 148 days ago

thanks man! I guess that's how things go the older you get haha. sorry for the late reply

i took a look at the site and it seems very well-made, especially all the sources lol. true, starting each sentance or section in the exact same way is kinda bland, even for a wiki (i guess it also makes statements seem less important if the all look the same?)

A "level of evidence" tag would also be pretty useful, however getting accurate numbers/percentages would take input from a lot of people and a single person alone wouldn't be able to comment much (besides with research). Also, it'd save some text that would otherwise just say that this effect occurs more frequently or less frequently etc

greetz & peace :)

posted 192 days ago

Thanks :) Maybe it applies to all new experience reports? You could check

posted 281 days ago


hm I'd say 2-FA would be even weaker than methylphenidate (ofc just in my experience). I wouldn't compare the subjective effects to caffeine but the strength of stimulation being slightly more apparent than caffeine (perhaps 25% between caffeine and amphetamine)

After all it's definitely reminiscent to amphetamine but lacks the noticeable appearance of amphetamine's effects as well an ceiling dose. I'll add or change detail from my side once I have researched it further and possible from other ppl's xperiences as well.

posted 533 days ago

Hi Chris, glad to hear from you

DiPT is an interesting compound to experiment with

posted 561 days ago

Hi, do you happen to have some kind of chat room or channel based on psychonaut wiki community? I'd love to have some laid back conversations with interesting and open minded people like myself, and this seems like a good place. I recently came back to my favourite hobby and have been using and reading the wiki for a few weeks now and im amazed by the general concept of the page to consistently catalogue experiences and effects as well as the content and meritoric value of the articles. Im going to make some donation for sure, cause you're all guys here are doing amazing work. Im also planning to start contributing to the wiki as i have long time experience with various substances and i feel it might be time to give something back to the community, and your page seems like the best place on the web for it right now. Cheers have a nice day, and thanks in advance for the info on chat groups if any such thing exists :)