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posted 52 days ago

Are you the one to contact about issues with the random question you're asked when trying to create an account?

posted 66 days ago

I seem to have trouble with this experience report I made. I can only see the text when in the editor. Anyone else have this issue?

posted 96 days ago

PS if you guys want You're free to use this GIF I made with drug checking instructions.

posted 96 days ago

Wait, are you (also) Chris? Clicked on that name and got linked to your profile. (from here )

It would be cool if you could perhaps add a note on updating the reagent testing wiki. Because when Looking at the [Reagent Testing / Pill Checking page]( I saw that it could use some TLC. On /r/ReagentTesting I've already put tons of info that would be well suited for the wiki. Stuff like [How To Test]( and [How to test if your test kit is still working correctly](**!!**), additional reading/sources about [testing](, and maybe even list of [labs where you can send samples to test](

Anyway, Let me know and talk to you soon.


posted 237 days ago

Where can I find all the trip reports?

Should I rename the titles for all the trip reports?

posted 242 days ago

"hey David, I wanted to ask if you could help me with an important task. I am currently trying to clean up and standardize the experience report section."

Sure, I'm very busy right now but I'd like to help you later. Perhaps next week, so please save this task for me.

posted 312 days ago

216 days late. Added the source to that DOB table I made.

posted 320 days ago

I want to add a single reference for multiple items on the page, but when I try to do that it overwhelms the references section with repeated items

posted 389 days ago

Oh, I forgot to mention: If there are any papers you cannot find full paper of, I've been using my own university access in addition to sci-hub.

Also, (I mentioned this in the /r/Replications discord as I was adding them), if a paper did "claim (ref1) (ref2) (ref3)", I added the citation in a similar fashion as (ref1)(ref2)(ref3)(claimpaper). Generally I've gone through the additional reference papers double checking its integrity and looking for any more relevant citations, but this was not universally the case. If you see any publications cited not available on the Internet, that's why.

posted 389 days ago

yay! c:

I'm thinking about separating the unadded audio literature references in the WIP Googledoc to its own Audio Documentation one just with a marker before everything unadded, so I don't have to keep opening 90 pages to add tactile cites.