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posted 26 days ago

Hi, do you happen to have some kind of chat room or channel based on psychonaut wiki community? I'd love to have some laid back conversations with interesting and open minded people like myself, and this seems like a good place. I recently came back to my favourite hobby and have been using and reading the wiki for a few weeks now and im amazed by the general concept of the page to consistently catalogue experiences and effects as well as the content and meritoric value of the articles. Im going to make some donation for sure, cause you're all guys here are doing amazing work. Im also planning to start contributing to the wiki as i have long time experience with various substances and i feel it might be time to give something back to the community, and your page seems like the best place on the web for it right now. Cheers have a nice day, and thanks in advance for the info on chat groups if any such thing exists :)

posted 36 days ago

Thanks for your reply! It seems to have been a temporary problem. Now it's working fine again on almost every site

posted 40 days ago

Hi, why can't I edit some pages anymore? They look like a mobile page and it says:"This page is protected to prevent vandalism." The legal situation in germany is outdated and wrong on many of them. Is this a bug or a feature? Thanks!

posted 92 days ago

Hi, I added a revision to adding other states where it was not legal. I see this wiki uses approved revisions, how would this revision get approved? Thanks.

posted 146 days ago

Actually I think the "μg" gets messed up in the link/page description/title when sharing so the ideal page title would be "Poles at the Peak - 210 Micrograms"

posted 147 days ago

how come it is unlisted?

posted 148 days ago

I recently wrote an experience report, has it been published properly?

posted 202 days ago

Are you the one to contact about issues with the random question you're asked when trying to create an account?

posted 216 days ago

I seem to have trouble with this experience report I made. I can only see the text when in the editor. Anyone else have this issue?

posted 246 days ago

PS if you guys want You're free to use this GIF I made with drug checking instructions.