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Experience reports - LSD

  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 73kg
  • Dose: 250μg LSD

This was my first time doing acid, i had read a lot about the substance but hell if i was any prepeared for what was to come. I did the whole expirience in my house and ingested the tab around 11:00 pm. T+30 minutes, i notice somethings wrong and i spit the tab out, the acid was real but i had this feeling of weirdness. I immedeatly looked at my computer and realised i was on lsd. this calmed me down for a bit but i started going into loops for a good 2 hours. I would constantly walk up and down the stairs, and tried going to sleep everytime i entered my room. Im glad i didnt wake my parents up, i got this heavy nausea and threw up, should have done it on an empty stomach. I got a total ego loss and couldnt form the simplest tougth in my head. The only letter i could think of was I.

T+2 hours. Puking made me feel way better, but i constatly looked at my watch and felt like time had stoped. I wanted to call my parents at some point but luckily i realised how stupid that would be. I then just laid in my bed staring at the celing, visuals with colors and kaleidiescopes apeared when i stared at a single point for more than 10 seconds. I thougth i died and that this was heaven or some sort of afterlife and that this was the rest of eternity.

T+4 hours, im laying in bed just looking in awe and having an incredible surge of euphoria. I felt like the world and i was the same being and that life was just this flow of motion. I realised that the universe was just a flow of energy and completly gave up resisting.

T+6 hours: Time has stoped and im stil just looking at my bed, suddenly im going down my stairs like i just teleported, i wake my parents up and manage to loock the bathrom door. My mother asked me what i was doing this late, and i somehow managed to yell: im just taking a piss. She said something and i just said yes and then se went back to the bedroom.

I went back up again and listedn to some music just enjoying it as much as i could

T+10 hours, the trip has subsided and im just glad its over. I generaly feel like shit and try to eat but i cant seem to concentrate in eating, i ust think a lot and feel like my whole life is a general dissapointment.

For some months after didnt socialise that much. I was so profound and overwelemed that is started pondering over every litlle thing. I coldnt get anything done and i was just staring at the outside world like i had missed out on so much, i didnt go out of my house while tripping and i regret not doing it in a different setting.

The trip wasnt bad and i didnt have a mental breakdown or anything, just this incredible sense of awe like the universe unfolded on me.

This was i year ago and im plaing on doing a trip with my 2 best friends this summer, a lower dose this time and in a way different setting, and also being alone and not having anyone to talk to made the trip much more uncomfortable.