Experience:Dosage Unknown 4-HO-MET (oral) - Very rapid acting, visual experience with lasting cognitive effects

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Experience reports - 4-HO-MET

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 45
  • ROA: Oral
  • Form: Gelatine based, brown coloured, soft capsules.
  • Dosage: Unknown (trusted as a standard consumer dosage as previously tested from the same batch)
  • Taste: Unpleasant
  • Season: Spring
  • Time of day: 16:00
  • Weather: Overcast then rain
  • Environment: An ancient woodland (former Roman Road) populated with oak trees, leaves, bluebells, red brown earth, deer, foxes, badgers, squirrels, bunny rabbits with little twitching noses, small fire (looked after by sitter)
  • Timeline:
    • Launch time: 15 minutes
    • Peak duration: 2.5 hours
  • Number of users: 2
  • Sitter present: Yes


Preparation for takeoff

The subject had eaten a small amount of bread prior to takeoff and was experiencing hunger. A small amount of THC rich cannabis was smoked which the subject later expressed regret about as it 'coloured' the trip due to probable amplification of social anxiety.

The substance was consumed orally as a small brown soft gel which the subject sucked on for a short while then chewed and swallowed followed by a small amount of pure apple juice to take away the unpleasant taste.

(15 minutes approximately)

Acceleration rate

The subject was very surprised at the rate of acceleration resulting in a 15 minute journey to the what appeared to be the peak. The subject expected to experience psychosomatic 'coming up' effects normally associated in anticipation of an LSD trip but instead, went into hyperspace almost immediately.

No nausea was felt but the subject had an existing autoimmune disease which was causing some discomfort but not enough to seriously damage the experience. Ongoing social anxiety was a problem but the subject felt that it wasn't as much as a problem as it might normally be with LSD but certainly would likely be a better experience with MDMA.

Visual effects Upon peaking, the subject reported olfactory hallucinations throughout the entire field of vision which continued at a steady rate for the peak. The visuals involved:

  • Increased perception of colour saturation (vivid colours)
  • Focusing normally was impossible, normal detail existed but was radically augmented with visuals.
  • Focusing on individual objects such as a branch from the forest floor, revealed the object to appear 'alive' and provide an almost 3D fractal effect which was described as not just being a visual effect but somehow as if everything, particularly living material was infinitely 'growing' outward.
  • The entire forest floor, mostly covered with leaves, was perceived like a slow, graceful moving sea with everything in it pulsing on its own and then creating the overall rippling ocean. The forest floor seemed to breath and flow outward from the subject's point of view
  • Plant material (including rolled up newspaper in the fire) appeared to vibrate, shimmer and unfurl with exactly the same pattern and motion but fire did not nor did plastic bottles. The newspaper appeared to be infinitely unfurling like a flower.
  • The subject reported that everything appeared to have a single uniform pattern alongside its own form.

Spatial effects

  • The subject noted that they perceived the world as having layers to it. The forest floor whilst sat down seemed like a separate 'world' to the one above with marked perceived differences between the two.
  • Objects appeared closer than normal or at times as if distance was irrelevant, all was one or that the subject existed somewhere else.
  • The subject reported feeling that the world was on a tilt at one point and perception of up, down, left, right was confused or non functional.

Time effects

  • Perception of time became distorted, the subject perceived more time as having past than really was.

Physical effects

  • Muscle contractions, similar to MDMA, amphetamine
  • Unpleasant mouth feel common to psychedelics
  • Balancing problems

Other effects

  • Ability to form language, both thought and spoken, was impeded
  • The subject became restless and wanted to talk a lot, struggled to stay in a single position.
  • Ability to conceptualise was heightened
  • Memory, short term and long term, seemed unaffected.

(2.5 hours after takeoff)

The initial come down was relatively quick but unlike the rapid acceleration into the peak, it was a smoother 'glide' back down as the visuals wore off and the subject was left with blurred vision (although the subject's eyesight was getting worse with age anyway which may have added to the blurriness).

After the peak, it started raining more heavily and there were responsibilities in relation to keeping dry that were exceptionally difficult to manage. After about 3 hours the subject was able to leave and walk home in a relatively normal manner even carrying heavy equipment. Really though, the subject did not completely come down for the rest of the day and most of the effects apart from the very specific visuals, remained to some degree.

The next day, the subject reported having their ability to conceptualise, heightened and entered a probable manic creative phase. There was some down side to this though, probably a result of serotonin and other physical fatigue.

This subject compared notes with another who was testing the substance at the same time and found that it sounded like they'd experienced almost exactly the same visuals.


Very good experience (disregarding initial personal mental health and physical challenges), very rapid acting, 'clean', suitable for rare, respected, recreational use, particularly if a visual experience without too much head space is preferred.

Effects analysis


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