Experience:5 yopo seeds - Midnight Jungle

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Experience reports - Yopo

  • Date: Late May 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
  • Age: 24
  • Background: First time trying Yopo, I actually didn't think it was real, just a sketch from Metalocalypse. When I saw that it was in fact a real entheogen, I decided I had to try it out. I ordered 10 Anadenanthera peregrine seeds, and this is how it went. I'm writing this ~6 weeks after the fact, so the timeline may not be the most accurate.


First, I count out five seeds, and put them in a pan, with a low flame. I turn my back for 45 seconds, and they are singed, leaving my entire house smelling like burnt popcorn and peanut butter. After airing out my kitchen, I try again, on an even lower heat, and remain vigilant. One by one, they pop open, and I quickly remove them from the pan. After they have all popped, I remove the matter from the seed shells, and mix all the innards together. I then added a minute amount of lime; I mean Ca(OH)2, not the fruit, that would be silly. The ratio is something like 5:1 yopo to lime. Then a few drops of water, and I mix again. After the paste seems fairly homogenous, I spread it out fairly thin and I let it dry.

  • Start - Once the paste had caked into a powder, I chopped it very finely, and measured out about 100 mg, split into two lines. I have been reticent to insufflate anything recently due to poor experiences this year, but people have been taking yopo this way for millennia, so I figure it's ok. Boy, was I stupid; most likely a function of the lime, there is an incredible burning sensation, but not quite as bad as certain tryptamines I have tried in this way. I feel somewhat lightheaded, I think from adrenaline.
  • 10 min - I don't really feel anything just yet, but the pain is rapidly subsiding.
  • 15 min - Everything is flowing gently, but my room is getting darker, even though it's 4pm in late May. Light appears to reach further without getting brighter. Colors simultaneously stand out more while getting duller; blues and reds stand out to me, but all merge into one shade.
  • 20 min - My carpet has turned into foliage, and my ceiling looks like jungle canopy. I start to laugh because while yopo is from the South American jungles, I am clearly in Vietnam, based on wildlife I see.
  • 30min - 1 hour - This scene maintains itself and it's intensity for sometime, neither increasing or winding down. This trip is unique in that there is 0% symmetrical texture repetition; which for me is a hallmark of a psychedelic experience. I am just purely hallucinating, and this all feels like a lucid yet nonsensical dream.
  • 2 hours - The jungle is all but gone, and I feel awful. I am extremely nauseous, and I am covered in sweat. I feel the urge to take a shower, but my entire body is sore, and I can't easily get up. The room is still very dark though, even though I can see the sun out through my window. It's actually very disturbing.
  • 3 hours I've basically come down by now, with some very gentle flowing once more. I finally get into the shower, and I lose my train of thought multiple times. It probably takes me 30 min. When I manage to get out, I fall right asleep, which is again unusual of a psychedelic in my experience.

This was certainly an intriguing and generally positive experience. I am curious to explore bufotenin through other means as well, but this was a decent first time.

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