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Experience reports - LSD and 4-AcO-MET


This is my tripreport of my third experience with 4-ACO-MET. Since I do not keep the bag stored in my own house, this I do so that I cannot do too much or to frequently. I went to my friends house to weigh a dose and get me some LSD. I weighted about 40mg of ACO and got me two blotters of LSD containing 200ug each. I stayed at my friends house for a while and we talked and had fun, we watched DMT, The Spiritual Molecule the documentary since there was also another friend who just had smoked DMT and was in his afterglow. His girlfriend was cooking (at 3am) and she came out of the kitchen and told us diner was ready. I was already up for 2days and hadn't eaten so I decided to eat a meal. After the meal it was time for me to get on my bike and go home and go tripping. I took both of the blotters and left my friends house and got on my bike and went home. This is 20-30minnute ride so I did not had to wait so long at home to peak. I have to state this I was already up for 48hours without taking my medication so nothing was in my blood to interfere with the trip.

I got home and I wanted to take the ACO-MET and realised I just had eaten so I got on to FB and asked in a group if its was ok to snort fumurate. Also started looking up on internet about ACO-MET insulfated. I came to the conclusion it was okay. I splitted the 40mg ACO-MET in 2 lines. I took the first and it was not as burning as I was expecting just a funny taste. 20 minutes I took the second line of ACO-MET. Now everything started verry soon after this. Because I already took the LSD on my bike and I looked up about ACO-MET the LSD was slowly peaking already. I remember I start feeling verry high and euphoric. I was in the mood for music and since my gf was sleeping on the couch I took my headphones and start listening to my favorite Venetian Snares album. I went laying down backwards and started tripping and was enjouying the music. I looked at te ceiling and I noticed these curly colored wobbly lines twisting trough eachother. The twisting was at a rate as the music was going, and since it was extreme fast paced breakcore the wobbling looked insane. Slowly the ceiling colored a kind of blue ive never seen before. I kept peaking and the wobbly colored lines started creating things. Everything morphing and dancing on the irregular beats of the music. The lines kept going spewing out psychedelic imagery in colorations ive never seen before. The intenser the music became the more visuals got created. It was going fast and hard, my mind started racing thoughts about everything I could think about. Faster it got, the drums got so violent and hard it started skullfucking me. My whole visual field was filled with the most beautifull psychedelic scenery I've ever seen in a trip. I remember my mout felt wide open I could not believe what I was seeing. Never ever have I seen something like this, no art no trips never. It was like I was not on LSD or ACO-MET, I felt like I was on a totally diffrent psychedelic, a new one. The trip did not felt like lsd or ACO-MET it felt like something on its own. Feelings of euphoria and bliss filled me and my thoughts where so fast I did not know what I was thinking anymore, no way of keeping track of that.This was Psychedelic Heaven. I too use the Shulgin scale for my trips and this was in between +++ and ++++. The visuals where so intense, so vivid so clear so fast paced and colors ive never seen before. No fractals or breathing walls real imagery where you normally have to close your eyes for. I started closing my eyes but the CEVs where not to great so I opened them and a new scenery had build itself. It was twisting morphing dancing growing expanding over my whole visual perception. Then entity like creatures start creating themself and it were some snake crossbreed like creatures that stretched themself out towards me and turning and twisting as fast as the music was playing. This snakelike creatures where not as brightly colored as the the psychedelic world around them, they where black, white and red with crazy patterns on them. I remember I was getting mind blown about the experience since I still kept going harder. Probably only WOW, WTF, WOW, FUCK, was coming out of my mouth while I was in total bliss and state of euphoria. I tried to track my thouhgts but everytime I knew what I was thinking I forgot instantly what I knew what I was thinking. Okay it seemed like this was not going to be a profound learning experience since I could not think. This kept going on for a while and the album length is 46 minutes, you could tell me it was a month and I would believe you normallly 46minutes listening to music is over verry soon but this was an eternity. It's music without vocals, its verry hard irregular timed drum music with violins and synthesizers etc verry hard, verry fast and verry genius. At the end of the album is song, this one had vocals and when I heard these words:

 I used to understand happy, i know that i used to be happy, i was really happy
 I'm unhappy now and i can't remember what it's like to be happy, i only remember...i don't remember...
 I remember being happy only in comparison to not being happy,which is what i am now
 I remember being happy here
 I remember being ...
 I survived, all these years."

My thoughts got grip on it and I could hold a thought now, me too I am not happy in the situation I'm living now. I realised about my ongoing cocaine addiction I'm having now. I started remembering a conversation of a friend who told the simplest thing ever One time in an LSD trip I was talking about how difficult I thougt it was to stop using and I wanted to stop. He walked over to me looked me in the eye and said: "if you wanna stop, why dont you just stop buy it". He pat me on the back and walked away. My LSD mind was blewn. Is this the answer, just don't buy it. He blew me, I tripped all night about that one sentence. Back at the trip I was in, the visuals kept surprising me and I was really euphoric and the trip got a manic tint over it. I thought this is as psychedelic as it can be. For what I believe is psychedelic. (i post an image under the story what comes close to what I saw only less brightly colored and offcourse not moving) The album stopt playing and so I knew I was tripping exactly an hour now. Luckily youtube has a autoplay feature so I did not had to any effort to go reading etc. I layed there for hours mouth wide open watching this psychedelic play that was filling my field of vision I enjoyed myself so much and I had a thought, I died and went to psychedelic heaven. I knew this was not true but it really was psychedelic heaven. It did not feel like lsd, it did not felt like ACO-MET. It felt better, I created a new kind of psychedelic I fantasised that. Like a twisted proffessor. Mind was going really fast So I do not really know what I thought about most of the time. But probably analyzing things and aspects of life like I normally do. The visuals started slowing down and became less intense. Slowly this huge scenery started erasing objects one by one. Okay because of the ROA from the ACO-MET I already expected a shorter trip. at the 5,5hour mark the visuals where just colorations and breathing of objects and the walls. I had a feeling I needed to shit, no not now why. I hate toilets while tripping. Locked in this little room 4walls breahting closing in on you and our toilet is filled with texts and pictures all over. Luckily I did not had to shit or at least I couldn't get it going So out of the fucking toilet. I started to listening some of my favorite songs. I always do that brings back good memories. My gf woke up and was like you know you have shit to do today right. You have to go to the bank and the city and do groceries etc. Okay my peak is over now so I start getting ready to do my things. My thougths still were verry fast but I could keep track of it. I made myself ready and more than 6hours had passed and I was in this normal afterglow you've always have after a peak. But just for security I thought it was smart to take some amphetamine to get focused for the things I had to do. My atm card was damaged and contacted the bank and they said order a new one then you can get money with your id at the bank. I started busy with the amphetamine and I took a big line and went to the city on my bike.

Now, this is where the second part of the trip starts. The mental part. I was not ready for this AT ALL, nor did I ever expected this to going to happen. I was one my bike everything was good, it was nice weather not too many people I like that. Suddenly out of nowhere I got fullblown ego-death. I was trying to remember what I was doing, o right the bank. So on autpilot I went on to the bank. Then this feeling came over me, I knew this feeling. It was mania. A monologue started in my head. Also something else, my subconciousness became aware of something. There was another conciousness inside of me. I felt it before, this was the Maniac. That's how I call him. I was not Nick anymore, but there was a observer or awareness active inside me which could communicate at an certain level.

29 years ago, this body WE inhabit was born. They gave him a label, Nick Lijs. Brought onto this world by a beautifull woman and a narcicistic asshole. This society he was brought into expecting things he must do, gave him boundries which they call rules. Fuck rules, nature has no rules. Chaos, Survival of the Fittest, Death and Decay. This illusion, this fake world which suppose to be the real world makes me sick. Humanity a decease destroying it's host, no respect for life. War, Money, Power, Control that's what they all think about. My subconciousness or whatever was active in my head (I call myself me and I now because I am) became aware of itself. It knew it excisted, it somehow observed itself or is there another layer of consiousness inside of us and was activated and the the communication in my head. My minnd was scattered, memories displaced so I had trouble thinking straigth. This piece of lyrics got said loud in my head:

 A birth that came from more than sound
 Now rages on from town to town
 A giant grows more every day
 And now the maniac is here to stay
 A feeling you can't kill
 It's the power, it's a will
 Controls your thoughts but you can't see
 Just when you thought it safe he suddenly appears
 He feels no pain, he has no mercy or no fears
 He gives the message and your mind is filled with blue
 And now the maniac lives inside of you
 He's back. The Suicidal Maniac!
 Each day he grows more and more
 He's bigger now than ever before
 His thoughts he'll compromise on never 
 He can't be stopped. He'll live forever
 Blast away through the mind
 A power of another kind
 A presence that is growing out of sound.

My subconciousness figured out who was saying this. It was the Maniac. My mind found him. Time for a talk whatever was active thought that. Hello maniac, ive finally found you." "Oh really, we live inside him. He knows but he can't do anything about. I can take control sometimes, he's strong. But he doesnot know. His power. He hates himself, and there's that other sad little boy, remenising to past, that depressive bitch. We don't need him. He needs me. " "Why does he needs you?" "You don't know do you. I thought you would've figured this out yet. I am Him, He is me, so are you. Yet we are seperate conciousnesses but we are all one. Controlling this body we've been given." My subconciousness became aware, of it all. Everything was an illusion. It's all clear now. The maniac went on. "I am everything, I am the one. I am God, not that one of the stories, I am the divine creature and creator of the Universe. I can never die, life and death also an illusion. Two forms of existince only on diffrent planes. One material the other Astral." It's because of me he is still here. Because of me he survived his way of life, The path we've walked. We fought wars, we got trough the psychotic episodes, we had are ups and downs but we alle managed, BECAUSE OF ME. Now they give us drugs, medicine they call them. I did it before, without medicine, because I AM STRONG, WE ARE STRONG. Now we are being mindfucked by this so called doctors giving him pills, making him addicted, numb his mind, try to erase US? He must know he has the power to do it on its own. Believe give me a year and we dont use their drugs anymore. It has to stop. It's slowly killing him. And we need him to survive. We need this body. No rest for the wicked, Yes Im crazy. Im proud to be crazy, I am the Maniac, NICK." A feeling of acceptence, and being aware of the true self, the nature of my existence, I don't like calling it awakeness, because If you think you are awake you probably are not. Its like a dream wherein you wake but are still dreaming. Stupid wooks, and your psychedelic illusions. You like the trip, but you cannot understand them. You are woke yes, in your dream. anyway.

Okay I'm at the bank. Some part of my Brain remembers that big orange building with a lion. I went inside where they were talking. I was poaring sweat, it was hot. I was looking for a watrmachine they did not have it. It was my turn. Okay, think, bank, card, broken, id, money. I need money, my card broken. I have id. "Sorry sir we can only distribute money if you're card is lost." But the day before I called contact service of the bank who explained to me if I fill in online that my card is broken and order a new one I will be able to witrdawal money with id card. "but man telephone said can" was what littarely came out of my mouth. The guy behind the counter was looking strangely at me. Probably because I looked like a fucking mess with my wild hair and big beard and probably a verry confused big eyes black pupil face. When did u notice your card did not work anymore. A few days ago every machine said broken. I have it here. Okay let me test it. He puts it in a little machine and asked me verry seriously: "Sir, do you think you can remember your pincode?" Pincode, bank, yes 3848 I yell. Never say it outloud sir. Fuck that whos gonna rob a fucking evil looking metal head junky for that 50euro on it and risk a fight you'll probably lose while you can wait for an old lady and rob her reitrement money. And pling the machine said my card worked. FUCK THIS. So I got my money went home and explained my girlfriend what happend the last 90minutes and that I had the feeling I triggered a manicpsychotic episode with this trip. I'm gonna stop here, because it's a tripreport not how I was manic allday till I medicated myself to sleep.

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