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This is my page! All you've got to do is love it! Perry icon.gif

Personal Information

  • Alias: Kety Perry
  • Birthyear: 1994
  • Occupation: IT
  • Life/Education: After 4 study attempts, I have decided that I won't be wasting any more energy on what appears to be a lost cause. (For now, at least) However, I really enjoy working and am truly appreciated by both (most) customers as well as my employer. It turns out I'm insanely determined and motivated when I am confronted with real-world-problems to fix.
  • Me in one sentence: The guy that makes mistakes so that you don't have to.

Drug Experience

For whoever is curious: There's 101 substances listed now.

Stimulants and empathogens:






Experience Reports

2C-E 20mg (insufflated) - Mind=Blown
3-MMC Weak substitute? No way!
4-HO-MET 15 mg Insufflated

Drug Preference

Please be aware that this is merely based on my subjective experience.
Primarily, I'm an extensive amphetamine abuser, by choice. (I am aware of this sounding like a lame excuse, it's not. I'm fine with my use.) On this list there's a some drugs that I've only tried once, to experience its effects. Some of these experiences were amazing enough to make me want to use them again. Some drugs that are in my opinion to be considered the most enjoyable (from their category) would be, in random order:
Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, 3-MMC
Flubromazepam, Flunitrazolam, Etizolam, GHB
Ketamine, Methoxetamine, 2'-Oxo-PCE
There are also a few drugs that, in my opinion, are overrated or not enjoyable at all. These drugs are: Cocaine, Pentedrone, Methylphenidate, 3-MeO-PCP and Salvia Divinorum.

Please inform yourself as good as you possibly can before trying anything and make your own decisions!
Don't take anyone's word for it.
It's your body, you know what information is relevant to you.
If something goes wrong, it is your own mistake, not theirs.
If studying relevant information thoroughly is too much effort to you, it might be wise to reconsider using drugs.

Other Stuff

  • Responsibilities: Staying alive?
  • TV: Nah, I rather use my laptop.
  • Books: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Probably the only book that I actually enjoyed reading, from the few that I did read...
  • Video games: Quit gaming, since I've experienced it to be holding me back.× I mostly played Silkroad Online, but have also spent plenty of hours playing COD4 (Modern Warfare) and Garry's Mod (primarily Traitor in Terrorist Town).
  • Food & snacks: Yes, please.
  • Drinks: Mostly water throughout the day and beer in the night.

×In my opinion it's harmful to play games, since you're tricking yourself into thinking you're making progress by getting rewarded for digitally generated tasks and achievements. Therefore you feel better about a day wasted. You make no progress with any of the real problems you're faced with, because you distract yourself from them. I consider this to be major problem, because not moving forward in life is moving backwards, since the world around you remains in motion.


Can't think of anything else to name here, but just ask whatever you desire. I might actually answer.