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Experience reports - Cannabis

  • Date: 2018/03/01
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 170 lbs / 77 kg
  • Age: 25
  • Dosage: Two joints (Marijuana / Blue Dream), moderate
  • Set & Setting: Relaxed


All my life I've been dealing with procrastination, especially concerning writing. I come from a family of writers and have always been creative, but found myself starting to make real progress by combining marijuana with my writing sessions.

I'm very creative while high. It's a double edged sword really. When I try to meditate (samatha style) while high, and really be aware of my thoughts, something interesting happens. My thoughts become much more abstract, seemingly constantly shifting frames of reference while connecting ideas from normally (to me at least) distinct domains of knowledge (but maybe I'm full of shit on that last part). But on the other hand I'm more inebriated, and the effect isn't nearly as prominent as it is on LSD or a heavier psychedelic. My thoughts seem to become 'elongated', and very fleeting. I often times feel like I have a good epiphany only to forget it later, like I begin forgetting the thought almost as soon as it finishes. But if I loop the thought in my mind long enough to get it down on paper, it usually turns out to be something pretty profound. Or at least a very detailed plot thread for my writing.

I'm not just more creative, but the part of me that is too self-critical to write a rough draft is stifled. The soothing effects of marijuana help me focus and just get things down. And they're usually not half-bad, if not a little inebriated. The downside is that other aspects of my cognition are significantly decreased, but at least I haven't found myself going delusional. Someone please let me know if that happens.

Submitted by Foxmilk

Effects analysis

  • Physical euphoria - I generally felt good about the experience, there was a light euphoria.
  • Sedation - There was a sedating effect, I felt like being still and focusing entirely on writing.
  • Appetite enhancement - Hungry as hell.
  • Auditory hallucinations - I heard a song stuck in my head, but it wasn't a real song. Given that I'm not particularly musical this was interesting, it was pretty good!
  • Anxiety suppression - Most importantly, marijuana allows me to stop being so self-critical and actually start getting rough drafts done.
  • Conceptual thinking - As typical when I get high or trip, my thoughts became very visual in nature, detailed plot elements suddenly appeared to me as if from nowhere, forcing me to scramble to write them down.