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Experience reports - MiPT


  • Age: 25
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 183 cm / 6 ft
  • Weight: 70 kg / 154 lb
  • Date: 05/2021
  • Location: EU


While I was looking for DiPT I found MiPT and decided to buy it, because I thought it may be similar in effects. I was particularly interested in auditory effects. My set and settings weren't perfect, I had some problems in my life and decided to start with a small dose. This trip was meant to be: a) preparing myself to DiPT (I imagined MiPT to be weaker cousin of DiPT) b) get to know a rare psychedelic I took it at 21:00 orally by licking the powder off a table (I will refer to this moment as "T" from now on), then I started preparing a music playlist for the trip. After taking the drug I immediately drank about 300 ml of ginger tea to minimize potential nausea.


T + 0:10: I don't know if it's a placebo, but I think I'm already feeling something, especially in my body. I can describe it as a very mild physical euphoria.

T + 0:30: Effects are getting distinct, but nothing much is happening in my mind, except of a little psychedelic "confusion". However, there is a lot going on in my body. Suddenly I felt like my body was heavier. Doing anything makes me tired and all I want to do is to lay in my bed and relax. When I touch my head I feel pleasant tingling going through my entire body. What positively surprised me, there was no body load that was present in every other psychedelic I took before. For the first time, I could eat something during a trip. Other psychedelics always made me nauseous when I even thought about eating. The only unpleasant thing I noticed was sweating and feeling cold (but nothing serious).

T + 0:40: Effects I described before are intensifying and cognitive effects of the substance are now appearing. It's definitely psychedelic, but it lacks that "mystical" vibe to it. In comparison to other psychedelics, it is worth noting, that there are no visual effects at this point. But when I close my eyes I see indistinct and abstract shapes moving to the music. Sedation is still present, but at the same time, I feel mentally stimulated. This could be annoying, because I wanted to do something, but wasn't able to, because of instant fatigue.

T + 0:50: I was typing something on my keyboard when I realized the sound of keystrokes has changed. It sounded the same, but my perception of it was different. It seemed louder and when I hit the key I felt like this sound was traveling through my body. The first visual effect has occurred: colour enhancement. Especially the color black looked like it was "more black". Physical effects still dominating.

T + 1:00: Music sounds different. I can separate different tracks from a song (bass, vocals, guitar, etc.) and they all feel independent, living on their own. Sometimes these tracks sound sorted in a wrong/different way. Vocals can be perceived like they are in the background of a song, and the bass which usually was in the background now dominates the song.

T + 1:30: Definitely a peak of the experience. So far it was nice and entertaining, but also unsatisfying. In my opinion, it lacks cognitive effects. Everything revolves around a body high and there is not much going on in my head. My thinking patterns are almost unchanged.

T + 2:00: I have moments where I suddenly feel completely sober for a few seconds, but then the experience comes back.

T + 2:30: A rapid decrease of all effects of intoxication.

T + 3:00: There is only an afterglow left. I feel very tired, but my mind is still stimulated. I had some trouble falling asleep. The next day I felt exhausted and woke up with a headache, but I don't know if it was related to the intoxication.

Submitted by Cyan

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