Experience:Citalopram 10 mg and Cannabis 7 hits

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Experience reports - Cannabis and citalopram

  • Date: 08/2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 243 lbs / 110 kg
  • Age: 14
  • Etc: ADHD


A little backstory; a few days ago, I smoked a huge bowl all at once and waited so little between hits I got depersonalization and derealization with extreme anxiety and paranoia; went to the hospital. :T. However, citalopram is supposed to counter or help anxiety if it happens. I'm waiting 20 minutes (instead of 5-10 like I did in the ER trip) between every hit if I smoke more than one (I have like three tiny little budlet thingies in a foil-pen setup). Fun fact; that was the first time I went to the hospital. They also gave me naloxone because, "there's no harm in it and it might help." Plus, the ER guys were nice and not assholes, didn't threaten police (Cannabis is schedule I in my state) or anything. Yes, they tested for synthetic cannabinoids and only found marijuana constituents (THC, CBD, cannabinol, etc.) I think the strain was sativa and it still is.

t+000 (07:04 PM)
Citalopram 10 mg taken; waiting 40 minutes for cannabis so citalopram can take effect to fuck any anxiety (not likely, very small weed amount) over.
I go take a piss with my laptop and charger.
I actually gotta shit. and piss. a shitpiss.
(Comments under the comment are ones that take place about 5 mins after) I'm listening to this video
FINALLY took a hit of weed. Listening to this video. I'll do a video timeline I guess.
Before so, I didn't really see any citalopram effects other than being less sad kind of? Also anxiety gone.
I'm really excited. :D
I'm waiting about 15-30 minutes between each hit and no more than 5 if not spaced right to avoid anxiety and derealization, btw.
I get some ramen and toast with peach preserves and butter...SOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD OH MY GOD :D
oooo i FEEL WARM :D
It's like - oh my god I just got a tickle in my cheeks :D
Tickles everywhere and oh my god I'm so warm and tingly c:
Screw video timeline and oh my god I feel so good. Carefreeeeeeeeeee. Ahhh. :D
I'm also playing this game throughout and also listening to this guy's channel
I laugh a lot at the background video ;D
A bit of head pressure/pain. Huh.
Another hit; fuck, doesn't work. Gotta replace the foil on my pen pipe. :T
Third hit. Not sure if it was successful because I felt no smoke...doing again. Alright, even if it wasn't successful, I'll quit until an hour in.
Listening to this because the instrumentals are good.
I fuck off with that and go to Hewkii's Next Time
I say "fuck it" and take the last smonk of vede for the trip.
Oh, piss on it, I can't get it to smonk right! I fill the bowl a bit bigger...
alright, now the hit (11:51 PM) Now I did it.
Switched to videos here: [1], [2]
t+~300 (0:00 AM)
Just kidding :)
oooh chills ;o
more :D
Now I take a hit that actually seems to produce visible smoke from my lungs. Niiiice.
One more and last hit.
About 45-60 mins ago I stopped listening to music/videos, will listen again. Also I'm gonna mention I ate some mint ice cream.
Well, nothing else is gonna happen, bros. I'm gonna end this trip report.

If you are prescribed SSRIs, use cannabis around the same time as them and as long you think, "I'll be ok" and take a light-med dose you good.

Submitted by Corticosteroid

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  • Spontaneous physical sensations - "oooo i FEEL WARM :D, it's like - oh my god I just got a tickle in my cheeks :D, tickles everywhere and oh my god I'm so warm and tingly c:", "oooh chills ;o, more :D"
  • Mood enhancement - "I'm really excited. :D" "I'm sufficiently happy. :)"
  • Increased sense of humor - I laugh a lot at the background video ;D"
  • Appetite enhancement - I get some ramen and toast with peach preserves and butter...SOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD OH MY GOD :D
  • Headache - A bit of head pressure/pain. Huh.