Perceived exposure to inner mechanics of consciousness

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Perceived exposure to inner mechanics of consciousness can be described as a transpersonal experience in which one feels as if they are being exposed to an array of complex cognitive sensations which contain detailed sets of innately readable, otherwise inaccessible information. This information manifests itself in such a way that it is felt to convey the organization, structure, architecture, framework and inner mechanics of the underlying programming behind all conscious and subconscious psychological processes and their neural substrates. This effect is most commonly interpreted by those who undergo the experience as suddenly having perceivable access to the inner workings of either the universe, reality, or consciousness itself.

The experience of this component is one that appears to uplink specific pieces of information onto the one in this transpersonal state (hallucinogen-induced or not) regarding the nature of reality and human consciousness through the simple experience of themselves as an undifferentiated sentience. Examples of these are difficult to fully define but common sensations, revelations, and concepts are manifested. These generally include:

  • Insight into the processes behind the direction, latency, and tendencies of one's conscious thought stream.
  • Insight into the processes behind the organization, structure, and content of one's immediate, short and long-term memory feedback loops.
  • Insight into the selection and behavior of one's responses to external input and decision-making processes as based upon their individually conditioned personality.

These specific pieces of information are often felt and described to be a profound unveiling of a reality-transforming truth at the time but are afterward usually realized to be ineffable due to the limitations of human language or simply incommunicable nonsense due to the disorientation induced by the overwhelming tide of other cognitive effects that typically accompany this effect.

A vastly more complex and detailed account of this effect is manifested during the experience of Level 8B Geometry.

Psychoactive substances

Compounds within our psychoactive substance index which may cause this effect include:

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