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High Theories:

    Relative to you having to take a shit time

gotta put some other stuff here too

trip report system to get info from when they peaked and came down, but give them the option of intervals of time. Also have user put in weight/height info

  • Anything that's really vasoconstrictive (DOx, NBOMes, bromo-dragonfly) is dangerous to mix with stimulants that significantly raise heart rate (MDxx, amphetamines, cocaine, etc.), for obvious reasons.
  • 5-MeO-MiPT raises blood pressure a lot for many users, so mixing that with a stim is also a bad idea. (5-MeO-MiPT + MDMA is a known bad combo.) I suspect other 5-MeO trypts and short-acting trypts like DMT have this issue too, though there are some good reports of DMT + MDMA.
  • Mescaline and MAOIs are ok, at least the MAOIs that are found in cacti. Not sure about moclobemide or other pharmaceuticals though.
  • Beta-blockers may be dangerous to combine with adrenergic stimulants like MDxx, amphetamines, and AMT because they can result in unopposed alpha agonism. (Some people claim that all phenethylamines are dangerous to combine with beta-blockers, but I don't understand what the mechanism is supposed to be for 2C-x or others that are only serotonin agonists.)
  • Personally I've had really bad effects (hot flashes and nausea) from taking 5-HTP too soon before or after 6-APB, or taking Methylone while on St. John's Wort, but that may be an idiosyncratic reaction.
  • Certainly no coincidence, 5-HTP too soon before MDMA can cause Serotonin Syndrome. Symptoms of SS can be hot flashes/body temp fluctuations, nausea/vomiting, and convulsions/seizures that can lead to death.
  • Any rule that applies to MDMA will apply to methylone, MDAI, 5/6-APB, 5-IAI or other serotonin releasing chemicals like mephedrone and 4-FA (to a smaller degree)

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